Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brexit - Remain Campaign Uses Murdered MP As Ballot Fodder

Just when we think that politicians, aided and abetted by their bought-and-paid for media whores, can't sink any lower they go and prove us all wrong. The Remain campaign in the run-in to the up and coming British EU referendum have shamelessly politicized the murder of Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, and reduced her life to nothing more than a campaign leaflet or a bumper sticker.

The cold, calculated playing on the emotions of a shocked nation to gain political advantage is beyond cynical; it displays the win-at-all costs fanaticism of the modern day career politician. To put it mildly it's the 'never let a serious crisis go to waste' attitude on steroids. (See here)

The unfortunate lady's body was still warm when the Remain side campaign director, Will Straw, spotted an opportunity to gain electoral advantage then proceeded to politicize her death for use against the Vote Leave campaign. Bearing in mind the lady was the mother of two young children, using her death as ballot fodder is especially callous and heartless. (See here)

More concerning is the fact that no dirty trick or tactic, even murder, is off limits when there is cause to champion, an ideology to impose or an election to win.

Will Straw is known as one of the Red Princes of British politics; these are the spawn of prominent Labour Party Members of Parliament who follow their parents footsteps into far-left politics, keeping the family tradition alive and kicking.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has disgraced his noble office and reduced himself to a low grade propagandist by joining the odious Straw in the fetid swamp of modern day political campaigning.

With no intention to disrespect the murdered victim, Jo Cox was an obscure backbench Labour MP with little or no notable achievements other than being a passionate campaigner for her 'progressive' agenda.

It is only right and proper that fellow Members of Parliament lament her passing but the high profile, mawkish display by Members from across the political spectrum became an unedifying spectacle designed to increase emotions before linking her death to the Brexit campaign.

Incidentally, it's worth mentioning at this point that the murder by immigrants of ordinary, law abiding British citizens going about their daily business never attracts the same level of attention from these same MP's. On the contrary, under the new communications policy being implemented with vigor across the EU, these crimes are being censored.

Anyone having the temerity to publicise these murders, and other heinous crimes such as rape and violent assault, are smeared as racist and accused of indulging in so-called 'hate speech'. In the near future this will render them liable to prosecution under malignant 'hate crime' laws.

Murders such as that committed by Marusz Florowski, a fugitive Polish gangster who used a blowtorch to murder his victim. Or the brutal murder of an elderly couple by the evil Ireneusz Bartnowski, another violent Polish immigrant.

If the Jo Cox murder could solicit such an emotional response from her fellow MP's then the murder of fourteen year old Alice Gross deserved similar attention. Her young life was brutally taken away by Arnis Zalkalns, a convicted murderer from Latvia who had already murdered his wife before being given refuge in Great Britain. (See here, here and here)

These murders are being censored and those that publicize them are being smeared, harassed and threatened because they are a direct result of EU membership and a blight on the Remain campaign.

There are other dangerous repercussions of using murder to influence the polls that does not bode well for future election campaigning or for democracy itself.

If it is correct that the murder of Jo Cox has had the effect of reversing the polls whereby the Remain side has overtaken Brexit and could win them the election, then who's to say that some unfortunate innocent won't get bumped off in future if an election is at stake. After all the ends justify the means in modern win-at-all-costs elections.  

In conclusion; across the Atlantic Fox Business News' Stuart Varney, host of the popular 'Varney and Co' has been continuously referring to the murder of Jo Cox as a 'political assassination' throughout his Friday three hour long morning show, drawing the conclusion that this has boosted the Remain campaign and could win them the election. As a consequence this reversed the decline in the markets with an increase of a 100 points or more.

Varney ignored the fact that this murder was carried out by a man with a long history of mental illness and persisted with using the incendiary term 'political assassination'. That not only subliminally linked it with the Brexit campaign but also raised the spectre that a strategic murder can have intended consequences for the financial markets where billions of dollars are at stake.

The Remain campaign are callously playing on the emotions of a stunned electorate by blaming the Brexit campaign for the murder of Jo Cox then urging them to surrender their centuries old democracy to unelected foreign bureaucrats because that what she would have done.

Shameless, utterly shameless.


  1. Re. Will Straw, the apple did'nt fall far from the tree.

    1. Neither did it in the case of Stephen Kinnock, Euan Blair etc.