Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pro-Mexico Judge v Trump - Enemies Of A Free America Join The Attack

When Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, questioned the decisions and impartiality of Judge Gonzalo Curiel in the lawsuit against the Trump University, his enemies both outside and inside the Republican party spotted a potential opportunity to mount yet another campaign to end his candidacy.

When Trump mentioned the Judge's ethnicity they pounced with all guns blazing using their co-conspirators in the bought-and-paid-for media to turn a minor observation into a major overblown scandal that continues to occupy the news cycle.

To the independent observer it was plainly obvious that this was a coordinated campaign to smear Trump as a racist and a bigot with a view to wrecking his campaign thus damaging his prospects in the general election. In the calculating minds of the establishment this would justify his replacement with their own candidate at a contested convention.

To say that Donald Trump has enemies in the American ruling establishment would be an understatement. More importantly he has bigger enemies in the UN-based global political establishment on behalf of whom the domestic establishment and their media operate.

The UN-based political establishment has an agenda which the domestic political establishment is in place to impose. This includes open borders, amnesty for illegals, free movement of people, global government, redistribution of global wealth etc.etc.

Donald Trump's campaign to 'make America great again' is the antithesis of what the the global elite are trying to achieve. Candidate Obama's promise to fundamentally transform America was designed to do the exact opposite of making America great by downgrading the country and ultimately removing from power the Judeo-Christian people who were instrumental in making America great in the first place.

If, as President Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton claim, that America is already great, why did it need to be fundamentally transformed?

These elites are dedicated to the point of fanaticism to their global agenda and that, combined with the fact that they wield immense power, means they can and will interfere and influence the outcomes of elections in their favour.

The operatives and vested interests who joined the anti-Trump crusade after he questioned Judge Ganzalo Curiel's impartiality was a who's who of the political establishment and their compliant agenda driven career politicians. These corruptocrats were aided and abetted by their bought-and-paid-for cronies in the propagandist media.

It was also a sad and depressing example of all that is wrong with American politics.

This ignoble list includes the Speaker of The House of Representatives and failed presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, a globalist and supporter of open borders along with amnesty for illegal immigrants.
(Read one opinion on Ryan here)

The leader of the US Senate and career politician, Mitch McConnell, is another globalist who was instrumental in surrendering the power of the Senate to oversee international treaties.  He did this by giving President Obama sole authority to negotiate the the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

(Despite being referred to as a 'Partnership' this is a treaty and it will have disastrous consequences not only for American workers but for American democracy, but that's the topic for another day)

McConnell has also ignominiously agreed that these negotiations should be conducted by President Obama in strict secrecy away from the American people. So much for the commitment to transparency.

Then there is the inappropriately titled 'Fair and Balanced' Fox News. Apart from the open hostility to Trump by many of its presenters and contributors, they are using every opportunity to keep this non-issue in the news cycle for as long as possible in order to inflict maximum damage to Trump and his campaign.

It must be noted that the owner of Fox News is the American documented Australian media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, an advocate for open borders and amnesty for illegals and a dedicated globalist.

Murdoch is a notorious meddler in the domestic political affairs of western countries. On behalf of the globalists, he uses his power, money and media control to interfere in elections in order to influence the results in favour of his global agenda.

Apart from the entire Democratic Party and it's election machine, so-called Republicans working to prevent Trump's nomination include Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol, Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain to name but a few.

It is worth ending this article with some facts concerning the issue that give an insight into Donald Trump's mindset and why many other commentators consider this to be a phony scandal manufactured to damage Trump beyond repair and prevent his occupation of the White House.

Donald Trump has been on the receiving end of bias judgments from Judge Curiel during the Trump University court case.

One of the centerpieces of the Trump campaign is to secure the border by building a wall between Mexico and the United States to prevent illegal immigration. This immigration disaster has seen American citizens murdered, raped and subjected to extreme violence by criminals who cross the border with impunity.

This has not endeared him to Mexicans and other Hispanic/Latino communities who still identify with Mexico or the countries they left behind as opposed to adopting American values and integrating into mainstream American life.

Like judges around the world, this Obama appointed Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a political activist who uses his position to pursue a 'progressive' political agenda on behalf of the establishment and the global elite. His membership of ethnically exclusive Hispanic groups are testament to where his loyalties lie. Many of these same groups are involved in the organization of violent protests at Donald Trump's popular rallies.

Trump haters point to the fact that the Judge Curiel was born in Indiana therefore he is as American as apple pie but this not necessarily so. A poll in Dearborn, Michigan revealed that a majority of American born children of Somali immigrants consider themselves to be Somalian and would prefer to live under sharia law as opposed to the American Constitution.

An infamous and widely reported case, Rachel Dolezal, was born to white parents but considers herself to be a black African-American and lives her life accordingly.

With self-identity being the order of the day in the fundamentally transformed America, Bruce Jenner was born as a man and despite still bearing the relevant male equipment he self-identifies as a woman.

With this in mind it would not be surprising to learn that consistent with the Dearborn Somali's, Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner, Judge Curiel, regardless of his birthplace considers himself a Mexican and therefore feels obliged to support the anti-Trump animosities held by the Mexican/ Hispanic communities.

Faced with Judge Curiel's Mexican heritage, his membership of ethnically exclusive Hispanic activists groups and his previous bias judgments in the Trump University case, one can understand why Trump questioned the judge's impartiality on the grounds of his ethnicity.

This innocuous observation by Donald Trump does not warrant the ongoing negative media storm that is being deliberately kept alive in order to damage Trump and his campaign beyond repair and get an establishment lackey into the White House by the back door.


Democrats invoke race and ethnicity on judicial issues. See here


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