Monday, September 9, 2013

Progressives Kicked Out Down Under - Australian People Refuse To Be Transformed

While freedom lovers around the world celebrate the humiliation of the 'progressive' vandals that have been rampaging through Australia, destroying all the good things that have been built up over the centuries, the rag tag alliance of millionaire socialists, hippies, peaceniks and green fascists are crying into their champagne/carrot juice at the halting of their transformation project.

Although Great Britain and America are the number one targets for the global 'progressive' agenda, Australia and Canada, having been created by evil white Europeans are not far behind.

According to the perverted minds of the global 'progressive' elite these four countries are largely to blame for all the ills of the world because the prosperity they engendered were the result of the two things they hate the most, i.e. capitalism and colonialism.

At this point it's worth a very brief recall of history and attitudes.

Due to the religious nature of their belief systems, the ability to understand the shear momentum of historical circumstances is beyond a 'progressive's' mental capabilities. They cannot understand that the unfortunate instances of cruelty that accompanied the European expansion into the Far East and the New World are miniscule compared to the outright savagery that preceded it.

If one listens to the emotionally charged, hippie-like interpretation of history, one would get the impression that Genghis Khan's blood soaked rampage across Asia didn't take place or the bloodletting of the early Chinese emperors, African chieftains, Arab slave traders, Moghul conquers ad infinitum, were figments of western imaginations.

According to modern 'progressives', the native tribes of the world would be all be living in peace and harmony like some medieval version of Woodstock, or 1960's flower power San Francisco, if it wasn't for the invasion of the white European. Their tiny, closed minds cannot accept the reality that many of these primitive people were permanently hungry, disease ridden, nomadic and at continuous war with each other.

The truth is that on the American continent Indian tribes butchered each other and took body parts as trophies; the same was the case with tribes the length and breadth of African continent. Perhaps the human sacrifices performed on innocents by the Aztecs and the Inca's in South America would be considered as quaint cultural oddities by these 'progressive' history deniers.

Australia and its people loom large in the cross hairs of the global 'progressives' and like their counterparts in Great Britain and America, the Australian people must be punished and fundamentally transformed for their historical 'crimes' of advancing civilization and bringing prosperity to an undeveloped continent.

Until the election of Tony Abbott a few days ago the fundamental transformation of Australia was continuing apace by the motley band of socialists, green fascists, and hippies, led by the Labor Party. The Australia of rugged individualism and free enterprise, contact sports and the Amber Nectar was being gradually replaced. Throw another shrimp on the barbie and have another tinny Cobber was to be replaced by halal meat, sharia law and no bikini's allowed on Bondi Beach.

Like Europe and America, forced multi-culturalism using mass immigration is the weapon of choice for the government and with it came the usual cultural enrichment associated with importing incompatible cultures. Middle Eastern men harassing women, violence when asylum seekers demands are not met, Muslim anti-freedom protests and the usual calls for beheading of those who supposedly insult the prophet.

Then there is the cultural enrichment offered by the Australian Sudanese community who are involved in violence with other African groups from Burundi, Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Rwanda. It doesn't take a genius to work out that if these groups murder each other in their own countries, they are not suddenly going to get along peacefully because they have relocated to Australia.

Although the Australian people have spoken loud and clear that enough is enough, they or their new Prime Minister cannot expect an easy ride from the global 'progressives'.  They will not accept defeat graciously and go walkabout quietly into the outback. This is a bitter blow for them and their spin machines are already cranking up to nullify this superb result for freedom.

CNN, that loyal bastion of 'progressive' reporting from America is detracting from the victory of conservative policies over socialism by claiming that the electorate were 'jaded', disillusioned and disengaged by continual Labor party infighting.  In typical Obama-like fashion they are blaming anything including Rupert Murdoch.

They seem to be ignoring the fact that the Main Stream Media in their own country, including themselves, are an embarrassment with their continual groveling to their obviously inadequate 'Progressive in Chief'.

In Great Britain, the ultra left wing Guardian, better known as the printed version of the BBC, was unusually restrained in it's reporting of this historic victory but a read through the comments at the end of the item gives the reader a clue about the mentality of its readership. Hippie heads are exploding at the thought of normality being restored by the Australian people.

The BBC are not so restrained, as the mouthpiece for global as well as British 'progressivism' they cannot help themselves. Their man in Sydney, Jon Donnison, can barely hide his disappointment and spins this stunning victory with the party line, "Abbott's victory is not so much a ringing endorsement as a rejection of Labor".

According to our intrepid reporter in Sydney this victory has nothing to do with Labor's socialist policies ruining the economy as they did in Great Britain and the EU.

It had nothing to do with deficit spending and national debt.

It had nothing to do with the disastrous policy of forced multi-culturalism via mass immigration.

It had nothing to do with taxes and lower living standards put in place to finance the 'man made global warming' scam.

It had nothing to do with being continually lied to by unscrupulous politicians.

According to the BBC's man in Sydney, it's all about a disagreement between Kevin Rudd and the lying Welsh bint, Julia Gillard who swore before the world's media that "there will be no carbon tax under any administration that I lead", prior to introducing a carbon tax.

The world's 'progressives' and their media whores are not going to allow Tony Abbott or the Australian people to take their country back without a fight and it's worth concluding with what the American people have to endure as they come to terms with what is happening to them.

The Los Angeles Times have cranked up their smear machine to fight Tony Abbot even though these geographically challenged numbskulls couldn't find Australia if it was the only country marked on an atlas.

Among other things, they insult the new Prime Minister of Australia by calling him a 'gaffe prone right winger ,with a propensity for insensitivity and controversy'. This is a bit rich from a country that elected a pot smoking, Marxist community organizer as it's President, not once but twice. This is not to mention the gaffe prone, insensitive plagiarizer Joe Biden as their VP.

Los Angeles itself and California as a whole is renown for its political geniuses like the brain dead socialist and race baiter, Maxine Waters or the serial sex pest and pervert Bob Filner.

If the botox crippled Nancy Pelosi is the best America can offer then the LA Times really should take care who they seek to belittle.

The freedom loving people of the of world should take heart and emulate the bravery of our Australian brothers and sisters and have the courage to kick out the 'progressive' rabble who are intent on destroying western civilization.


  1. Once again I have to agree with it all. I have linked to it at Crusader Rabbit ( a fine Aussie blogger with similar outlook.

  2. I hope this Abbott chap doesn't turn into a Cameron. Many so-called conservatives seem to abandon their small government, low tax, self reliance ideals when they get their hands on the levers of power.

    1. This is the key to it all. The people have voted for him in good faith on his conservative manifesto. He has a mandate to put his policies into practice.

      It's up to him to deliver or go down in history as just another lying politician scumbag.