Friday, September 6, 2013

Putin Humiliates Great Britain and America - Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

Watching macho man President Putin using the G20 summit to impose himself and his country onto the world stage is a wonder to behold. Conversely, watching the pathetic performances of the Western leaders in response is an indication of how degraded their countries have become.

As the world knows, President Putin is nothing more than a KGB thug who uses the residual power of his former organization coupled with outright corruption to stay in power. Putin can put a lifetime of experience in the world of intrigue and power politics to achieve his dubious ends.

His two main antagonists are media created products of the Public Relations world with no experience in anything other than advertising, spin, media management and lying. One would think with this experience they would win the PR battle with Putin outright but it is now clear that he is beating them hands down at their own game.

To the inhabitants of the world outside of the comfortable, entitlement obsessed, politically correct West, President Putin is the macho hard man who spends his free time in the great outdoors and who is habitually photographed riding horses, grappling bare chested with giant fish or shooting bears in the wilderness. This may be PR but he is going some way to restoring the image of mighty Russia, and the developing world lap it up as opposed to what the 'progressive' West has to offer.

Barack Obama and David Cameron are two cheeks of the same a*se, they were both plucked from obscurity early in their lives and groomed for high office by the 'progressive' elite that seems to dictate world affairs outside of public scrutiny.

While Putin gives the impression of offering the world traditional values and policies which appeal to ordinary people and with which they can identify, the Western world led by Obama and Cameron are imposing the gender neutral, equality obsessed, multi-cultural policies of a secretive 'progressive' elite which appeal to nobody but themselves.

Obama and Cameron have turned the Western world into a laughing stock with their unwanted 'progressive' nonsense such as their obsession with sexuality politics and gay marriage, government imposed equality and fairness, degrading their once mighty military machines by social engineering, perverting and politicising their institutions to the point where their dedication to political correctness makes them unable to carry out the functions they were created to perform.

It's an indication of how far the mighty have fallen when a political thug from a mostly lawless, vodka drenched giant gypsy camp can dismiss Great Britain as "a small island- nobody pays any attention to them apart from the Russian oligarchs who have bought Chelsea". Ouch!

He has the confidence to call US Secretary of State, 'Hanoi' John Kerry a liar over al Qaeda involvement in Syria. The fact that both jibes are true does not alter the greater fact that the status of Great Britain and America is so diminished that their history can be ignored and they can be insulted and abused like seven stone weaklings in a school playground.

The British and American people have no one to blame but themselves when they take a long, hard look at the quality of person they have elected to represent them on the world stage.

To the ordinary people of the world David Cameron is more like a limp wristed Hugh Grant than a giant of Sir Winston Churchill's stature. His defence against Putin's insult has been compared to Grant in 'Love Actually'. Cameron's stated objective was to purge the Conservative party of the very policies that put the 'Great' in Britain and make it more modern and trendy; in the process he has finished a degrading project started years earlier by his political predecessor and traitor, Edward Heath.

Instead of building on the historical greatness of his country and using the relationships built up over centuries to positive effect, he is carrying on with the policy of managed decline initiated by his political predecessors in order to bring about an 'equality of nations' as required by the perverted notion of national and cultural relativity.

The people of the once great USA are now finding out to their cost what the British people have been enduring for decades. One would have thought that they would have been learning from the degradation being suffered by their trans-Atlantic cousins and taking steps to avoid a repetition in their beloved homeland.

What in God's name were they thinking when they fell for a vacuous, media created fake like Barack Obama? The facts were there for all to see. He was an empty suit without a history or any qualifications other than hanging out with Marxist professors, smoking dope and 'community organising'.

What makes matters worse was that after a disastrous first term, which he kicked off with an apology tour of the world, he wrecked the economy and humiliated the military by introducing the sexuality agenda. They then went and re-elected him for another term.

Obama's performance at the G20 is juvenile and an embarrassment for the American people. He is on record for all to see declaring his red line over chemical weapons in Syria and no amount of spin can alter this. His attempt at denial is more than pathetic and typical of the cowardice he displays with his constant blaming of others. Even 'Hanoi' John Kerry confirms Obama's red line.

The world no longer has any respect for Great Britain or the USA and as a result, the enemies of freedom are emboldened, the world is a more dangerous place and will remain so as long as these two media created fakes are in charge.

Great Britain is being harassed by Christina de Kircher, the mad woman of Argentina over the Falkland Islands; and by the bankrupt Spanish over Gibraltar. Britain is being overrun by beggars, street criminals and welfare colonists and Cameron is powerless to stop it. Cameron is managing the further decline of a once great civilization.

The United States of America is not far behind Great Britain and its decline will only accelerate while President Obama remains in power.

America's welfare bill is growing by the day with record numbers of scroungers shamelessly trading the work ethic that made America great for 'free stuff' that is earned by some one else.

The once mighty NASA is reduced to outreaching to the Muslim world and what's left of America's astronaut community have to hitch a ride to the Space Station they created from Vladimir Putin's Russia.

America's once mighty military is now a vehicle for social engineering and sexuality politics. It may still have enormous firepower but it has no respect.  America's enemies, especially those who worship death instead of life, are losing their fear and are looking forward with relish to meeting the first all women or gay regiments on the battlefield.

Pictures speak louder than words and the images that went around the world of the President of the United States of America bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia has damaged the reputation of this administration and the country.

At this rate it will only be a matter of time before a real Count Rupert from a Duchy of Grand Fenwick fancies his chances.


  1. I saw a great comparison between Obama and Putin on line ( can't remember where, sorry)
    The main theme was Obama being a wimp whilst Putin was a strong man
    There were photos of Putin looking fellow leaders in the eye, whilst Obama was bowing and scraping, Obama doing wimpy, girly activities whist Putin was doing his macho stuff, and the one that stuck in my mind was Obama getting dragged all over the place by his pet dog, whilst Putin controlled his dog by eye and hand signals. Each dog appeared to know who was the boss.

    1. The comparison between the Putin, Obama and Cameron is stark. To the world outside of the 'progressive' West, the latter two come across as a pair of wimps.

      Cameron promotes himself by using stage managed photo ops, usually sipping a cappachino at pavement caf├ęs, while Barry O is seen riding a girlie bike with a helmet on or playing golf.

      I don't think Putin is obsessing about gender neutrality or promoting gay marriage around the world when he is riding on a horse, bare chested, carrying a hunting rifle or fishing in the Russian wilderness.

  2. Putin all along has given out a message of 'Don't mess with me..... or else....'. He certainly has 'them' under his thumb now.

    1. It's amazing to watch two empty suits who were created by the PR industry being beaten at their own game by an ex KGB thug.

      Hopefully the election results in Australia are the turning point.