Saturday, June 18, 2016

Orlando Jihad - It's Nothing To Do with Islam Pt II - It's Homophobia

It's not just in the United States that the socialist/communist/liberal community cynically used the Orlando massacre to advance their own agenda.

Across the Atlantic in Great Britain a similar left-wing callousness exists in the form of media diva Owen Jones, who for some unknown reason gets plenty of air time to enlighten us about the blessings of socialism and to advance his personal LGBT agenda.

His petulant outburst on a Sky TV discussion about the Orlando massacre ended with him storming off the set simply because the other participants didn't acknowledge that the Islamic jihadi massacre in Orlando was motivated by so-called homophobia. (See here)

For those unfamiliar with Owen Jones, he is an archetypal socialist who's indoctrination from birth has driven out any cranial facility he may have had to understand that there are legitimate opinions that are contrary to his own. The fact that Jones maintains an unshakable belief in his socialist ideology even when presented with irrefutable facts and evidence of its failure proves beyond doubt his mental and emotional incapacity.

Like all members of the socialist/communist/liberal community Jones's indoctrination means that he holds deeply held principles solely because that's what's been drummed into his head as the absolute truth.

Anyone who has had the unenviable misfortune of debating with a lefty will know that it's a pointless exercise that they can never win. Socialists like Jones cannot accept anything outside of their rigid mindset; they believe that their beliefs and principles are morally superior to everyone else's which the rest of the world will eventually adopt by mysterious process of historical inevitability.

When their ideology is exposed as the cause of poverty, misery and bloodshed across the planet using facts and irrefutable examples, they resort to labeling, smears and storming out of the studio in order to deflect the truth and close down the debate.

Like all other indoctrinated socialists, Jones accepts the tenets of his religion without question, even if it contradicts reality or basic logic. The tenet that applies in this case is that any criticism of homosexuals, the LGBT community or their aggressive agenda to continue portraying themselves as victims of bigotry must be dismissed as homophobia.

When radical Muslims attacked and killed eighty-nine innocent people attending a rock concert at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, it was universally accepted, including by Owen Jones, that they did it in the name of Allah, as commanded by their prophet Mohammad and as written in their holy book the Koran, as part of their jihad against civilization.

Likewise the massacres in San Bernadino, Chattanooga, Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon and New York on 9/11, to name but a few.

When a radical Muslim murders forty-nine innocent party goers at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, we must all accept that the prime motivation was not Islamic jihad but homophobia or else Owen Jones will have a hissy fit and storm out of a discussion.  

Watching the behavior of militant homosexuals and listening to their continuing whining, it's obvious that the biggest thing in their lives is not their achievements but the fact that they are homosexual and consequently perpetual victims of a homophobic society.

If the truth be known, the majority of people couldn't care less about who Owen Jones, or any other homosexual goes to bed with, but their constant aggressive demands that the their sexual proclivities be given a high profile and exposed to pre-pubescent children puts people off and does their cause no good whatsoever.

In conclusion it must be noted that like all brainwashed socialists, Jones accepts the tenets of his religion without question or understanding of what the repercussions of his fanaticism could be.

He uses his high profile to campaign with Muslims against perceived Islamophobia obviously ignorant of the fact that the vast majority of Muslims in the world would throw him off a tall building and stone his body to pulp if it shows any signs of life after the fall.

Jones is also ignorant of the fact that if he travels to Tehran to show solidarity with his fellow homosexuals he would be strung up by a crane in the city centre. He would be met with a similar fate in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya, Syria and all the other hell holes on the planet the citizens of which Jones would allow unvetted into western countries to continue their jihad.
Update: This was written prior to the murder of  British Member of Parliament by a man with a history of mental illness. Indications are that this tragedy is already being used by the socialist/communist/liberal community for political purposes to further their agenda. If this turns out to be true then politicians and the media have reached a new low and the future of political discourse will turn in an ugly direction.


  1. Set up a meeting for Jones with Milo Yiannopoulos. That would be entertaining.

  2. It would be even more entertaining with Anjem 'Andy' Choudary as moderator.