Tuesday, September 3, 2013

'British Are A Nation Of Surrender Monkeys' - Prime Minister's Mouthpiece Cuts Loose

It would be interesting to see the reaction if the author of this gross insult were to walk into room full of veterans who have faithfully carried out their duty when put into harms way.  It would be similarly interesting to see the reaction of those who have lost loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country.

To be labeled 'a nation of crisp eating surrender monkeys' by someone who has experienced the heat of battle and been on the receiving end of weapons designed to kill or maim is one thing, but to be labeled as such by a more than useless journalist who has made no contribution whatsoever to the life of the nation is a bitter pill to swallow.

The low life in question is serial failure Toby Young, an author and journalist who has achieved nothing in life on his own merits and whos sole purpose on the planet is to act as a mouthpiece for the equally useless Prime Minister David Cameron.

Young was an utter failure at school but mysteriously managed to secure a place at Oxford University where he obtained the infamous Politics Philosophy and Economics degree which is the necessary qualification if one wants to join the cross party 'progressive' elite. At this point it's worth mentioning his impeccable 'progressive' pedigree. He is the son of a BBC Radio producer and a Labour Party life peer, the Baron Young of Dartington. This life long social reformer was one of those responsible for destroying Great Britain's education system which they replaced with the 'progressive' comprehensive system that is still trapping young people in mediocrity to this day.

Toby Young's insult formed part of the collective tantrum thrown by the warmongering wing of David Cameron's Conservative Party after they lost the House of Commons vote on using weapons of mass destruction on unspecified warring factions in Syria. It is beyond Young's capabilities to understand that the British people have no faith in the political class and wouldn't trust them with a schoolboys peashooter let alone a cruise missile.

Young's attack on the British people was pure spite, reflecting the chagrin of his master who desperately wanted a war in order to have something on his otherwise empty Curriculum Vitae and to give him an international reputation which is noteable only for his continual groveling to Germany's Angela Merkel and Herman von Rumpuy of the EU.

His insult does not even contain any accurate facts and is patent nonsense:

"no longer can we pride ourselves on standing up to tyranny".

Great Britain and the West have failed to stand up to tyrants and mass murder for years so why is Assad any different?

In his indecent haste to speak on behalf of his defeated master, Young shows his ignorance of contemporary politics:

"Gone is the special relationship that meant that Britain and America could always count on each other to commit blood and treasure to defending the principles of liberal democracy".

If Toby Young would take his head out of Cameron's backside for long enough to look around, he might have noticed that any special relationship went up in a haze of dope smoke with the election of the unreconstructed British hater Barack Obama. Young is obviously unaware that 'defending the principles of liberal democracy' doesn't appear to apply in countries like North Korea, Sudan, Zimbabwe etc. (see previous post)

Toby Young builds up to his hysterical finale with a double dose of bovine excrement:

"The message sent out by the mother of parliaments to tyrants across the world was: Do whatever you like. Gas your own citizens. Murder innocent children. Commit genocide. We won't lift a finger to stop you".

This nonsense is breathtaking in it's hypocrisy and double standards. Where was the mother of parliaments when Saddam Hussein was gassing Iranians and his own citizens prior to Gulf War l? Where is the mother of parliaments when Christian men, women and children are being mercilessly butchered in Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and a host of other Muslim countries? Where was the mother of parliaments when Omar al Bashir was committing genocide in Sudan?

The mother of parliaments didn't lift a finger to stop those tyrants so why is Assad so different?

Toby Young insults the whole of the British nation because they refuse to give their media created Prime Minister a free hand to dish out death and destruction onto the Syrian people without making a case and without credible evidence.

He needs to inform the British people as to which of the various factions the Prime Minister should bomb. The latest reports are indicating that it was a Saudi financed, al Qaeda backed rebel group that used these weapons and nobody should be surprised if that were the case. Other reports are suggesting that the British government's own Ministry of Business, Innovation and Skills was party to supplying some of the materials that are required to manufacture these weapons.

