Monday, April 13, 2015

Red Ed Miliband Great Britain's First Jewish Prime Minister

There's more bullsh*t dumped on the campaign trail than there was on the Chisolm Trail during the cattle herding days of yesteryear. As the public get tired of the usual diet of false promises, mudslinging and choreographed public appearances, the candidates get ever more desperate for a gimmick that will differentiate them from their opposition.

With the British general election drawing ever closer, the mandatory photo opportunities with babies, schoolkids and ethnic minorities are getting tedious in the extreme. Watching the three establishment party leaders David Cameron, Nick Clegg and David Miliband pretending to enjoy a pint of ale in a pub, visiting workers on the factory floor or visiting an old peoples home is laughable.

Their awkwardness is obvious as they attempt to switch from a remote, machine politician to an ordinary human being even for the short time it takes for a photo op.

The biggest laugh can be had watching these so called serious politicians make complete fools of themselves by donning turbans in order to win the ethnic vote.

One would have thought that in the interests of cultural sensitivity and respect, self confessed atheists such as Miliband and Clegg would not despoil the sanctity of any house of worship by entering inside, but when there's votes to be had nothing is sacred.

The fact is that the three establishment parties have hired professional spin doctors and media managers to organise and run their respective campaigns, they use the same formula with the MSM which results in a common mediocrity.

With three identical politicians from identical exclusive backgrounds who look the same, sound the same and champion the same 'progressive' policies, it's a difficult task for the spin doctors to find that one gimmick that will set their man apart from the others.

It would appear that Ed Miliband's expensively hired American spin merchant, David Axelrod, thinks he has found the answer.

Despite being a Marxist and an avowed atheist, Red Ed is being touted as Great Britain's first Jewish Prime Minister. At first glance it would appear to be a spin doctor's gift from heaven but on reflection it exposes some embarrassing realities that perhaps would have been better kept out of the public eye.

As every pre- comprehensive school history student knows, Benjamin Disraeli was Great Britain's first Jewish Prime Minister as well as one of its most renown.

It is argued that he is disqualified because he converted to Anglicanism but history confirms that this was the result of political expediency. Had he not converted he would have been illegible for Parliament because Jewish Members were forbidden at the time. Disraeli was a proud Jew and used the fact in political debate.

In one noted exchange he is quoted as saying: "Yes, I am a Jew, and when the ancestors of the right honourable gentleman were brutal savages on an unknown island, mine were priests in the Temple of Solomon"

David Axelrod is a foreigner therefore his ignorance of British history can be excused but Ed Miliband has no such excuse.....or has he?

The truth is that Red Ed is a first generation immigrant with no roots in Great Britain. His father, Adolph, was a Marxist fanatic from Belgium who held a special hatred for Great Britain along with its institutions and its people.

He despised the Monarchy, Parliament, the Church of England and most of all the patriotism of the British people. He plotted all his life to bring it down and install a Soviet style communist system in its place.

It should be obvious even to the most detached observer that Ed Miliband is a chip off the old block who's loyalty is to Marxism, not to Great Britain or Judaism. He is committed to a borderless, centrally controlled federal European Union ruled by appointed bureaucrats in Brussels as opposed to democratically elected representatives in Westminster.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that Axelrod is using Ed's tenuous link to Judaism as an attempt to align him with the tough, uncompromising Prime Minister of Israel.

Unfortunately for Axelrod, when Ed was studying Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto, Benyamin Netanyahu was hunting down and killing the Palestinian terrorists to which Ed's Labour Party gives succour.

In reality, one cannot be a Jew and not believe in God just as one cannot be a Muslim and not believe in Allah. Much to the consternation of David Axelrod, it turns out that Ed Miliband is as Jewish as the Pope so it's back to the drawing board in search of another gimmick.

Ed Miliband is short of noteworthy accomplishments to champion so to assist Axelrod in his search he might consider touting Red Ed as the fastest Rubik Cube solving Prime Minister.

The first openly Marxist Prime Minister

The first atheist Prime Minister

The first British Prime Minister unable to handle a cup of tea

Most noteworthy is the fact that Ed Miliband, at the behest of the trade unions barons, stabbed his brother David in the back to seize the leadership of the Labour Party from under his nose, therefore Ed could be touted as the first fratricidal Prime Minister.

Due to millions of undiscerning, low information voters, the odds are good that on May 8th, as useless and incompetent as he is, Ed Miliband will indeed be Great Britain's Prime Minister and may the Lord have mercy on us all.


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