Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Washington Redskins And The Yid Army - Political Correctness Lunacy Crosses The Atlantic

I consider myself fortunate that since I quit work I am able spend time living in both the USA and my home town in South Wales.  One of the advantages of this arrangement is the ability to observe first hand the policies being imposed by both countries simultaneously in order to facilitate a 'fundamental transformation'.  It has always been my contention that this transformation is meant for the entire Anglosphere rather than just Great Britain and the USA, therefore it would come as no surprise to learn if these same policies were being imposed in the rest of the civilized world including Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Many people remain skeptical of New World Order conspiracy theories but the imposition of 'progressive' policies across the Anglosphere simultaneously suggests some measure of global coordination.

Is it really stretching incredulity too far to suggest that the expansion of government and welfare dependency financed by penal levels of taxation, across the Anglosphere simultaneously, is down to coincidence. This also applies to cultural replacement via open border mass immigration, the ending of traditional marriage, the human rights and overseas aid grievance industries, etc. etc.

The most potent weapon in the armoury of the 'progressive' transformers is rigidly enforced political correctness, otherwise known as Cultural Marxism. Its destructive power is enormous and if anyone is in any doubt about its effectiveness then they only need to compare the Great Britain of today with that of a couple of decades ago.

The country is unrecognizable and much of this is down to fear of transgressing the diktats of what can only be described as the government's thought police. Political correctness is everywhere, it is all pervading, it rules and ruins lives, it rules by fear: fear is the new element of the people, they eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they breath it every waking moment. Political correctness has crippled the people to the extent that they have lost the will to fight back.

What is noticeable is that British style rigidly enforced political correctness has made its way across the Atlantic and is now being visited upon the American people with a vengeance.

News that the Washington Redskins football team are being pressured by the 'progressive' elite to change their name, as it is deemed to be offensive, is a classic use of political correctness by an agenda driven minority to intimidate the majority.

At the same time the 'progressive' useful idiots at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in London (that means soccer in Great Britain) are ordering their supporters to remove the word 'Yid' from their songbook of chants under threat of prosecution.

It must be noted that the word 'Yid' is used with pride in order to commemorate the Jewish heritage of the club, even though it would appear that the Jewish influence is long gone. It must also be noted that the Tottenham area of London is popular with immigrants, particularly from the Caribbean.

The supporters of Tottenham Hotspur have called themselves the Yid Army for generations but suddenly Afro-Caribbeans referring to themselves as Yids is somehow offensive to the politically correct zealots of the 'progressive' community.

In reality the zealots are not offended in the slightest but are using the popularity of the English Premier League to push their political agenda and at the same time demonstrate their power to bully the majority into acquiescence.

This tactic has not been lost on the 'progressive' transformers across the pond. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" says Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama's previous enforcer, when attempting to impose their destructive agenda on the American people. It's a similar principle with large crowds as is evidenced by the Nuremberg rallies in pre war Germany.

Sporting crowds provide a mass captive audience that can be used for pushing a political agenda and the opportunity to do so is not going to go to waste by the 'progressive' transformers.

This issue also highlights the tremendous influence that the 'progressive' minority has over American life. Redskins spokesman, Roger Goodhall, wrote a letter to Congress defending their nickname, rightly calling it a "unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect". In a normal world that would make any American Indian proud to be associated with the club but notice how he changes his tune after he succumbed to pressure from God knows who. Goodhall is now saying that "if one person is offended we have to listen". This is a classic politically correct attitude if ever there was one.

Again, in a normal world if one person is offended by the name it would be tough luck, don't go to Redskin's games or patronize their brand; go follow another club. Sadly this is not a normal world any longer and one person objecting could mean millions having to adapt and change to placate.

As is the case in Great Britain, the useful idiots will never stop. British soccer crowds are subjected to endless campaigns such as 'Kick racism out of football', despite racism not being a big issue today. 'Drink responsibly' is another nagging slogan despite football clubs being sponsored by drinks companies. These patronizing idiots never miss an opportunity to lecture grown adults while they are going about their Saturday afternoon business.

