Monday, September 30, 2013

Conservative Party Conference - British People Are On Bullsh*t Alert

Political conference season in Great Britain is a tough time for informed voters and for those citizens who are immune to the spin, deceit and outright lies that passes for political discourse in this once dignified country.

If watching hoards of career political charlatans coagulate at their annual jamborees to congratulate themselves on deceiving the public isn't hard enough, then listening to week long outpouring of their bullsh*t is almost too much to bear.

As difficult as it is, one is forced watch and listen in order to find out what further misery they have planned for the downtrodden citizens they plan to ignore and abuse. This is achieved by listening carefully to their focus group formulated promises then assuming the opposite.

Many people, myself included, could hardly bring themselves to watch the Liberal Democrat conference as the very sight of Great Britain hater Nick Clegg, together with his accomplished band of liars, can bring on severe episodes of uncontrollable vomiting. A whole week of speeches about government mandated equality and fairness together with the submersion of Great Britain into the United States of Europe, was horrendous even for the most hardened cynic.

The United Kingdom Independence Party conference was a morale booster and they continue to give the main party charlatans palpitations: the amount of ridicule and smear they attracted is indicative of their growing influence on the political scene. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going into the 2014 elections and start the process of wrestling back the country from the traitors that have sold it out to the global 'progressive' elite.

The Labour Party conference was a throwback to the past, conjuring up visions of Dickensian poverty together with the emotional plight of welfare addicted victims, all suffering horribly as a result of heartless conservative policies. These policies are putting the chosen lifestyle of career claimants under threat so they need a champion.

These career welfare wallahs shouldn't worry because multi-millionaire workers leader Red Ed Miliband, has promised them a socialist programme to put right the damage caused by his previous socialist programme. Economic illiteracy doesn't go anywhere near describing this imbecile.

And so it's the turn of David Cameron's Conservatives to crank up their propaganda machine in order to churn out promises they know they have no intention of keeping. This will be the first conference where the threat to their power by a surging UKIP is very real and may cost them the next election.

It's worth reminding ourselves that David Cameron usurped power in the Conservative Party by using deceit and outright lies. He cloaked his dedication to the global 'progressive' agenda with a tissue of deceptions, he claimed to be a Europhobe, a fiscal conservative and a radical who would undo the damage done by the previous 'progressive' governments of Blair and Brown.

He promised to allay the peoples fears by promising an end to open border mass immigration, to deal with the unsustainable national debt, to end the stifling culture of political correctness, to halt the dumbing down of schools, to hold a bonfire of quango's, to shrink the size of government etc. He has done none of these.

As is typical of a remote elitist who is dedicated to implementing the long planned 'progressive' agenda, he surrounded himself with like minded cronies and started a programme of 'detoxification'. This consisted of purging the party of traditional conservatives together with their policies and carrying on where the Blair/Brown vandals left off.

Cameron must be the only Prime Minister in history who was happy not win an outright majority in a general election. His defeat allowed him to enter a coalition with his odious fellow 'progressive' Nick Clegg, thus saving him from having to implement a conservative agenda.

One of Cameron's main functions is to act on behalf of the global 'progressive' elite and prevent a Thatcher type conservative from leading the Conservative Party, therefore ensuring the continuity of their transformational agenda.

Prior to this circus conference in Manchester, Cameron's cronies, and his useful idiots, had been busy listening to their focus groups and commissioning surveys with the intention of highlighting the publics' fears: they will then design their speeches accordingly with promises to the public in exchange for their votes.

The list of promises is an insult to the intelligence of the informed electorate because they know Cameron will not deliver: either because he is a public relations man and therefore a practiced liar, or because his bosses in the European Union will not allow him to. Herman von Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barrosso will be keeping a close eye on this conference not to mention the increasingly powerful and re-elected Frau Merkel of Germany.

Cameron is promising to:

Deport bogey men such a Abu Qatata and Abu 'the hook' Hamza. He is lying because the EU will not allow him to do this.

