Friday, February 1, 2013

South Africa. Peter Hain Shuns His Rainbow Nation

South Africa was in the news recently when American Supreme Court Judges Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg complemented the ruinous, socialist based South African Constitution, and in the case of Ginsburg disparaged her own Constitution as not worth the parchment its written on.

As a reminder; after the overthrow of apartheid and despite inheriting one of the wealthiest economies on the planet South Africa, like its neighbour Zimbabwe, has descended into a poverty stricken, diseased, crime ridden kleptocracy.

On the other hand the USA under its Constitution, which guarantees individual liberty and limited government, has delivered peace, freedom and prosperity for the vast majority of its citizens.

Global 'progressive' spinners centred on the UN, who are incapable of admitting the truth, would have us believe that the South African people are much better off as a multi-cultural Rainbow Nation than they were under the apartheid regime. If the spin is to be believed, all the races mingle happily together and the country is at ease with itself.

This could not be further from the truth but the objective of the global 'progressives' was ending of apartheid regardless of the consequences for the people.

Unfortunately this false view of a benign South Africa is widely held and is proof that the PR image makers can make the intellectually challenged people of this world believe anything they want them to.

If any further evidence is needed that the PR image makers can achieve the impossible then its the transformation of Peter Hain from a political impostor and runaway coward into a fearless warrior against apartheid.

Associating Peter Hain with the downfall of apartheid is an insult to those who didn't run away and who stayed behind to endure the hardships of civil strife.

Quoting from an earlier post;  the spinners tell us that Peter Hain bravely ran messages for the African National Congress (ANC) and at the age of ten his bedroom was searched by the police looking for incriminating evidence.

The PR men and spinners attempted to give Hain credibility as a conciliator for delivering the eulogy at the funeral of terrorist John Harris. He was hanged for murdering a 77 year old woman and mutilating 23 innocent civilians when he placed a bomb at a railway station.

He would have got more credibility among his black countrymen had he denounced Harris as the bloody indiscriminate murderer that he was.

After a banning order the Hain family decided to abandon their comrades to their fate and run away to the safety of Great Britain.

Peter Hain went on to finish the elite education that he started in South Africa before embarking on his political career by joining the Liberal Party and becoming a Trade Union researcher.

At the same time Hain was building up a reputation as an anti-apartheid campaigner but his fearless opposition consisted only of the 'Stop the Tour' campaigns against the South African rugby and cricket tours of Great Britain.

At no personal risk whatsoever he was involved with digging up cricket wickets and scattering nails on rugby pitches then milking the subsequent publicity for all it was worth.

Among the majority of the British people Peter Hain was nothing more than an irritating publicity seeker and outside of the usual motley band of pimpled full time activists he was universally despised.

Hain realised he had no chance of a political career as a Trade Union researcher belonging to the Liberal Party so he 'discovered' socialism, stabbed his colleagues in the back by dumping the Liberals and joining the more electable Labour Party.

It is worth noting that at the same time as Hain was using the anti-apartheid movement to further his political ambitions the real campaigners back in his native South Africa were still being harassed and imprisoned.

Peter Hain went on to have a political career noted for its backstabbing, expense scandals incompetence and police investigations into alleged corruption.

As a government minister, and as he did with his comrades back in his native land, he indicated his willingness to sell out the proud and loyal people of Gibraltar to the Spanish despite the fact that they had voted in referendums to remain British.

He was prepared to do the same to the people of Northern Ireland by selling them out to the Republic of Ireland against their wishes.

Needless to say Hain is despised by the people of Ulster and the Rock to this day.

As the record shows Peter Hain, having 'fundamentally transformed' Great Britain into a northern version of South Africa, he has retired to the backbenches to await his sinecure in the House of Lords or the European Union.

What is certain is that Hain will not be retiring to his native South Africa despite it being the much lauded multi-cultural, Rainbow Nation at ease with itself.

Many people are mystified as to why Peter Hain would prefer the gloomy, inclement, post industrial, welfare addicted towns of Neath and Port Talbot to Cape Town or Port Elizabeth with their wonderful vistas, perfect climates and supposedly harmonious communities.

The truth is that the so called Rainbow Nation is an artificial construct of the UN spinners to cover the fact that the deconstrucion of the apartheid system was poorly handled resulting in a disaster for the South African people.

Just as the downfall of the Smith Regime in Zimbabwe was more important to the global 'progressives' than the empty bellies of the people left behind, so the downfall of the apartheid regime was an end in itself . It was done simply to satisfy the emotional needs of the global 'progressives' while the well being of the South African people was was not even a consideration.

If Peter Hain thinks that the new South Africa is as good as the spinners claim it is then surely he would be there in preference to a gloomy, damp South Wales town.

