Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tough On Crime - Tony Blair's Daughter The Victim Of Her Father's Criminal Class

"Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime", is one of the most infamous, cynical and dishonest soundbites ever to be uttered by Great Britain's former Prime Minister and cultural vandal Tony Blair. This soundbite was dreamt up in order to steal the reputation of the Conservative Party as the traditional party of law and order during the '97 general election.

The perverted view that criminals are not bad people but victims of an unjust society is a core tenet of Marxism and has always been the driving force behind the 'progressive' law and order agenda as pursued by Tony Blair and his disastrous government.

How the Labour Party Members of Parliament who were jailed for stealing taxpayer's money are victims of society is not explained; nor is it explained how victim status can be given to the Muslim killers of Drummer Rigby, the 7th July bombers or Rose and Fred West.

As the British people are learning to their cost, Blair and his government turned reality on it's head and made the perpetrators of crime the victims and vice verce.  According to Blair and the 'progressives', those law abiding people who do the right thing, get out of bed and go to work everyday then get burgled, mugged, beaten or worse, have only themselves to blame for being so selfish and uncaring.

As part of the Blair 'progressive' agenda the police and the criminal justice system were  politicized and their mission changed from upholding the law and protecting the public to implementing the transformation of Great Britain into the multi-cultural, crime ridden cesspit that we see today.

Criminal behavior has skyrocketed and the well being of victims is routinely ignored in the interests of political correctness. Serious law breaking is also ignored in the interests of cultural sensitivity or community cohesion and when action by the police is unavoidable, any punishment is often derisory or non existent.

News that Tony Blair's daughter, Kathryn and her boyfriend were held up at gunpoint in a London street will hopefully bring home to her at least, the trauma suffered by thousands of victims of crime every day which is a direct result of her father's perverted ideology.

After her experience, maybe she will ask her father how a serial criminal went unpunished until his two hundredth burglary. That's two hundred victims whose well being was ignored by Blair's politicized police 'service' and criminal justice system. This criminal lowlife (or victim of society depending on your viewpoint) was sentenced to a derisory twenty months; fifty percent of which is automatically discounted with another possible discount for good behavior. He could be out in five months to continue with his criminal career leaving more victims in his wake.

To many people outside Great Britain, the idea that the authorities would put the interests of the criminal before the interests of the victim on ideological grounds sounds implausible but a tertiary glance at the facts should clear the issue up beyond doubt.

Bearing in mind there is no death penalty in Great Britain and the right to defend oneself has been taken away, here is a list of murderers who were released to murder again. In whose interests were these animals released and were the interests of the victims and potential future victims taken into account? Obviously not.

Maybe Kathryn Blair can inquire of her father why, in their ancestral home of Scotland, better known as the 'progressive dystopia north of the border', a criminals' well being comes before that of their victims?

Thousands of serious criminals are excused their punishment under early release legislation. Official figures show that five thousand criminals have been released early including 3,298 who have been convicted of serious assault and attempted murder, 277 convicted murderers and 161 rapists. Since 2007, 64,000 have become eligible for early release. These include an animal by the name of Darren McIntosh, a convicted paedophile who was jailed for four years after committing a sexual assault on an eight year old boy. McIntosh was released after two years despite being classified as a 'high risk' to children. The high risk to children comes secondary to the well being of this depraved child abuser.

It is incumbent on any 'progressive' to justify this release and why the horror of his victim was not taken into account nor any potential future child victims.

One must not forget that this criminal justice system released the Lockerbie bomber on compassionate grounds, despite the protestations from the families of his 270 victims.

 If any more evidence is needed to prove the fact that the 'progressive' criminal justice system looks upon the criminal as the victim then one only has to look at the behavior of the coroner at the inquest into the shooting death of violent gangster Mark Duggan.  This is the death which supposedly triggered the 2011 summer rioting around Great Britain.

Prior to opening the inquest Judge Keith Cutler ordered a minutes silence be held for Duggan despite the fact that he was a violent gangster who was armed at the time of his shooting and allegedly involved in several murders. This imbecile of a Judge never mentioned any of Duggan's victims or took their trauma into account. Nothing will come of it and this so called Judge will carry on with his debased career of respecting criminals while showing contempt for their victims.

It would be ironic if the 'progressive' Judge Cutler would one day sit in judgment on Kathryn Blair's assailants and would he show them the same respect and compassion that he showed the late gangster?

In conclusion it's worth mentioning that the British people have had their rights of self defence removed with the result that law abiding citizens have been arrested and prosecuted for having the temerity to protect their families and property from criminals. It is also worth noting that the British people have been disarmed by Tony Blair and left at the mercy of armed criminals.

It goes without saying that if Kathryn Blair or her boyfriend had been packing some heat, the playing field would have been level and if the criminals had got their just dessert the possibility of re-offending would have been zero.


  1. Blair's soundbite should have been
    Tough on thoughtcrime, tough on the victims of crime.
    Education, education ,education should have been brainwashing. brainwashing, brainwashing.
    Any clue as to the ethnicity of Blair's daughter's mugger? I know what we're all thinking!
    "packing heat"? You do spend a lot of time in the USA.

    1. Its one of my favourite bits of American slang, I know it was the wrong phrase to use in this article but I've been itching to use it for a long time.

      The fact that they have omitted ethnicity is usually a clue, community cohesion and all that nonsense. But we shouldn't jump the gun. No pun intended.

      I don't know about anybody else but Blair is near the top of my sh*t list not far behind Clegg, Brown and the South African run away coward Peter Hain.