Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Putin Takes Control - American Global Influence Evaporates

On this day when the American people remember the tragic loss of their fellow citizens in the World Trade Centre atrocity, it is worth reminding ourselves that this is also the anniversary of the Benghazi atrocity where sections of the Muslim world celebrated their victory over the Great Satan on the 11th September 2001. These two atrocities came about as a result of the erosion of American power and influence over several decades and particularly during the last six years.

Those of us who support the informed American people in their fight to prevent a European type descent into third world mediocrity, the performance of their President and his acolytes in recent weeks will be depressingly familiar.

There was a hope that the USA, with its dedication to individual liberty, free enterprise and constitutionally limited government, would remain that shining city on a hill as Great Britain and the Anglosphere fell victim to the global 'progressive' agenda.  That turned out to be a case of false optimism.

Like their counterparts in the rest of the Anglosphere, the American people allowed themselves to be manipulated by unscrupulous, agenda driven political elitists in pursuit of political power. They were seduced by the slick advertising campaigns of the professional PR men to such a ridiculous extent that they elected a man solely on the basis of his half white skin colour, his telegenic persona and his ability to read pre-written speeches off a teleprompter.

As the British people did with their media created Prime Minister, David Cameron, they totally ignored his lack of history, experience, achievements and his lack of connections with real people in the real world.  It didn't seem to bother the American people when it was revealed that candidate Obama was steeped in Marxist ideology, anti-white racial politics and anti-American radical socialism.

When candidate Obama stood in front of his fake Greek columns and stated to the world that he was "five days away from fundamentally transforming America", what on God's earth did the American people think he meant? They were obviously not watching the disastrous descent of the great European nations into bankruptcy, poverty and third world mediocrity which was the result of the imposed 'progressive' agenda that would shortly be imposed on them.

What we are witnessing today during the Syrian crisis is the result of America's descent into mediocrity because of the imposition of that same 'progressive' agenda; this slow evaporation of American influence did not go unnoticed in the Kremlin, Beijing or the caves of Tora Bora.

President Obama's performance at the recent G20 summit was abysmal and an embarrassment for the American people; it highlighted the world of difference between a worldly wise, experienced political operator, albeit a KGB thug, and an inexperienced, media created fake who's only experience is in community organizing.

When one looks back into recent history, it is unimaginable to think that a tinpot dictator from a nonentity of a country like Syria can cause so much grief and humiliation for an American President.

One has to ask what would Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Bushes 1 and 2 have done in the case of Syria? Conversely, what would President Obama have done had he been faced with the Cuban missile crisis, the nuclear armed Mad Dog Gaddafi or the invasion of Kuwait by a tyrant like Saddam Hussein?

It must be remembered that on the brink of nuclear war, President Kennedy stood nose to nose with Nikita Khrushchev, a ruthless, dedicated communist, and refused to budge an inch, forcing a humiliating climb down by this political fanatic.

It must also be remembered that Ronald Reagan stood nose to nose with seasoned Russian cold warriors Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov (who like Putin was leader of the KGB) and Mikhail Gorbachev, resulting in the defeat of communism and the liberation of Eastern Europe.

For years Colonel Gaddafi had sponsored terrorist organisations around the world, from the Palestinians and the Irish Republican Army to Carlos the Jackal and the Red Army Factions. After several warnings from President Reagan and a few strategically placed cruise missiles, including on several of his homes, Gaddafi retreated to his Bedouin tent not to be heard of again until his demise at the hands of own his people.

This kind of influence and respect has all but evaporated and it is not difficult to understand why.

Like Great Britain and Europe, the priorities of the American 'progressive' elite changed from economic strength and the interests of their own people to:

State mandated equality and fairness, including equality of nations and cultural relativity.

Redistribution of wealth.

Expanding government and welfare entitlements.

Replacing individual liberty with so called collective responsibility.

Gender neutrality and sexuality politics.

Downgrading the military and much more.

One has to bear in mind that there are fifty Muslim countries on the planet with a population approaching two billion souls, which is almost twenty four percent of the world's population. It cannot be difficult to understand that these religious orientated people are repulsed by the obsession with secular Marxist equality together with the homosexual agenda.

What must they be thinking about the West's obsession with homosexuals and especially David Cameron's vow to send his team around the world to encourage all governments to legislate for gay marriage?