The following are some of Hain's commie comrades who didn't run away.

Denis Goldberg      Helen Suzman        Billy Nair                      David Webster
Dr Nico Smith        Harry Schwarz       Ahmed Kathrada           Harry Lawrence
Colin Eglin             Berbard Spong       Joe Slovo     



  1. "the real campaigners back in his native South Africa were still being harassed, imprisoned, tortured and killed."

    Of course the ANC had declared war (the "armed struggle") on the South African government, and were targeting civilians in their bombing campaign, so some of that is to be expected. However the media are not reporting the high levels of harassment, summarily imprisonment of the innocent whites in goals where they are likely to be raped by HIV positive inmates (often watched by them), police violence against whites and the political shadow behind the murders of white farmers.

    Secondly, the anti apartheid movement was run from Moscow and Hains and other prominent figures were acting as agents for the communist regime. They acheived what they wanted- replacement of a capitalist white government with a Marxist black one, so why should he now care about the plight of the ordinary black South African?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Most of what you say is correct but it should be remembered that the ANC was only one part of the anti-apartheid movement albeit the biggest part.

      Some of the campaigners mentioned above were commies but most were white and not members of the ANC but they were harrassed, imprisoned, tortured and murdered also.

      They stayed behind to continue the struggle while Hain ran away.

      I will agree that Moscow was heavily involved with the anti apartheid movement and the downfall of the capitalist system was its only objective not the well being of the South African people.

      There were campaigners who wanted to end apartheid because it was wrong but who believed in the capitalist system.

      We digress though, the thrust of this post was to show up Peter Hain for lying, hypocritical coward that he is and his attempts to spin the new South Africa as successful Rainbow Nation that he helped to create when it is nothing of the kind.

  2. "but most were white and not members of the ANC but they were harrassed, imprisoned, tortured and murdered also."

    Most of those harrassed were ANC sympathisers and were either gaoled under "180 day dentention without trial" or left the country. Those who were against the Apartheid government and not overt ANC sympathisers and who fought from the inside were not gaoled or tortured, people such as Eglin, van Zyl-Slabbert, etc. Suzman and the Black Sash leader, Helen Joseph, were Marxist in their leanings.

    SA had/has not much to choose from politically - Afrikaner nationalism, DA/PFP socialism or ANC Marxism. Biko's ex, Mamphela Ramphele, is talking about forming a new Party. She's a very together and bright woman. We'll just have to wait too see if she offers anything more than just black nationalism.

    You have a nice site. I'm glad that I stumbled upon it. Hat tip to Theo Spark.

    1. Thanks for the update, you raise some good points although David Webster was one that was murdered for his campaign.

      I spent many years working in Africa including Zimbabwe before and after the Mugabe lunacy. I dreaded then that South Africa would go the same way. Apparantly it has.

      For all its faults South Africa didn't deserve the international treatment it got.

      The object of the international effort was to replace the most successful economy in Africa with a Marxist autocracy using racial equality as justification.

      I shall take a look at Mamphela Ramphele to see if she's got something to offer SA politics.

      Thanks and long live Theo Spark, best news service on the Internet.

  3. I'm not entirely sure what they'd make of him if he returned to SA.
    He looks like an orange orangutan.
    Paris Claims

    1. I don't think they would have him back.

    2. Hain must return to SA and see the results of his efforts , no doubt he will die a broken man, stealing the Boer republics and destroying the Boer people is obviously still a big feather in the cap of many British people. The English will get what they deserve!!!! These so called "heroes" were all liberal fools and usefull idiots.

  4. Your blog states the following: We reject the idea that socialism is the answer to the problems blighting the people of the world.

    Yet, the people you 'honor' as anti-apartheid hero's are ALL Communists. I would love for you to please explain this anomaly.

    Now, I'm not sure of who you are or what your background is, but as for me, I'm an EX-SOUTH AFRICAN who lived under Apartheid in South Africa and then under the ANC, so I think I can comment here with some real life experience. I have subsequently left the country because of the crime and the explicit racist policies of the ANC against whites.
    You state: " insult to the real hero's of the struggle who stayed behind in South Africa and suffered harassment, imprisonment, torture and death".

    Seriously? Hero's are they? Or just plain terrorists intent to kill innocent people and overthrow the government? In case you missed it, Nelson Mandela is no saint. He was a terrorist, intent on mass murdering as many innocent people he could by blowing up Johannesburg Station. The ONLY reason he wasn't tried and found guilty of treason (punishable by hanging in those days), was because of the 19 people captured with him, 3 were Jewish and the SA government prosecutor was worried how it would be seen by the world to hang Jews.