British Prime Ministers and American Presidents have always turned a blind eye to tyrants when it has suited them to do so. Saddam Hussein met Toby Young's criteria for tyranny and mass murder but he was feted and supplied by the West while he was at war with Iran:  when that conflict was over and he turned his attention to Kuwait his behavior suddenly became unacceptable.

The tyrant Bashir al Assad and American Secretary of State John Kerry, together with their families, enjoyed a friendly relationship until recently; what Toby Young doesn't explain is how Assad has suddenly became persona non grata without doing anything different from what he has done over the years. It must be remembered that Assad was just as bad a tyrant when Kerry was enjoying their friendship as he is now.

Apart from the insult thrown at the British people by a lickspittle like Toby Young, it is interesting to note the nonsense spewing forth from the other apologists for David Cameron's bloated ego.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne is supposed to be looking after the nations finances, which were devastated by the previous socialist government; not agitating for another war which will only mean more hardship for the long suffering British people. He is currently borrowing 120 billion per year and racking up such a massive debt it will take generations to pay off, if ever. How does he propose to pay for an arsenal of cruise missiles and other expensive ordinance when, as the outgoing Treasury Minister said, "there is no money left?"

Osborne shows himself up for the cynical, spin infested political charlatan that he is by waxing lyrical about Great Britain's place in the world. It is worth paying particular attention to what he said after the House of Commons vote:

"I think there will be a national soul searching about our role in the world and whether Britain wants to play a big part in upholding the international system, be that by being an open trading nation that I would like us to be or whether we turn our backs on that".

Of all the political double talk, spin and outright lies the people have to listen to from these awful people, this must rank up there with the most shameful.

Osborne must be off his rocker if he wants the people to take him seriously about "being an open trading nation" when he personally, together with his boss Cameron and his de-toxified Consevative party, are busy diminishing the country and destroying it as such by submerging it into the United States of Europe. George Osborne needs to explain to the British people how their country can possibly be an 'open trading nation' while at the same time exchanging its independence to trade globally for the supposed collective clout of the European Union bureaucracy.

If George Osborne seriously thinks he can get away with making comments about Great Britain as an 'open trading nation and turning their backs on the world', then he is not the strategist he claims to be. Great Britain and its Commonwealth partners were the ideal global trading partners until Osborne's predecessors 'turned their backs on the world' and dumped them in favour of the inward looking, disastrous collective in Brussels.

Great Britain is shackled to the same European dead horse that has ruined the economies of the Mediterranean countries together with Ireland and Portugal, but unshackled in the case of waging war where the EU has dumped Great Britain to go it alone.

Two issues need to be mentioned in conclusion:

Firstly: As he is an advocate of waging war, there is nothing preventing Toby Young from becoming a war correspondent and sending dispatches from the Syrian front line. As is traditional with modern day war correspondents he can embed himself with any number of factions, including the rebels who are fighting the tyrannical government he wants overthrown and punished.

Any armchair warmonger can advocate military action from the comfort and safety of a Daily Telegraph office so I would suggest that unless Toby Young is prepared to go there himself and report in person on the consequences of his advocacy, he should keep his insults to himself and his mouth firmly shut.

Secondly: If the British people do not need permission from EU bureaucrats like Herman von Rumpuy and Baroness Ashton to wage a destructive war, then surely they do not need permission to serve olive oil in a dipping bowl at restaurant tables, work more than forty eight hours per week, empty rubbish bins more than once a fortnight, deport foreign terrorists and criminals and to decide who gets welfare and who does not. There's not a bigger impoverishing tyranny on the planet than the European Union so Cameron could do the world a favour by raining his bombs down on Brussels.


  1. The general rule appears to be if the dictator committing industrial scale atrocities is on the left of the political divide he gets a free pass and or assistance. If he's on the right he get bombed. The same appears to be true if the dictator has the ability to hit back i.e. N. Korea.

