Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sex, Lies And Criminality. Voters Asked To Ignore The Facts During Election Campaign

Until the recent exposure of Liberal Democrat and ex Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne as a serial liar, sex cheat and criminal, very few people will have heard of Eastleigh, a quaint English town in the south of England.

For the next few weeks the attention of the worlds media will be focused on this town and the choice its people will make to be their representative in the Mother of Parliaments.

Their choice will either demonstrate their level of political nous and their ability to see through the deluge of propaganda, false promises and outright lies that is coming their way or their stupidity by believing them.

Judging by their previous choices the omens are not good for the former. The Lib Dem David Chidgey gained the seat from the sexual deviant Stephen Gilligan who killed himself in a bizzar auto-erotic asphyxiation ritual involving a length of electrical cord, a plastic bin liner and a tangerine.

Apart from the fact that Chidgey was a rampant Europhile who would sell his constituents down the river to the EUSSR, his years in Parliament were relatively quiet.

Chidgey surrendered his seat to Chris Huhne when was 'elevated' to the House of Lords. This is the usual bribery trick that is employed by the party hierarchy when they want the incumbent to give up his safe seat for a political crony.

The fact that they were taken for granted obviously went over the heads of the Eastleigh voters when a notoriously odious character like Huhne was dumped on them by the remote party elite in time for the 2005 general election..

The voters of Eastleigh demonstrated their gullibility, stupidity, ignorance or however anyone wants to describe it, by falling for Huhne's deceit and deliberate lies when they re-elected him for a second time in 2010 with an increased majority.

To recap: Chris Huhne demonstrated his contempt for the voters of Eastleigh by parading his wife and children in front of media and on his election material and claiming that his family was his bedrock, while at the same time he was having an affair with his PR person who herself was in a civil partnership with her lesbian lover.

He unceremoniously dumped his wife and children after the election to set up shop with his boy/girlfriend.

He was caught by a speed camera breaking the limit and would have lost his drivers licence due to his accumulated points for previous offences. He broke the law when he bullied his long suffering wife to lie and take the points on his behalf.

Huhne covered this up and continually lied about it until recently when he was found out by good old fashioned investigative journalism and blogging.

Huhne is currently awaiting sentence for perverting the course of justice while his bullied wife is on trial for the same offence.

He stood down as an MP triggering the byelection in Eastleigh which has forced the usual political mobsters out from under the rocks where they live and to polish off their election tricks and gimmicks.

In an act of jaw dropping audacity Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain has told the media that he hopes the voters of Eastleigh will see past the criminality of Chris Huhne and elect another Lib Dem to replace him.

In a demonstration of his capacity for disseminating and shameless lying, Clegg refused to apologise for Huhne's deceit and criminality by describing his trial over a 'speeding fine' as "a private matter that is being played out in public".

If anyone is in any doubt about Nick Clegg's willingness to shamelessly lie for votes then it is describing a Cabinet Minister's trial for criminal behavior and perverting the course of justice as just a 'speeding trial' and a private matter that is being played out in public.

This sort of nonsense from Clegg is insulting the intelligence of the Eastleigh people and they should be holding him to account for his blatant attempts to steal their votes by spin and obfuscation.

The Lib Dumbs are famed for their dirty political campaigning. Lying and smearing opponents being the main weapons in their dodgy armoury. Their image of eccentric, sandal wearing lentil eaters belies their ruthless quest for power at any cost.

At this point it's worth reminding the voters of Eastleigh, and the world at large, that the history of the Liberal Party is littered with scandal, sex, lies and criminality. They really are the nasty party.

Famous Liberal Prime Minister Lloyd George was a corrupt, backstabbing philanderer and criminal who cheated on his wife Margaret for decades. He fathered a love child by his long time mistress who was in turn cheating on him by having an affair with novelist Fredrick Tweed.

Lloyd George was also guilty of insider share dealing and selling House of Lords peerages for cash.

Former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe was an eccentric buffoon and hypocrite who had the ability to hold two contradicting positions at the same time, which is typical of LibDems to this day.

Thorpe was involved in the 'Rinkagate' homosexual scandal where he and others were accused of planning the murder of Thorpe's alleged homosexual lover Norman 'Bunnies' Scott but they only succeeded in killing his dog Rinka.

Thorpe's homosexuality was the worse kept secret at Westminster in those days and it is alleged that the party establishment rallied around Thorpe to protect his reputation and their own as many other members were also homosexual, which was illegal at the time.

David Steele took over as leader from the disgraced Thorpe. His tenure was noted for his obsession with abortion and his pact with the Social Democratic Party. It was this pact that evolved into the Liberal Democrat Party that pollutes British political life to this day.

Cyril Smith was the jovial, obese Member of Parliament for Rochdale. His larger than life bonhomie covered up the fact that he was a paedophile. This revolting child abuser used intimidation and threats of law suits to prevent his disgusting criminal behavior from becoming public.

Smith's paedophilia was a well kept secret among his fellow Liberals who conspired to keep it from the voters of Rochdale and the British public until after he kicked the bucket.

Former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown, better know as Paddy Pantsdown because of his secret affair with his secretary, Patricia Howard.

It turns out that Pantsdown cheated on his wife Jane and kept it secret for five long years. He would have continued covering up his deceit but for fact he was about to be outed. 

