Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Greece Is The Fate Of All Europe Unless The EU Is Defeated

Despite heavy censorship by the corrupt government-media axis of anything that shows the disastrous reality of the European Union, some determined reporters and bloggers are fighting back by bringing the truth into the public domain. This in turn exposes the lies and deceit that the EU Politburo perpetrate in order to keep alive their failing project to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single post-democratic superstate.

It has also laid bare the lie that the European Union is responsible for maintaining peace and stability across the continent allowing the peoples of Europe to enjoy unparalleled prosperity and happiness.

Any failed state in the third world that has been willfully reduced to abject poverty, misery and utter destitution by an authoritarian regime would be generating headlines across the world. It may even force the deadbeats at the UN to suspend their full time anti-semitic campaign against Israel and pass a resolution condemning the EU and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the willful destruction of Greece and the impoverishment of the Greek people. (See here)

Aging rock stars such as St Bob Geldof, who are desperate to keep their names in the public eye, regularly call for the cancellation of third world debt and that racked up by impoverished African dictatorships but they remain silent on cancelling the debt racked up by impoverished Greece.

From the Atlantic Ocean in the West to the Carpathian mountains in the East instability, bankruptcy, poverty, riots, murder and mass rape by so-called middle eastern refugees is rampant but studiously ignored by the EU Politburo and the government-media axis. No country is untouched by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel's dominance of the EU and no citizen is safe from the harm they cause.

Like all authoritarian regimes, this harm will not affect the ruling elite or their sponsors, backscratchers and sycophants. They insulate themselves from their own actions and never have to suffer the consequences of the disaster they impose on others. All twenty-eight countries that make up the EU, including Merkel's Germany, are subject to this economic, social and cultural disaster but none more so than Greece.

Considered to be the birthplace of democracy with an advanced civilization dating back three milenia, Greece has been reduced to an impoverished puppet state governed by the unelected Troika. This ruling junta consists of bureaucrats from the European Commission, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the evermore corrupt International Monetary Fund (IMF).

It must be noted that the European Commission and the ECB are totally dominated by Angela Merkel while the CEO of the IMF is Christine Legarde, a Europhile who is currently on trial for corruption involving hundreds of millions of Euros but remains in this influential position.

Also under the jackboot of the Troika are Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Cyprus who, like Greece, are bankrupt and mired in unsustainable debt.

The entire Eurozone is on the brink of collapse with eight countries above the average level of national debt which stands at 91.6%.

Greece is at 171%, Italy 134.6%, Portugal 130.5%, Cyprus 109.6%, Belgium 108.7%, Ireland 99.4%, Spain 99.3%, and mighty France at 97%.

The far-left President of France, Francois Hollande, has declared a 'state of economic emergency' which is a spin doctors version of bankrupt without actually uttering the dreaded 'b' word.

The Eurozone has run out of other peoples money and by any measure it has failed miserably. Despite denials and deceit, the Euro was created as part of the project to replace the independent nation states with a single superstate with a single currency, it's own flag, national anthem, courts, military and all the other trappings of a nation state.

The Euro has been an unmitigated disaster for the majority of countries who were conned into joining. It is responsible for the bankruptcy, poverty, misery, social breakdown and violent civil unrest currently blighting the continent.

To make matters infinitely worse, the deliberately engineered 'refugee crisis' has added to the misery of the Greek people and put their very existence as a distinct and viable culture into question. Although Greece is on the frontline of this economic migrant tsunami, under free movement rules all of Europe is in the process of being deluged.

At time of writing Greece is negotiating yet another bailout to cover debt interest and repayment which as any first year economic student knows will add to the problem as opposed to solving it.

Led by Angela Merkel, the Troika are refusing to cut Greece any slack and insisting that more and deeper austerity measures are imposed on the Greek people. They are not insisting that Greece stops spending money on armaments because they are being supplied mainly by Germany, Great Britain and France and they want to protect their own domestic armament industries.

Greece is on fire, violent demonstrations are a daily occurrence because democracy has been suspended and as a consequence the people have no input into how they are governed, they have no recourse to any peaceful process to vent their anger.

Angela Merkel and the unelected bureaucrats that make up the EU ruling Politburo are totally dedicated to their project to create a United States of Europe, this is non-negotiable and absolute. The suffering of the Greek people and their extinction as a culture is of no consequence.

The only possible way out for Greece and it's people has already has mooted. This is known as DDD, it will necessitate short term pain for long term gain. Depart, Default and Devalue.This would require Greece to depart the Euro and return to the Drachma, default on its debt and devalue to increase it's competitiveness in world markets.

If Greece adopted DDD it would result in other impoverished and disenfranchised countries following suit heralding a collapse of the hated Euro and putting the entire superstate project in jeopardy. This is not acceptable to Merkel and the ruling Politburo who will do everything possible to prevent it happening.

Keeping their dream of a United States of Europe alive is the reason for the nefarious and malevolent behavior of Merkel and the Politburo's abysmal treatment and contempt for the Greek people.

As unsustainable debt and economic stagnation continues to bankrupt the the entire EU and condemn millions of people to poverty and misery, the mass immigration of third world economic migrants and welfare colonists is proving to be the catalyst that will start the pan European revolution.

All the evidence shows that the what is happening in Greece today will spread to the rest of Europe tomorrow if the EU fanatics are not toppled and their United States of Europe project forcibly abandoned.

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