Thursday, September 5, 2013

European Union And The Syrian Tyranny - All's Quiet On The Western Front

The people of the various nations that make up the European Union are constantly bombarded with propaganda that extols the virtues of this soviet style political union especially using collective action for achieving results for the benefit of all.

In reality this dangerous abomination would be more accurately described as a union for politicians rather than a political union. It should be obvious to everyone that the EU has been a complete and utter disaster for the people of Europe not just the impoverished Mediterranean countries but the rich countries as well. Everything the EU bureaucrats do in search of their beloved post democratic United States of Europe results in disaster for all the people who are not part of the Brussels elite.

The accent is always on using collective power to achieve results but it appears this does not include the appalling tragedy being suffered by the people of Syria where the British were left to wage war on it's own.

It's worth reminding ourselves of some of the issues and characters that make the EU such a blight on the cause of individual freedom, prosperity and peace.

With the adoption of a Constitution under the guise of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU gave itself all the attributes of an independent state including a President who would have such a high profile that he would 'stop the traffic in Beijing'.

President Herman von Rompuy couldn't stop the traffic in Legoland but he attracts a salary greater than that of President Obama. On the Syrian tragedy, von Rompuy states that there is no alternative to a political solution and is therefore working with the Russians, who support the Assad government.

This stance is echoed by the other President, a Mr. Jose Manuel Barrosso. Yes, the EU has not one President but two; and Barrosso is also calling for a political solution, while throwing hundreds of millions of taxpayers money at Syria and it's neighbouring countries.

The long suffering EU taxpayers, who have been reduced to penury in their own countries by EU imposed austerity packages, have already forked out some 800 million Euros in aid to Syria and are about to take another 400 million hit due to President Barrosso's generosity with their money.

It is not known what the 93 million unemployed people in the EU think about Barrosso's largesse or the unemployed youths of Greece and Spain among whom unemployment now stands at a disgraceful 50%+.  It is not surprising that a self confessed Maoist like Barrosso feels nothing of other people's pain as he doles out their money in the oil rich Middle East who are more than capable of looking after their own.

While the Presidents of the EU warn against military action and seek a peaceful solution with one of the main supporters of the Assad regime, President Hollande of France is advocating arming the rebel forces.

It is now universally accepted, even by a large contingent of the French people, that President Hollande is a brick short of a full load who infamously called for a 75% tax rate during a recession triggering a brain drain and an associated flight of capital.

He wants to the arm the rebels who are fighting the Russian supported government. He also does not specify which of the rebel factions he wants to support or why. Is it the Saudi financed al Qeada rebels who stop and murder truck drivers because they are the 'wrong' Muslim sect, or is it the rebel group that kills government soldiers then cuts them open and eats their internal organs?

Unlike the rest of the world, President Hollande is obviously unaware that all of the warring factions are uncivilized savages who are yelling Allah u Akbar as they shoot each other down then enjoy the corpses for lunch.

Besides making the EU a legal entity, the biggest change that came about as a result of the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution was the creation of the High Representative Of The Union For Foreign Affairs And Security. The title by itself, let alone the salary and perks, indicates the exalted status of this super bureaucrat. This person alone should have been the one who deals with the whole issue of Syria, anti-government rebels, human rights abuses, regime change and, more importantly, Prime Minister Cameron's narcissistic warmongering.

Baroness Ashton is the archetypal EU bureaucrat in that she has never been elected to anything in her life and has no qualifications or experience to hold such a post and is reputedly bone idle. As a peacenik and former treasurer of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), a traitorous organization which advocated unilateral nuclear disarmament at the height of the cold war, she also demonstrates her pro Soviet credentials.

With the European Defence Force, together with the whole EU diplomatic service at her disposal, the Syrian issue is what her exalted office was created for. This situation is what the bankrupt Greek, Irish and Spanish taxpayers are forking out their hard earned millions for.

There is no need for the Presidential twins von Rompuy and Borrosso to be bothering their heads about Syria, or for Prime Minister Cameron to be unilaterally bombing Syrians. In her position of High Representative blah blah blah......the Baroness Ashton's negotiating teams should be initiating talks with all the warring factions and their various supporters including Presidents Putin, Obama and Hollande.

The second highest paid female politician on the planet, after Christine Largarde of the IMF, the Baroness has been more than useless and her performance is coming under intense criticism from all quarters including brain dead French socialists.

The fact is that the global political class, who give themselves fancy titles such as President, Prime Minister and High Representative, are only career bureaucrats financed by corrupt bankers and corporations who only have their own interests in mind. There is not a single statesman among the whole sorry bunch.

One of the worlds most prestigious institutions has been on rocky ground for years, but with the awarding of the Nobel peace prize to a radical socialist, race baiter and community organizer who had only been in office for a matter of months and who is now advocating death and destruction, it is now a totally discredited laughing stock.

In conclusion, with Baroness Ashton's incompetence, President Obama's total ineptitude and Prime Minister Cameron's failed warmongering, the world will have no alternative but to send for the ultimate global peacemaker and all round 'straight kinda guy'. The Middle East Peace Envoy for the Quartet would have had this sorted out ages ago if let alone to get on with it. Tony Blair's fee is likely to be in the tens of millions but it will ultimately be money well spent.


  1. Rumpy Pumpy looks like a nonce. The only traffic that should stop for him should be the Vice Squad

    1. President Clinton used to mess around with interns so he won't be the first President to be a nonce.

  2. Meanwhile, the MSM keeps completely quiet about the real issue - which is the gas pipeline that Qatar wants to run across Syria (to Turkey) thus removing the Russian stranglehold on gas supplies to Europe. Saudi would want to depose the Assad regime to install its own 'administration' - and then charge Qatar to use the gas pipeline.

    You can understand Mr Putin's reluctance to lose some control over what's happening in Syria.

    And Rumpy bows to Putin. End of.

    1. It would appear that Putin is running rings around everyone on the Syria issue.

      Rumpy has got of those faces I would dearly love to punch.

  3. I hope blair does try his luck in Syria,hopefully he`ll fall in with the wrong lot and spend 10 years chained to a wall in a Damascus celler.

    1. Sooner that than waking up next to Cherie.

    2. A cellar wall is too good for this warmonger. It's hard to understand how an odious creep like Blair is still walking on the world stage. It's even harder to understand what he see's in Cheree when I am sure he has access to all kinds of banga banga.

      Rumpy is coming to the end of his term so I wouldn't mind betting that Blair will be canvassing for his job.