Like Huhne and his constituents in Eastleigh, Pantsdowns' constituents in Yeovil were given the impression that he was a happily married family man for election purposes.

Former leader Charles Kennedy, a serial boozer who, with the connivance of his fellow MP's,  kept his love of the bottle secret for years.

'Single Malt' Charlie denied time and again that he was a boozer even though he was often too drunk to attend debates or carry out his Parliamentary duties. Charlie also had a brush with the law by getting caught smoking on a non smoking train resulting in a fracas with the police.

Next up is Sir Menzies Campbell, former leader and part of the conspiracy to cover up the drunken antics of Charles Kennedy. Campbell was also one of the infamous expense cheats. He helped himself to taxpayers money in order to redesign his apartment and fit it out with luxuries such as a king size bed and a flat screen TV. He also charged $1,280 per month for food to the taxpayer.

'Ming' Campbell was so unpopular with his Party that a poll at the time showed that twice as many party members preferred the drunkard Charlie Kennedy to the habitually sober Campbell.

Lib Dem senior statesperson Simon Hughes fought his first election campaign in Bermondsey against the Labour Party's homosexual activist Peter Tatchell. He fought the tradition Lib Dem dirty campaign and billed himself as the heterosexual 'straight' candidate.

It turns out that Hughes has been batting for the other team himself when he admitted sexual relations with other men. Hughes and his party PR machine have conspired to keep this secret from his constituents for decades.

Who can forget the self publicist love cheat and Lib Dem buffoon Lembik Opik. While he was publicly engaged to Britain's favourite weather girl Sian Lloyd, Opik was having it off behind her back with Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia and possibly her twin sister Monica as well.

David Laws needs no introduction. He took over from love cheat Paddy Pantsdown in Yeovil. (They know how to pick them in Yeovil).

Multimillionaire David Laws stole tens of thousands of hard earned taxpayer's money and gave it to his homosexual lover, apparently to keep him a secret from his family and to deceive his constituents into thinking he was straight.

If anyone should be deselected its this thief, so what are the people of Yeovil waiting for?

David Laws was never prosecuted for his criminal behavior and he is now a Minister of State in the Department of Education.

If the voters of Eastleigh and Yeovil got sold down the river then spare a thought for their hoodwinked counterparts in Winchester.

While their choice of representative, Mark Oaten, was parading his wife and children in front of the cameras to get elected, he was hiring male prostitutes behind their backs and having three in a bed orgies, these included copraphiliac practices which are too revolting to elaborate on this family blog.

This brings us to current leader Nick Clegg, a self loathing Britain hater who like the rest of his party would sell out his constituents to the EUSSR in a heartbeat.

Clegg claims to have had 30 lovers but it wasn't made clear whether this was before or after he got married to his wealthy Senorita.

Clegg has declared that the most important things in his life are his three sons with whom he is besotted. He is also on record of scoffing at traditional family life claiming that marriage is an outdated institution.

He is a typical Liberal Democrat so the people of Sheffield Hallam need to take a closer look in case he is another Chris Huhne, Paddy Pantsdown, Lloyd George, Lembik Opik, Mark Oaten etc. etc. etc

Clegg still wants Great Britain to join the ill fated Euro and is against a cut in Britain's EU contributions or the repatriation of any surrendered powers. He is also in receipt of a conditional EU pension which he would lose if he fails to promote the EUSSR or tell the truth about its corruption and statehood ambitions..

As is universally known 'Calamity' Clegg will say or do anything to get elected and this can be confirmed by his broken promises on tuition fees, EU referendums, boundary changes, MP numbers etc. ad nauseum. This slippery weasel has turned spin, deceit and lying into an art form.

Nick Clegg described Chris Huhne as a "model of a Liberal Democrat MP" and judging by their behavior and penchant for deceit, he is dead right, Huhne really is a model Lib Dem MP.

Lying, cheating, criminality and sexual shenanigans appears to be the standard behavior for a Lib Dem so I would suggest that the voters of Eastleigh scrutinise their candidate Mike Thornton to make sure he is what he claims to be during this election campaign.


  1. One of your best rants yet! Couple of thoughts re Eastleigh. I read that the tory candidate is anti EU and not a big fan of gay marriage. So what is she doing in the tory party? I also read that Huhne's ex is a "Greek born economist". Reminded me of those old schoolboy jokes re Italian war heroes, Biafrian cookbooks, etc etc.
    The bookies have the libdems as clear favourites. Mind boggling.
    Paris Claims

    1. I couldn't stop laughing as I was writing this post. Jeremy Thorpe and Rinkagate, Lembik Opik and the Cheeky Girls, 'Single Malt' Charlie, they are a joke. As RL would say you couldn't make it up.

      I am suspicious of the Tory candidate, looks like an attempt to get back the UKIP defectors.

      If the LibDums win this then the people of Eastleigh get what they deserve.

  2. Got an email address, Daniel?
    Paris Claims

  3. Quaint it ain't. You have clearly not been there.

    1. I haven't been to Stonehenge either. One mate told me its atmospheric and another told me its like Piccadilly Circus. Its all in the eye of the beholder.

  4. I was enjoying this smashing rant until I looked up copraphilia. Did you have to?

  5. I am sorry to ruin your read but I did say it was too revolting to elaborate on.

    I did think about omitting that fact but it seemed an important part of the story.