Monday, April 27, 2015

Suburban Nazis Rife According To Establishment Propaganda

Long before the current election campaign in Great Britain moved into top gear, the word 'racist' was being thrown at anyone who questioned the open border mass immigration policy of the old establishment parties. It is a calculated tactic and its ad hominem nature is used not only to close down legitimate debate but also as a smear designed to intimidate and defame.

To the consternation of the establishment party zealots, its over use is having the opposite effect of that intended, resulting in increased support for the victims of this malicious smear.

Even traditional supporters of the old establishment Labour, Conservative and the ridiculously named Liberal Democrat parties, who prefer a common sense, managed system of immigration, as opposed to the current chaos of open border mass immigration, are being smeared as 'racist' and switching support to the United Kingdom Independence Party, universally referred to as Ukip, as a result.

For obvious reasons the leaders and spin machines of these parties are unable to disrupt the Ukip campaign directly therefore they hire foot soldiers operating under various titles such 'Unite Against Fascism', Hope Not Hate', Stand Up To Ukip etc. to do their dirty work.

This includes disrupting meetings, vandalising Ukip offices, defacing Ukip advertising hoardings and threatening violence against candidates and their families. With the demise of the word 'racist" as a generic smear, these foot soldiers have substituted the words "Nazi' and 'fascist' to defame their   opponents.

Labelling honest, decent political campaigners as 'Nazi scum' is as high a level of debate that these                   demonstrators can manage and vandalising offices with the same smear is about as civilised as they can get.

These great unwashed warriors of the left obviously didn't do history at school and their understanding of political philosophy is non existant. It's lost on them that shutting down debate and intimidating opponents was a Nazi tactic used to the full by Hitler and the rest of his murderous gang.

Defacing literature and vandalising opposing political offices is more akin to nazi book burning and Chrystal Nacht than reasoned political debate. It's lost on these people that using intolerance to fight against supposed intolerance is contradictory in the extreme.

They now throw around the word 'Nazi' like they used to throw around the word 'racist'. One would think that the volunteers distributing Ukip campaign literature on the doorstep were under cover SS agents surrupticiously organising a beer hall putsch instead of promoting their candidate in a democratic election.

Nuremburg style rallies can't be far off in the future where Mr. and Mrs. Bloggs from the suburbs can finally come out of the closet and show off their goose stepping prowess in front of a huge baying crowd at a torchlight parade.

Using the words 'Nazi scum' and 'fascist' to describe ordinary decent, British citizens just because they are of a different political persuasion is ridiculous and more so since the policies they advocate are benign, sensible and increasingly popular among ordinary British citizens.

This form of extreme political campaigning is an embarrassment to the nation and it tarnishes Great Britain's image as a home of democracy and tolerance.

One can assume that the refusal of the the three legacy party leaders, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband to condemn, let alone call a halt to these tactics, is sign that they approve; after all they have everything to lose should Ukip make the breakthrough that they promise.

It has been noted by us non-aligned commentators that the old political establishment, including the bought-and-paid-for media and the BBC, are going to extraordinary lengths to discredit and disrupt a political party that they claim is only polling from ten to fifteen percent at most. Why would they do this if they are not afraid of losing their century long grip on power?

One can almost smell the fear.

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