Wednesday, April 15, 2015

He's Not An ISIS Killer He's Just A Very Naughty Boy

It was only eight months ago that British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was being praised to the heavens for his tough response to the beheading of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff by a British documented sub human known as Jihadi John.

Those of us who know Cameron's modus operandi warned at the time that this public performance was choreographed by his well oiled spin machine for PR purposes and that nothing would come of any action he proposed.

To remind ourselves of some of the tough measures Cameron promised:

A common sense and popular measure to strip British documented Muslims who are fighting jihad in foreign countries of their passports and citizenship to prevent their return.

Clamp down on preachers of hate.

Teach British values in schools etc.etc.

At time of writing, no jihadi has had the their passport removed or citizenship revoked as the return of Waheed Ahmed demonstrates; on the contrary they are returning from the killing fields with impunity.

Preachers of hate continue to shout their litany of hate and death unhindered, however, new rules put in place by Cameron's government will treat criticism of Muslims as a hate crime +1.

True to their Marxist principles, teachers' union leaders have instructed their members to ignore the rules on promoting British values in schools on the grounds that they may be misinterpreted by a 'future right wing government'.

The case of Waheed Ahmed raises several important issues that will be studiously ignored by Cameron and the political class as they seek to protect their Muslim clients along with their 'multi-cultural' agenda.

As is the case with every other British documented Muslim who has joined ISIS to become a jihadi bride or to commit murder and mayhem, it is being claimed that nobody, including his politician father, Shakil Ahmed, had the slightest inkling that Waheed Ahmed was an ISIS supporting radical.

The British people are being led to believe that he was always a good kid who was popular at school and enjoyed the same things that every other British kid enjoyed.

According to Ahmed's father he was a 'good Muslim' who was attending Manchester University with a bright future in front of him. Obviously not a bright enough to compare with a future of beheading, rape and gratuitous violence on behalf of Allah.

David Cameron and the parents of the Dewsbury jihadis would have us believe that they were just "ordinary Yorkshire lads" who were self radicalised or led astray. They fail to mention that the Savile Town area of Dewsbury from whence they came is 98.7% Asian and has been described as the most segregated area of Britain.

The Deobandi school of Islam, which opposes western culture, dominates this particular ghetto.

One of the Dewsbury jihadis is the grandson of so called 'Islamic scholar' Yakub Munshi who created Dewsbury's sharia court.

Incidentally, in my experience "ordinary Yorkshire lads" enjoy their cricket, their football and their beer; they are also not immune to a bacon sandwich or a traditional roast pork Sunday dinner.

The press and the politicians churn out this butter-wouldn't-melt nonsense every time a jihadi fighter goes on line to proclaim his or her love of Islam or their intention to kill for their Caliphate. They are content to blame the Internet for radicalisation as opposed to the thousands of mosques, madarassas and preachers of hate; not to mention the brainwashing from birth by parents and grandparents such as Grampa Munshi.

It must also be noted that if nobody, including close family and friends, had an inkling that these people were radical Muslims who support a medieval death cult such as ISIS, how many other members of the 2.7 million British documented Muslim community hold similar views?

A fifth column comprising hundreds of thousands of radical Muslims is not beyond the realms of possibility.

The British people are aghast that Cameron and his administration are not only preventing jihadi's from leaving but are bringing them back into the country when they are apprehended en route.

His commitment to the imposition of a so called 'multi-cultural society', as demanded by the international 'progressive' elite based at the UN/EU, prevents Cameron from taking effective action in the fight against radical Islam in Great Britain.

His master plan for young jihadis is confined to de-radicalisation. If the human rights judiciary approve, this will consist of cultural awareness training, internal exile and a requirement to report to the police periodically.

This inadequate program is akin to saying that Waheed Ahmed is not a prospective killer he's just a very naughty boy. A good finger wagging and a sit on the naughty step and he'll be free to pick up where he left off.

In reality, the thousands of segregated Muslim ghettos such as Savile Town, Dewsbury where children are radicalised from birth, will continue to flourish and grow without let or hindrance from David Cameron or the political elite. Mosque and madrassa building will continue apace and preachers of hate will continue to spout their filth unhindered.

The British people face a clear and present danger from home grown radicalised Muslims and the government is most definitely not on their side.


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