Thursday, April 2, 2015

Home Sweet Home - ISIS Volunteers Return To Old Blighty

News that the 'British' family of five, including four children, apprehended at the Turkish border while trying to join the ISIS killers in Syria are to be repatriated back 'home' to Great Britain is causing more than a little outrage. It is also another glaring example of the yawning chasm between the political class and the people they are paid to represent.

The vast majority of normal British citizens - by normal I mean real people not the self loathers who go around calling themselves 'progressives' - are aghast that the politicians are preventing these jihadis from leaving in the first place but doubly so by the insanity of repatriating them if they are caught after leaving.

The very fact that they have left Great Britain to join what is now accepted to be one of the most barbaric organisations in history in order to mutilate, behead and otherwise murder for their religion, demonstrates the unbridled hatred they have for their British 'fellow countrymen' and their way of life.

The whole issue of mass third world immigration, along with the volunteers leaving to join ISIS, raises a multitude of questions and there's no better opportunity than an election campaign for the politicians to come clean for once and furnish the answers.

(They won't of course, because the various election campaigns are being run by slick PR men with their teams of advertising executives and image consultants. They will avoid the truth along with anything else contentious in order to create the false impression that their charges have the interests of the people in mind....but I digress again)

The British people deserve to know the answers to the following legitimate questions:

Why did the politicians open the borders to incompatible cultures from the third world who harbour a visceral hatred for the host country, its people and their way of life?

What contribution to the economy and life of Great Britain, or elsewhere, do these people make?

If they want to leave Great Britain to join ISIS and engage in their fight for a Caliphate why prevent them from doing so?

Once they have left to begin their career in murder and mayhem why apprehend and subsequently repatriate them to the country and the people they hate so much?

If these returnees go on to kill, maim or otherwise cause harm to any member of the British public, will relevant members of the political class be held responsible and punished accordingly?

Knowing that these jihadis hate, and would willingly kill their hosts, why are the borders still open to them and their fellow countrymen?

The biggest question of all is why do the political class continue to demonise, smear, threaten and insult decent British people by labeling them as racists and bigots for having the temerity to ask these questions in the first place?

Students of history will recall that ISIS jihadis are not the first group of motivated British citizens to travel abroad in order to fight for their beliefs.

It is reported that anywhere between five hundred and seven hundred British Muslims have traveled to the middle east to join ISIS in their fight for a Caliphate. This is small by comparison to the twenty three hundred British and Commonwealth citizens who traveled to Spain to join the Stalin supported International Brigade in their fight for a Communist state.

Volunteers for the International Brigade included many famous names but none more so than world famous author and self confessed socialist George Orwell. (The tall chap in the photograph)

It must be pointed out that like ISIS, the International Brigade fighters were prepared to kill in pursuit of their cause, Stalinist communism, which was in reality as bloodsoaked as the Caliphate proposes to be.

An attempt was made to use the Foreign Enlistment Act to prevent volunteers leaving for Spain but it was deemed to be ineffective and hence they left virtually unhindered. There was no attempt to stop them leaving, apprehend them en route or confiscate their passports. They were treated as heroes as opposed to terrorists and some were greeted on their return at Victoria Railway station by none other than future Prime Minister Clement Attlee.

Despite Stalinist communism being a violent revolutionary threat to Great Britain and its way of life, the British International Brigade volunteers were not required to attend any cultural awareness courses on their return or be constantly monitored by the police, on the contrary there are numerous monuments erected in their honour.

The reason for pointing this out is that if British Muslim jihadis travelling abroad to fight for their beliefs are treated any differently to the International Brigade communists doing the same for theirs, then the government are admitting that there are two classes of British citizen based on religion, culture or political beliefs.

This shatters the very core of their 'multi-cultural' philosophy in that all cultures, ethnic groups, religions etc. are equal and must treated as such on pain of prosecution and possible imprisonment.

In line with his own policy of cultural and religious equality it is now incumbent upon David Cameron and the other vocal advocates of 'multi-culturalism' not to discriminate against returning jihadis and give them hero's welcome before raising monuments in their honour.

For Info - "Old Blighty" is a term of endearment for Great Britain the motherland, used mainly by troops stationed abroad.  



  1. Dear Daniel,

    At a time when the Arabian peninsula and Mesopotamia is ablaze, the answer to anybody so blasted ignorant as to decide "I want to become a Jihadi bride in the ISIS!" ought to be: "ok love, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out."

    Using the statistics you present regarding the eccentrics supporting the leftist cause in the Spanish civil war, it would be informative to consider that at the time, the population of Britain was circa 40 million. The 2700 (your figures!) is a tiny percentage of this. However, what is the Mohammedan population of Britain today? I suggest that 700 of this current population is considerably higher a percentage than participated in the Spanish civil war, although I don't know if you have counted "Socialist Jihadi" camp followers in your 2700!


  2. Absolutely right Paddy, let them go if that's what they want but a one-way ticket only.

    I used the numbers from the International Brigade site so there is no extrapolating with past or current populations. You are right to look at percentages with respect to populations. I would guess that jihadis are higher than IB volunteers.

    Whatever it is let them go, they have no business in Great Britain.