    1. At present there are blood soaked tyrants that are acceptable and those that are not. Bashar al Assad has been moved from the first category to the second.

      Blood soaked tyrants Kim Jung Un, Robert Mugabe, Omar al Bashir and the rest of worlds mass murderers will remain bomb free by Cameron and Obama for reasons they will keep to themselves.

  2. Interesting Post Dan. Sad state of affairs. However, there was one bit of good nes today, and completely off topic, but a 'must-see' for your blog.


    1. Thanks for that. I read the Guido's post with interest and look forward to reading the full TPA report. It's interesting to read some of the comments to the report summary on the link. Lots references to slavery and all that usual stuff. It looks like some people really believe that they are entitled to someone else's money while giving nothing in return.

    2. I agree with your point about some people believing they are entitled to others money without giving something in return, but there's also the point that if the work is there and the job exists to be done, the "employee" should be removed from benefits and paid a real wage for doing it rather than forced to work for less than minimum wage.

    3. Thanks for commenting. You make a good point that if there is work to be done that requires a 'body' then make it a proper job for proper pay.

      There are a couple of points such as temporary or seasonal work for instance or the various employment taxes imposed by government that makes it uneconomical to employ people.

      Your suggestion should form part of the solution but it must be acknowledged that there millions out there that believe they are entitled to other people's money without any strings attached at all. Many are personal friends of mine who I grew up with; deadbeats who have never worked a day in their lives but still manage to visit the pub several days a week.

    4. I know just what you mean and know plenty of the millions you describe, 40 inch plasma's, sky subscription, full monty broadband, laptops, mobiles, better cars than those who work hard, holidays abroad and at home (they're on permanent holiday), all the latest gadgets, gallons of lager every week, in fact everything those who work to pay for them cannot afford. I can never work out why the government can not see what we see, its blatantly obvious that you cannot afford such a lifestyle on benefits, for a start you shouldn't be able to afford to run a car on benefits, it would reduce congestion too.
      The problem is that the government only ever harass those on benefits that genuinely want to work and keep themselves.

    5. These people are Labour's core voters, they will never do anything that will threaten that vote. In fact they will oppose any or all welfare reforms.

      There are always going to be some genuine cases, mainly due to physical or mental incapacity but they are few and far between.

      As an incentive and to make work more attractive, benefits should always be worth at least 10% less than minimum wage work.

  3. Another good article Daniel - though you did veer off at the end with a rant about the micromanaging tendencies of the collectivists in Brussels.

    It'll all end in tears mate, democracy was built around nations, not empires or supranational bodies. They know this of course which is why they support things like uncontrolled mass immigration: to break a nation you must first destroy nationhood, that thing which binds it together. Two other useful tricks to accelerate change are:

    1. Attack and degrade the identity of the indigenous (ethnocide).

    2. Substitute a one-size-fits-all identity.

    Toby Young isn't popular with the Telegraph commentariat at the mo. Probably because he's a twat. Dr. Tim Stanley has managed to convince a few he's a good egg with his last few articles - doesn't fool me though, I still think he's an overeducated creep.


    1. That's a classic, 'Toby Young isn't popular at the mo. Probably because he's a twat'. That made me titter.

      I added the bit about the EU as a lead in to the next article but I got sidetracked so it's late.

      They've got plenty to say on about everything else but nothing on waging war. Probably because they are twats also.

  4. Looks like your mate Toby will be PPC for Hammersmith. If I lived there I might have to consider doing the unthinkable....vote labour, just to keep this prat out.
    I suspect the majority of votes cast for the liblabcon party are spoiling votes, I just cannot see very many people enthusiastically supporting any of them.

    1. It if it wasn't so tragic it would be funny. I have often mentioned that the abysmal standard of MP is reason we are in the trouble that we are in and here is living proof.

      Being a twat, having a PPE degree and kissing Cameron's backside is all that's required to become an MP in Dave's modernized party.

      It's up to the people of Hammersmith to reject this useless prat and not let LibLabCon dictate who their representative will be.