Friday, April 3, 2015

Why Fundamentally Transform The Country You Love?

In 2008 when candidate Obama first informed the American people that he was "five days away from fundamentally transforming America" the British people had already suffered a decade of fundamental transformation under their own photogenic, media created leader Tony Blair.

Unlike the British people who had no idea of what was coming, the American people were warned in advance that their prospective leader had seriously malign intentions for their country. What on earth did the people think he meant by fundamental transformation?

The American people also had the bitter experience of their trans-Atlantic cousins to draw on as a living, breathing example of what fundamental transformation looks like in practice.

Had they looked at their cousins over the pond they would have seen a reasonably prosperous country, where the majority went about their lives without let or hindrance, transformed into a bankrupt, government dominated bureaucracy bloated by agenda driven political operatives and their army of useful idiots looking for kudos and a taxpayer funded free lunch.

In addition to this they would have witnessed the free enterprise economy and a culture of individual liberty replaced by expanded welfare entitlements and increased dependency. This horror was accompanied by the creeping interference of petty government bureaucrats into the minutiae of peoples lives.

Blair's government continued the policy of previous governments by transferring swathes of sovereignty from the elected representatives in the Westminster Parliament to the unelected, bureaucrats of the European Union in Brussels.

The British people are no longer self governing, they no longer have control over their borders and for all intents and purposes Great Britain no longer exists as one of the worlds independent nations. It's integration into the European Union federal state means it has been effectively dissolved in all but name.

Most sadly, Americans looking across the Atlantic would have witnessed British culture, the British way of life and its Judeo-Christian heritage that had evolved over two millenia, systematically erased with its symbols of nationhood banned. Supposedly this was for fear of offending imported alien cultures, but in reality it was an important part of the cultural replacement agenda.

The Great Britain of today no longer resembles the country of two decades ago; it is more akin to a third world developing nation with crumbling infrastructure and where public services such housing, education, transport and health care provision are unable to cope with the expansion of the imported dependent population.

Prior to their election to office, Tony Blair and his party professed their love of country, people and way of life; they claim they only want to do whats best for the people. One can only say that wrecking the country, fundamentally transforming it into a third world equivalent then organising it's dissolution is an odd way of displaying affection.

There was uproar in the media recently when former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, stated that he didn't believe President Obama loved America; looking at the state of America today, was Giuliani wrong?

The United States of America became the greatest nation earth because of its free enterprise system, its culture of individual liberty and its constitutionally limited government. American exceptionalism has created more prosperity for more people than any other country in history. It has sacrificed its sons and daughters so others may enjoy the same freedom and prosperity if they so desire.

It is the shining city on a hill that is the hope and aspiration for millions who are denied freedom and prosperity, so why in God's name would anyone want it fundamentally transformed and more importantly, into what?  

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