Friday, June 10, 2016

A German Leader Has Destroyed Europe For The Third Time

The assertion that politicians never learn any lessons from past experience or historical precedent is particularly appropriate when studying the rise and imminent fall of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

For third time in a century Europe has been destroyed by an all powerful German leader with designs on a Jew free, German dominated continent from the Atlantic in the west to the Ural mountains in the east.

Both Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolf Hitler tapped into the German propensity for conquest and in the case of Hitler and Merkel, the German people elected leaders who possessed a ruthless desire to control other countries by 'fair' means or foul.

Armed with this knowledge, the malign designs of Merkel should have been spotted by political observers and the so-called expert historians when she first became prominent on the German political scene and began her inexorable rise to power. The current crisis engulfing the nation states of Europe could have been avoided if they were as good as they claim to be.

Real students of history, as opposed to agenda driven advocates, will note that this failure has parallels with the political establishment of the day ignoring Winston Churchill's warnings about the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich and their re-armament of Germany.

Then, as now, spineless politicians chose appeasement and allowed Hitler to occupy independent countries with disastrous consequences for the whole of Europe and the world.

Admittedly this current catastrophe has not involved a global conflagration as yet but the repercussions of Angela Merkel's disastrous control over the European Union politburo has yet to crystallize into a concerted campaign of violent resistance by the disenfranchised people of the nation states.

Merkel's decision to open Europe's borders to anyone and everyone, except those from the USA and the rest of the developed world, was a deliberate action to destroy the traditional Judeo-Christian cultures of the nation states and their centuries old way of life.

Why the leaders of the nation states tolerate this woman's megalomania and her destruction of their countries remains a mystery. Even the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, shows grovelling deference to her despite his country being the victor over Germany only 70 years ago.

As a consequence of Merkel's unilateral actions, and despite heavy censorship by the government-media complex who are attempting to hide reality, violent protests are breaking out all across Europe not only by opponents of mass immigration and the Islamification of their cultures but by the immigrants themselves because they are not getting their every demand met.

Mosques and asylum centres are being set ablaze by demonstrators with some asylum facilities being burned to the ground by immigrants demanding better conditions and more money. An asylum centre in Dusseldorf, Germany was burned down by Muslims who were angry because they didn't get a wake-up call in time for their Ramadan breakfast. (See here)

Tens of thousands of people are demonstrating against the massive influx of these economic migrants and testosterone fueled Muslim colonists. Riots and civil unrest is breaking out in all major European cities as previously dismantled border walls and fences are being re-built in the former Schengen free movement zone.

These border walls and razor wire fences are being built between member states that were formerly friends and in defiance of Merkel and the Schengen Treaty .

The rise of nationalist parties is gaining momentum across Europe including some unsavory groups in Germany and Austria that long for a return of the good old days of the Third Reich.

Greece, the cradle of democracy, is now so indebted to Germany it has been reduced to a dependency where the people have no democratic means take back control of their lives.

Similarly reduced to dependency are the formerly independent nation states of Europe including Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain, along with the islands of Cyprus and Malta, whose wrecked economies are in hock to the German controlled European Union politburo and it's Central Bank.

Censorship in Sweden is getting ever more strict as the disastrous situation brought about by open border mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism degenerates into violence.

Rape and violent attacks on women by backward, misogynistic Muslim men has reached such epidemic proportions Sweden now has the dubious honour of being the rape capital of Europe.

The only response to this assault on Swedish womanhood is to make it illegal to criticize the policy of mass immigration or Islam and it's adherents.

Far from uniting the nation states of Europe, the obsession by Angela Merkel and the sycophantic cowards that surround her to dominate a single superstate and create a European citizen is dividing Europe and pushing it over the abyss into poverty, misery and conflict.

The Daily Mail has summed up the situation in a shocking article entitled The German Iron Fist Is Smashing Europe Apart: Merkel's brutal treatment of Greece means a peaceful and prosperous EU is a Pipe Dream - which can be read here


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