Thursday, September 12, 2013

EU President Warns The British People - Surrender Your Sovereignty Or Its War

When reference is made to the President of the European Union it must be noted that unlike normal democratic countries, such as the USA, this dictatorship of bureaucrats has more than one; at the last count it had at least four and all of them appointed.

It must be remembered that the EU is the vehicle being used by an elite political class to take decision making and governance out of the hands of the people and into their own hands via an enormous unaccountable bureaucracy. For the skeptical people of the world, the EU is what government in the post democratic age looks like.

This bureaucracy, which controls the lives of approximately five hundred million people, is entirely appointed and no matter how destructive it is, it cannot be removed by popular vote.

No one is sure which of these Presidents is the most senior or which one represents the United States of Europe; what is certain is that they all have impeccable socialist/communist/progressive credentials and they are all committed to governance in the post democratic age.  Please read on and take your pick.

President of the European Council, Mr. Herman von Rompuy. This Belgian totalitarian was the one that was going to be so important he would stop the traffic in Beijing. In reality he is a clownish  figure universally derided as Rumpy Pumpy; he is notorious for his belief that the sovereign nation state is dead and anyone who says otherwise is a liar and risks war.

President of the Council of the European Union, currently held by a Mr. Algirdas Butkevioius of Lithuania. Like most other people subjected to this nonsense I have no idea what he does or what purpose he serves other than making the bureaucracy more complex and expensive for the taxpayers.

President of the European Parliament, Mr. Martin Schultz. This thoroughly obnoxious character is a German socialist thug with a deep, visceral hatred for Great Britain and its people. Obviously he is still irked by the events of the last century. He really should learn to how lose wars with a little more grace.

President of the European Commission, Mr. Jose Manuel Barrosso. A Portuguese 'former' Maoist who, like his comrade President Rumpy Pumpy, does not believe in the sovereign nation state. Judging by his words and actions, Barrosso is still very much a follower of his long dead Chinese hero.

To complete this rogues gallery of appointed bureaucrats Presidents we have the Vice President of the European Commission, Baroness Cathy Ashton of Upholland. This appalling creature is the archetypal professional super bureaucrat. She also labours under the grandiose title of High Representative Of The Union For Foreign Affairs And Security Policy; she has never held a proper job in the real world and has never been subject to a popular vote in all of her miserable, worthless life.

In order to give the appearance of a real country, this gang of totalitarians emulate the traditions of the United States of America and it fell to President Jose Manuel Barrosso to give a sick parody of the real thing and deliver the 'State of the Union' address to the European Parliament. Incidentally, if it wasn't for threats, bullying and fines, no one would have turned up to listen.

During his speech, he reiterated his assertion that Europe needs even more integration and if anyone disagrees with him, i.e. the British people, they are risking another war. Sadly, it is becoming more apparent with every word that he utters, that this creepy fanatic would rather have another war than see his fake nation disappear and the nation states of Europe regain their sovereignty.

It is beyond the understanding of this Maoist lunatic that the British people disagree with him and do not want to be powerless subjects in a German dominated United States of Europe. If anyone is in any doubt about German intentions then they should listen to the words of Frau Merkel herself.

Speaking on German television (she wouldn't dare say this on British television) Merkel called for "more Europe, including budgetary union". She then went on to add that "step by step we must from now on give up more competences to Europe and allow Europe more powers of control".

For those unfamiliar with EU jargon, 'competences' is the word chosen to disguise the real word they are afraid to use, that word being sovereignty.

This statement by Frau Merkel must be read in conjunction with her other statement about the increase in use of the German language in EU institutions. This is how domination starts and for Barrosso's information, war is how it ends.

Ireland has succumbed to Barrosso's threats and the Irish people have all but given up being the proud nation that they once were, therefore threatening them as he did over the Lisbon Treaty referendum is nothing more than the cowardly act of an authoritarian bully.

The British people have almost succumbed but not quite; the majority want out of his fake bureaucratic nation and this is most likely the reason for Barrosso's threats.

The world is changing and the rule of nasty little totalitarian communists like himself and von Rompuy is coming to an end; the British people will not surrender their country cheaply. These two warmongers should look through their history books lest the British give President Martin Schultz another reason for his reckless hate.

Update: It's worth remembering that President Obama is a big supporter of the European Union. It would appear that this dictatorship of bureaucrats is the type of government he would prefer for the American people. He has practically ordered Prime Minister Cameron to fix it so that the British people remain stuck in this disastrous dictatorship.


  1. I do sympathise, but y'know what...

    We've got Barry Soetoro. The EU hardly registers on the scale of disaster that this guy generates. A mere drop of water in a typhoon!

    Sadly, I've got no more of an idea how to get rid of Barry than you do about getting rid of the EU.

    We'd sure both be a lot better off without either!

    1. Its worth remembering that Barry is a big supporter of the EU and he has ordered Cameron to make sure the British stay in. I will update this post if I can find the article.

      With no democratic accountability this system of government is right up his street.

  2. The EU and Barry. Both Muslims.

    1. Belgium, famous for its beer drinking and the home of the EU, is forecast to have a Muslim majority within the next decade, making it the first European country to fall to Islam in centuries.

      Fundamental transformation in all its glory.

  3. the EU is nothing but the coffin of democracy !

    1. Your are correct Christine, EU is uses the old Soviet Union as a template. The parallels are there for all to see.


    Barry Soetoro my ass, get real and read the link