If the Redskins acquiesce and change their name it will signal the beginning of an onslaught of political correctness that will change the face of American sport. If the serially offended industry win over the Redskin's name then they will most definitely be offended by:

The Kansas City Chiefs

The Cleveland Browns

The Cincinnati Reds

American Indians will be further offended by the Dallas Cowboys

Atheists will be offended by the Saints, the Padres, the Angels or the Cardinals even though it's a bird.

The Temperance movement will be offended by the Brewers.

Animal rights loonies and Peta will be offended by the Buffalo Bills.

All 'progressive' useful idiots and self loathers will be offended by the word 'Patriot' so it looks like New England will be needing a new moniker also.

As usual there is always a light amongst the gloom and a reason for hope. The Tottenham Hotspur supporters have indicated they will ignore the ban and continue to refer to themselves as the Yid Army.

They are also planning to wear Yid Army T-shirts at their future games. Lets hope they follow through with these intentions and send a message to the politically correct authoritarians in both Great Britain and the United States of America.

'We Will Not Listen, We Will Disobey, Go Jump In The Nearest Lake.

Update: It didn't take long before the suggestions started coming in.

The Redskins could change their name to the Foreskins to commemorate the d*cks who are pushing this agenda.

Apologies if the Yid Army are offended.



  1. Les Dawson & Alf Garnett should be our role models. We should start a society named after them. We should always refer to PC as cultural Marxism, call a spade a spade.

    1. 'Progressives' don't have a sense of humour or the ability to enjoy satire, therefore it won't be long before Les Dawson and Alf Garnett are erased from history.

      You are right, it should be pointed out that PC is in fact Cultural Marxism. I will bear that in mind.

  2. The Reds already faced a name challenge. In the 1950's the reds were communists so a name change back to the Redlegs was suggested. The team's owner refused to change the name explaining that the Reds had the name first. Let the communists change.

    1. Thanks for the info. We had the name first, let the commies change, brilliant response.

    2. They have, they've rebranded as the Greens. Some would also say they've rebranded as the liblabcon party.

    3. It looks like we are surrounded on all sides by left orientated parties. That leaves only one choice to get us out of this appalling mess and I will be campaigning on their behalf come election time.

      Unless Cameron gets the boot UKIP is our only hope.

  3. 'Many people remain skeptical of New World Order conspiracy theories but the imposition of 'progressive' policies across the Anglosphere simultaneously suggests some measure of global coordination.'

    That hypothesis is now the straighter line between cause and effect Daniel. Ever since Peter Sutherland (UN representative on immigration) sat in a House of Lords commitee room last year, and gave his "Europe must be de-homogenised" speech, we must now fear the worst. European Man's replacement has been sanctioned at the highest level. One day people will look back at this time and realize the Nazis were complete amateurs compared to what came after:

    AD 2213:

    No Englisc

    No Welsh

    No Scots

    No Irish

    No French

    No Flemish

    No Dutch

    No Danes

    No Norwegians

    No Swedes

    No Finns

    etc., etc.

    If done in series it would work like this:

    Take twenty unique cultures (societies) and then make one of them multi-cultural. You now have nineteen unique cultures and one multi-culture. Repeat nineteen times. You now have one multi-culture and zero unique cultures

    The Problem with the above is it would be noticed after the first culture lost its uniqueness.

    The Solution is you do it in parallel.

    That takes 'coordination' my friend.


    1. Thanks for your informative comment Steve, I am gratefully enlightened. I was unaware of this speech by Peter Sutherland so I will research it further.

      Digging for the truth about the real intentions of the political elite is difficult but it is becoming more obvious by the day that they are working to some kind of grand global design which excludes the Angloshpere.

      I will be returning to this subject in the near future.