    From 1948-1994, 21,000 people died in political violence in South Africa during apartheid. Of the 21 000, 14 000 died during the four-year transition process from 1990 to 1994 - in other words black on black violence between the ANC and IFP.

    The other 7000 died between 1948 and 1990 - most of them, once again, black on black violence between the different tribes. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission - headed by another Communist Desmond Tutu - could only find 518 deaths directly linked to the SA security forces. So in other words, in 42 years, 518 deaths could be linked to the Apartheid government, which works out to 12 per year. And this is what the world went ape-shit about.

    Today? Close to 1000 people die in police custody EACH year. Over 4000 white farmers have been killed since 1994; last year 1 farmer PER WEEK was brutally murdered on their farm. And where are you with your big mouth about these murders today? Are they not also hero's in your eyes or are only black liberation terrorists hero's for you?

    Let me continue - South Africa has the highest rape statistic in the world - also the highest child-rape stat in the world. Something to be proud of, no? The ANC have cleaned out the state money boxes, living the good life while their own people - who they apparently really, really, really care about - starve. The murder rate is way north of 50 murders PER DAY - we don't know the correct figure as the ANC has muzzled the police from releasing the stats.

    Want me to continue?

    1. Worse rape stats than in Malmo? The koranimals are slipping.
      Paris Claims

    2. Sweden is second behind South Africa for rape. It has something to do with all the third-world Muslims they've just unleashed ontheir people over the last few years. Imagine that!

      I just wrote a blog about that if you're interested:

  5. Yes, I can see what you're angling for in your little story, and yes you make a few good points. However, what you accuse the half-wit Peter Hain of doing is EXACTLY what you've managed to do yourself - you've cherry picked a few well-known Progressive LIES and repeated them. How do I know this? Because your little list of hero's are all COMMUNISTS - which apparently you're either not aware of, or your little blog is all a lie and you're a classic Commie speaking out of both sides of your mouth.
    So run along now and do some PROPER research before you trash an imbecile like Peter Hain by using his exact MO.

    Helen Suzman who is on your list was ashamed of South Africa before she died. She was surprised that the ANC turned out to be worse than the Apartheid government she so opposed. You see, these Progressives really are that dumb. Do you honestly think that white South Africans woke up one day in 1948 and decided that it would be just great to separate the races? Give each tribe their own tribal land to live among their own people and allow them to rule themselves? For what is fairer, no? One of the reasons for Apartheid was to keep the warring black factions away from each other - the other was to stop them attacking and raping the whites. And Apartheid was dreamt up by one your British chaps, so you really can't talk.

    England is going to feel her racial reality soon as it gets invaded by more and more Muslims. I can't wait to hear how you guys sit there one day and want them either kicked out of your country, or separated from the true Brits. Karma is then going to come full circle. Can't wait. One day you'll be begging white South Africans to explain Apartheid to you, because you see, we knew that no matter how you try, some people and cultures are just not equal.

    Good luck and I hope I've enlightened you somewhat.

    1. Thank you for your enlightenment but with respect you may have missed my point.

      You are more qualified than me to give a detailed history on the horrors of South Africa before and after apartheid. What happened in South Africa was a predictable disaster.

      The object of this article was nothing other than Peter Hain and his running away to the safety of Great Britain and then claiming to be a hero who was instrumental in bringing down apartheid.

      The 'honour' list at the end was not to glorify those people but an attempt to name some comtempories of Hain, good or bad, who didn't run away. Billy Nair for goodness sake, a communist to the core but my point is that he didn't run away like Hain.

      The ANC was a communist outfit who's priority was the overthrow of capitalism using racial equality as justification.

      I am under no illusions about Great Britain either. It is already riddled with mono-cultural, crime ridden ghettos put in place by politicians like Hain.

      The South African experience will happen in Great Britain sooner or later and you are correct, the British people will rue the day that they turned their backs on their kith and kin in preference for the ANC.

    2. @Daniel - oh, I'm sorry, I thought when you wrote: "This post is in honour of anti-apartheid hero's who stayed loyal and didn't run away" and then mentioned all those Jewish Communists, that you were calling them hero's. I guess my English isn't as good as yours.

      And the ANC IS a Communist outfit - not 'was'.

      Maybe you could find somewhere in one of your articles to discuss the 30 000 women and children murdered by the British in the concentration camps during the Boer War? You know, those concentration camps that Hitler learnt from and which he copied?


    3. Twisting an article on Hain into an anti British rant about concentration camps and Hitler is indicative of imaturity or a little emotional excess baggage.

      Calm down.

    4. @Daniel - I see you STILL haven't removed the Communist 'hero's' from your blog post. Yeah thanks for the advice, but I choose to remain angry as long as there are people like you who make false assumptions about something you know NOTHING about. Go live in SA today if you want some excitement.