Deport foreign criminals such as the Romanian street gangs that are causing misery on the streets of London. He is lying again because the EU will not allow him to do this either.

Prevent immigrants collecting welfare. He is lying for the same reason as above.

Prevent abuse of the NHS by immigrants and visa abusers. Nope he is lying.

Tougher sentencing for knife crimes. How many times have heard that one?

Tougher sentencing all around in conjunction with hugging a hoodie. Sounds like "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime". Where have we heard that before?

On the economy he is going to continue dealing with the deficit and the debt. It's all spin and lies. He is borrowing  120 billion per year and the debt will be higher than when he took office. No government departments have been closed down and there has been no bonfire of quangos.

He is promising to build an efficient military that meets the requirements of any 21st century conflict. He lying through his teeth. Cameron is eviscerating the military and debasing it's unique history in preparation for its absorption into the European Union's defence force (the EDF).

He is promising to provide some relief for hard working families and small businesses. How does an increase in VAT and ever increasing utility bills achieve this?

In order to spike the guns of UKIP, and to cool down the peoples anger at his beloved European Union, Cameron is promising to renegotiate Great Britain's terms of membership and repatriate some of the powers that he and his traitorous political predecessors gave away. He then promises to hold a referendum but only after the next election and only if he is Prime Minister. This is the biggest and most cynical lie of all as he is well aware that no re-negotiation is possible with these Euro fanatics.

The course for a post democratic United States of Europe was set decades ago and nothing will divert them from their ultimate aim. There may be a cosmetic chit chat between the interested parties who's intention will be to give the impression of a serious negotiation. Cameron and the Europhiles will declare this as a historic victory but only the dumb will be fooled.

There's much more but I will desist for fear of triggering bullsh*t overload which could result in a boot through the television screen.

One promise he will keep and that is to be the greenest government ever. Cameron will proceed with his insane policy to 'combat climate change' even though the whole thing is now recognized as a scam: the only remaining adherents being a coalition of 'progressive' politicians like himself, dumbed down school kids and 1960'S hippies who haven't recovered from their excesses at Woodstock and the Isle of Wight.

Watching these political charlatans in full flow is a nauseating spectacle but there is one positive note, they fear the rise of UKIP and with lots of hard work and a lot of luck the hero's of UKIP will prevail.



  1. Good piece!

    The low information voter has taken over. Promise them somebody else's money and you will have their vote. They care not about what is good for the country. It is only when it comes back to bite them in the butt that they will they change. Look at how well Obamacare is working and how those who idolised Obama are now working fewer hours and are about to pay more for less healthcare. That should crystallise their thought process come the 2014 elections.

    1. Thanks mawm, unfortunately we are all hostage to the low information voter. Using this kind of stupidity to get elected shows the depths to which politicians will sink.

      Obamacare starts today, pull up a chair and open beer, it's going to be great watching this disaster unfold.

  2. The person who first termed the phrase "The nasty party" was none other than Theresa May.
    This has to go down as one of the most classic of own goals ever scored in politics, a real "Gerald Ratner" moment. This airhead is now being touted for leadership, once Call me Dave is troughing away at EUSSR Head Office, Uneffingbelievable!

    1. May is a female version of 'Dave'. She is a clone and will not change direction should she replace the idiot.

      Apparently a stare from her is enough to scare off anyone, that's it then, make her Minister of Eyeballing.

      She is claiming kudos for booting out Abu Qatada when he self deported, if he hadn't there's a chance he would still be here now.

      It would be another own goal if they elect this fool as leader.

    2. She changed direction over gay "marriage". Her Catholic morals went down the U-bend quick enough.

    3. I have come to the conclusion that all these politicians are cloned from Dolly the sheep.

    I'd pay good money to see this chap address the conference.

    1. I tried but the video was unavailable. Who is he?

    2. David Wood.
      An American, Christian version of Pat Condell. Backs up everything with evidence, rather than opinions.

    3. Thanks for that, I can't wait to take a look.