Friday, April 10, 2015

Kanye West Leaving Racist America While African Immigrants Excel

Listening to the outpouring of bile by the African-American celebrity community one would be forgiven for thinking that the USA is populated by a pitiless elite of white despots who's only pleasure in life is keeping their saintly black victims in a permanent state of servitude based purely on skin colour.

Listening to the leaders and icons of the African-American community one would also be forgiven for thinking that nobody with a non-white skin has ever risen above the level peasant let alone possess more than two cents to rub together.

The evil purveyors of these falsehoods are not short of a buck or two themselves and have a vested interest in prolonging the myth of victimhood that is holding back the black communities and causing such appalling misery, violence and death.

They ignore the fact that African-Americans have held the highest offices in the land including Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, State Governors, Congressmen of both House and Senate, not to mention President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

African-Americans comprise some of the richest people in the USA and are represented in all walks of life including Wall Street, Industry, Sport, Media, and Entertainment.

One among this number is Kanye West who is not only a highly successful, wealthy African-American he is also an icon of the black community but who continually puts down the country that facilitated his success.

For those who enjoy Kanye West's type of entertainment he is obviously a very talented individual and he must be an astute businessman to hold on to his accumulated wealth. It must be understood however that his middle class upbringing and subsequent wealthy lifestyle prohibits him from claiming the victim status that is promoted by the black vested interests that seek to prolong it.

No sensible person can deny that racism exists and that includes the black on white racism of vile organisations such as the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam who's mission is to undo the advances in civil rights and return America to the era of segregation.

If the anti-American rhetoric of the race baiters and self loathers like Kanye West were to be believed then America is rife with black oppression where opportunity is denied to black people who are confined to ghettos of poverty and violent crime.

Apparently racism is so bad in America that Kanye West has threatened to uproot his family and leave for a more accommodating environment. Where this Utopia is remains a mystery as is his wife's view on her re-location. There can't be many places on the planet where a lady with little acknowledged talent can make millions simply by being an old acquaintance of hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

If Kanye West is to be believed then no African migrant in his right mind would risk leaving their homeland to embark on a life threatening journey to the New World only to end up as a gang banger, high on drugs in a black ghetto with his pants hanging down below his a*se while being oppressed by the evil white man.

The reality is somewhat different to the false impression given by Kanye West and the race baiters who have, after all, got a living to make.

Despite the attempts to downgrade America by the Obama administration, along with every self loathing socialist, multi-millionaire celebrity and hand wringing, bleeding heart liberal - in other words those that go around calling themselves 'progressives' - it remains the land of opportunity where the American dream still lives for those who ignore the likes of Kanye West and his affluent ilk and have the determination to succeed.

Let me introduce Harold Ekeh, an immigrant from Nigeria who overcame adversity, worked hard like his parents and has been accepted by all eight Ivy League schools.

Victor Agbafi the son of Nigerian immigrants has also been accepted by Ivy League schools, as have Munira Khalif of Somalian parentage, Kwasi Enin of Ghana parentage and Stefan Stoykov of Bulgarian parentage. All are first generation immigrants who ignored the likes of Kanye West, took advantage of the opportunity afforded to them and achieved the American dream.

I would suggest that those who indulge in the ghetto gangsta culture choose new leaders and stop listening to the race hate rhetoric of the race hustlers and losers and listen instead to winners like Harold, Victor, Munira, Kwasi and Stefan.

I would also suggest that Kanye West is an ingrate and hypocrite of the very highest order who doesn't deserve the opportunity he has been afforded by the United States of America. Perhaps he should re-locate his family to Nigeria, Somalia or Ghana where he would be among his own and where racism, in theory, doesn't exist.


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