      And what is wrong with raising up the episode of British history that they should be ashamed of? No one in Britain acknowledges what they did to the Boers; however, you're here telling me to acknowledge communist heroes! Great stuff!

    5. You're back, thanks for visiting and enlightening us all with your imature rantings.

      I don't know who you think you are but I don't remove anything from my blog because you disapprove. Thats censorship. Are you a socialist politician?

      There's nothing wrong with bringing up episodes from British or any other countries history but this post was about Hain.

      Perhaps you could vent your anger by writing about the awful British on your own blog.

    6. Oh okay then, so if you tell LIES and I point it out then it's censorship and I'm a socialist politician? And then you call me immature. You call South African communists heroes and you're fine with it - even though you apparently are against communism? Haha - great stuff there - yup, NO double standards I see. As I said on one of your other posts, Cameron is my hero now too seeing as he's a Torie communist destroying England. According to your logic he is to be celebrated and seen as a hero! I hope your readers appreciate your missing common sense gene!

    7. Oh, and I took your advice and published your nonsense on my blog. Got a few great comments!

    8. The only predictable disaster in SA was the plan of Lord Milner to screw the country over so badly that the Boers would never be able to fix it. Apartheid was simply going back to the way things were before.
      LL is completely correct in stating that the "Empire" refuse to take responsibility for what they did , not just to Boers but to the Zulu , Tswana and many other groups , as though history began with Apartheid.

    9. Thanks Anon 1:23 - appreciate that SOMEONE understands history and reality and truth. It's easy to comment and make throw-away statements when they've never set foot in a country that their country helped destroy. From the Boer war to supporting the terrorist ANC communists and their communist supporters. And then they call them heroes!

  6. Heh Lime lite - you sure know how to make friends. ; )
    There is no doubt that SA is run by a bunch of thugs and thieves helping themselves to the the taxpayers money, but wtf has this got to do with an old gripe about concentration camps. Most informed Brits will agree with you that they were bad, but you cannot throw the baby out with the bath water - the British influence on the development of SA and its economy after the Boer war in undeniable. Sure there was a lot of repatriation of wealth and sure there was marginalisation of the Afrikaner but they also need to realise that they bear some of the blame for that.

    1. Thanks for sticking your nose in where it's not needed. How about the British ADMIT for once what they did to the Boers - women, children and men - instead of acting like saints? Karma is a bitch coming back to your country. And I really feel f-all as you finally get your comeuppance. Enjoy! I won't be thinking about you.

    2. I'm an expat South African and not British, and I do not even live in the UK, so your little hissy fit is misdirected. If you actually tried to comprehend what is written you would not repeatedly attack others for what they have not implied.

    3. Attn Lime Lite, mawm's nose is welcome here as much as yours.

      His/here comments are rational and well written as opposed to your temper tantrums.

      If you are going to get wound up every time someone writes something with which you disapprove maybe the blogosphere is not for you.

    4. Mawn - you sound like a TYPICAL SA apologist liberal traitor. The day I take advice from you is the day you become a real person.

    5. Dear me you are in bad emotional shape. Have you tried Valium?

      You may want to think about anger management therapy or perhaps you could just grow up.

    6. You know Daniel, you come across and an English ponce tosser who doesn't like it when people don't agree with your ramblings. You need to grow up and admit you made a mistake calling communists heroes.

    7. Lime lite, I'll repeat myself - If you actually tried to comprehend what is written you would not repeatedly attack others for what they have not implied. To that I'll add that making acusations that are without any grounding does not reflect very well upon you.

    8. @Mawn - And I repeat myself, when Daniel calls communists HEROES I have a problem with it. What don't YOU understand?

    9. So I'm a "a TYPICAL SA apologist liberal traitor" because of what Daniel said. That is very hard to understand. Calling one person something because of an imagined labelling of a group by another person is delusional to say the least. Either you are a very angry drunk or you have a personality disorder. You probably need some professional help and I mean this in the most caring manner possible.

  7. O/T
    On Chris Huhne's (crap) website they're campaigning for more police on the beat in Eastleigh!
    Paris Claims

    1. I've been away from base for the weekend so I missed the Huhne fun and games.

      Can't wait to catch up on his demise.

  8. Bono, geldhoff, and all the other acrivists, need to have their faces rubbed in what they helped create.

    If it was up to me I would sentence them to a decade of life in south africa so that they can enjoy their rainbow multiculti shithole.

    South africa is fast approaching zimbabwe, thanks to these fabianist idiots.

    They have a lot of blood on their hands, their little campaigns, has created a lot of suffering, I curse them to suffer 10fold what their actions have contributed to.

    Useful idiot scum