Friday, June 3, 2016

Killers And Criminals Welcome - Not So Americans, Canadians or Aussies

A recent news story concerning hard working families from the civilized world getting deported while tens of thousands of terrorists, murderers, rapists and an assortment of other violent criminals are welcomed with open arms, illustrates perfectly that the erasure of civilization in Great Britain is the cold calculated policy of a government who are determined to fundamentally transform the country on behalf of the UN/EU global elite.

American couple Jim and Vaughn Cavanagh along with their two young daughters have been given notice to leave the country despite supporting local jobs by investing $150K in their small business. They pay for private health insurance, private dentistry and private education for their daughters so they are not a drain on scarce public services. Their crime was 'not meeting the criteria' to remain.

Canadian couple Jason and Christy Zeilsdorf along with their five children, the youngest of which was born in Scotland, have been given notice to leave despite investing some $300K in their small business. Their crime was failing to employ two full time workers for twelve months as their business could only afford one.

In the same article Australian couple Gregg and Kathryn Brain along with their young son Lachlan have been given notice to leave despite the fact that they re-located halfway across the planet via a Home Office immigration program. Their crime was that the Home Office changed the criteria after they had sold up their home and possessions and re-located.

Lower down the page in the same article the shocking truth is revealed about the attitude and the different government criteria they apply to civilized and uncivilized immigrants. If this isn't deliberate de-civilizing, also known as ethnic cleansing, I don't know what is.

While these three law abiding, hard working families are being kicked out a convicted Iraqi child abuser Howri Hamad Garib is being allowed to stay because his crimes are not deemed serious enough by the Home Office to warrant deportation.

If this isn't enough, convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist, Baghdad Meziani, was allowed to remain in Great Britain upon his release from prison after serving only five years of an eleven year sentence despite being recommended for deportation back to Algeria by the judge.

Double murderer, Saliman Barci, an illegal immigrant from Albania, has been allowed to use taxpayer funded legal aid to fight his extradition back to his homeland and a twenty-five year prison sentence.

Despite supposed strict vetting procedures, Barci and his wife posed as Kosovan refugees to falsely claim asylum and eventual British citizenship, a fact that the American people should take note of with respect to their President's promises to vet Syrian so-called refugees.
(Read the whole sorry story here)

If the American, Canadian and Australian families mentioned above must be deported because they fail to meet the Home Office criteria, Nigerian illegal immigrant Linda Okungowa obviously does.

She is being allowed to remain in the country regardless of the fact she was spared a prison sentence for defrauding the hard working British taxpayers of $75,000 in falsely claimed welfare benefits. Amazingly, the fraudster had already served an eight month sentence for stealing $105,000 in benefits five years earlier.  That's a grand total of $180,000 stolen from the taxpayer. It is worth noting that ordinary British citizens can be prosecuted and imprisoned for watching a television without having previously purchased $217 tv licence.
(Read the story here)

Finally, and most disgustingly, eighty Albanian killers who were allowed to settle in Great Britain and given citizenship also met the Home Office criteria that for some reason unknown to common sense, or the world outside the agenda driven political class, the hard working, law abiding American, Canadian and Australian families mentioned above did not.
(Read that shocking story here)

Why then are the British and European governments applying different standards to immigrants favouring uncivilized, murdering criminal scum from the world's basket case countries as opposed to civilized, hard working western families?

As the unmitigated immigration disaster in Europe unfolds it should be obvious even to the most casual observer that this is no unintended consequence of uncontrollable events. The whole disastrous situation we see today is the conclusion of the generational project to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single federal superstate.

An essential part of the artificially created United States of Europe is a new European citizen loyal to the superstate as opposed to the independent nation states whose cultures and ways of life have evolved over two or more millenia.

To achieve this the individual cultures must be destroyed and replaced by people, who by their own admission, despise the host countries and who have made it abundantly clear they will not integrate.

They have also made it abundantly clear that they will continue living by their own culture and demand that the the host nation adapt to their way of life and accept their cultural practises no matter how incompatible they may be or how vile and barbaric they are.

The ruling EU politburo and the collaborating political class in the nation states have embarked on a two pronged approach to achieve this cultural and demographic replacement and it is the consequences of this we are witnessing today.

They have opened the borders to mass immigration from the undeveloped and uncivilized world and extol the virtues of multi-culturalism while crushing any hint of opposition or dissent by using rigidly policed political correctness and one-way hate crimes against the indigenous population.

Under new censorship laws being prepared any contrary opinion or dissenting voices will be classed as 'hate speech' and banned, leaving the dissenter open to prosecution

They promote foreign cultures along with their festivals and holidays while demonizing the Judeo-Christian heritage of the European nation states, banning their festivals and symbols as racist and offensive.

This negative attitude by the EU collaborators to western civilization has developed into an animosity toward anyone from a civilized Judeo-Christian country who still embrace the traditional values of hard work and self sufficiency so consequently they are not welcome in the new Great Britain.

Americans, Canadians and Australians are just some of the people who are now persona non grata in Great Britain while terrorists, murderers, rapists, violent career criminals and any other low life scum from all corners of the undeveloped world are welcomed and showered with taxpayer funded welfare benefits.

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