President Obama's lack of experience or leadership skills becomes glaringly apparent by watching his performance during the Syrian debacle. He has surrounded himself with like minded agenda driven fanatics such as Hillary Clinton and now the appalling John Kerry. They are like rabbits caught in the headlight of a child's tricycle. They simply do not know what to do.

In an attempt to emulate Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Bush x 2, President Obama comes over all macho by making his infamous 'red line' threat over chemical weapons to the worlds media. He  looked as macho as a kitten when his bluff is called by Bashar al Assad and he failed to act.

In a cringe making attempt to save face, which only served to make him a bigger laughing stock than he already is, his red line suddenly becomes the world's red line. This is dismal and a pathetic attempt to absolve himself from blame.

The President, who doesn't think twice about using executive power to bypass Congress, tries to offload responsibility by demanding they vote on military action, which by his own account he doesn't need.

President Putin, who is wallowing in Obama's obvious lack of leadership and subsequent discomfort, rubs his nose further in the dirt by offering the life line of a negotiation which Obama gratefully accepts and asks Congress to delay their vote.

The world is watching as Putin's Russia replaces Obama's America as the power broker and main influence in Middle Eastern politics. To the dismay of freedom lovers around the world, the rookie is giving the so called master a lesson in global foreign policy.

In conclusion it's worth taking stock of the change in global influence since the western world committed Hari Kari by adopting the 'progressive' agenda.

The British and Europeans have been ousted from sub Saharan Africa by the resource hungry Chinese. The rest of Africa is dominated by the Muslim world from Egypt to Mali. As we have seen, the Middle East is becoming increasingly dominated by Russia and radical Islamic factions, including the supposedly defeated Al Qaeda.

Central and southern Asia, including India, is influenced by Russia with China dominating the Far East. The former western ally, Japan, dropped off the radar decades ago. Indonesia and the Pacific are increasingly being influenced by radical Islam.

Central and South America are dominated by socialist regimes who's political ideologies stem from Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Simon Bolivar.

Great Britain, Europe, the United States and the Anglosphere in general have rotted from the inside out and are now reduced to bystanders in an increasing hostile world. The descent into third world mediocrity is unlikely to slow down while 'progressives' such as Obama, Cameron, and the EU bureaucrats remain in control.

All is not lost however and freedom loving people of the world should take heart; there is one tiny glimmer of light in this dark nightmare of destruction. The Australian people have demonstrated that with resolve and leaders armed with the right policies they can consign the 'progressive' destroyers to the dustbin of history where they belong.

Update: Putin lectures America in the New York Times


  1. I found this on Irish Savant's site. Thought it was pretty good!

    You think you are a good parent: you keep your kids clean, well-fed, healthy, you comfort them when they are upset, you send them to school to learn, you provide them with everything they need. Except for one thing: you do not provide them with a future. Whenever you vote LibLabCon you are voting to destroy your child's future, because you are voting for mass immigration which means that your children will have fewer opportunities and a much higher chance of being raped or beaten or murdered. When your grown-up child asks why they have just been beaten up and robbed by an immigrant gang, will you answer that it is because you voted for it?
    Stop being a bad parent: act now to protect your child's future. Vote for a political party who will stop immigration and reverse it. Put your child's future first."

    1. This is absolutely correct, word for word. The thing I would say is that it doesn't apply to Cameron's kids or Clegg's or the rest of the shower that are responsible for this treachery.

      Great slogan for the next election:

      Vote UKIP, Put Your Childs Future First

  2. "It must be remembered that on the brink of nuclear war, President Kennedy stood nose to nose with
    Nikita Khrushchev, a ruthless, dedicated communist, and refused to budge an inch, forcing a humiliating climb down by this political fanatic."

    Now follows what really happened.

    FACT: Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev ordered the removal of Soviet nuclear missiles from Cuba, it wasn’t a unilateral move. The Americans also secretly pledged to withdraw intermediate nuclear missiles from Turkey and not to invade Cuba.

    Spin That!

    1. Thanks for commenting. Firstly, let me say that I am not trying to spin anything, what I have written is my interpretation based on my own research.

      My research included, news reel footage from the time, history books and anecdotes from people were in the navy blockading Cuba at the time..

      Having said that, and knowing what deceit politicians are capable of, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there was a backroom deal which has been kept from the public to this day.

      I would respectfully ask that if this deal was such a big historical secret, how come you know about it and are so certain that it's a fact.

      Just like my scenario, your scenario doesn't become a fact because you say it is.