Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fox News Shameful Bias Over Brexit - Promoting Project Fear

Every organization these days uses a slogan in order to portray a positive image of itself for reasons of self promotion. Sometimes that slogan belies the reality, being used only to attract low information viewers in order to increase ratings and subsequently advertising revenue.

If ever a slogan belies reality it's 'Fair and Balanced' used by Fox News. The obvious bias of Megan Kelly against presumptive Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, is a case in point.

The meltdown of 'The Five' presenter, Dana Perino, live on air when Trump overtook her beloved Jeb Bush in the primary election ratings was a wonder to behold not to mention the visceral hatred of Trump by 'Special Report with Bret Baier' contributors Steve Hayes, George Wills and Charles Krauthammer.

One instance that sticks in the mind is Baier's panel of experts listed above spending the entire final segment smearing Trump unopposed by anyone from the other side then ending with his risible slogan, "fair, balanced and unafraid". Who is he trying to con?

The most appalling case of sheer, unadulterated and sickening bias that finally laid d to rest the 'Fair and Balanced' nonsense was the last episode of 'Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. This concerned the up and coming referendum on Great Britain's membership of the European Union.

The campaign to Remain is using what is known as Project Fear, which threatens doom and disaster for Great Britain, Europe and the world should the British people choose sovereignty, freedom and democracy over becoming a region of an artificially created superstate run by unelected bureaucrats instead of elected politicians.

Bias doesn't adequately describe Maria Bartiromo inviting British unelected politician, Lord Taylor of Warwick, onto her program and giving him free reign to expiate Project Fear without anyone from the Leave camp to expose the appalling lies and deceit.

Lord Taylor shamelessly used the whole repertory of lies designed by Project Fear in an attempt to convince Fox News viewers of the need for the British people to give up their sovereignty in order to prevent a global recession of such proportions it will destroy civilization as we know it.

Highlights of his nonsense included the falsehood that Americans will leave and withdraw their investments, American banks will go elsewhere; where to he didn't say.  Destitute Greece or bankrupt France, or maybe poverty stricken Romania or Bulgaria?

Every family will lose $6500 dollars as the economy shrinks, pensions will be slashed, the beloved NHS will be destroyed, government services will be non existent blah, blah, blah.

The noble Lord obviously doesn't follow the news from the lofty confines of his ivory tower. The biggest issue in this referendum is mass immigration, especially from the undeveloped world.

Only the deliberately blind or those wanting to impose an agenda refuse to recognize that open border mass immigration has been an unmitigated disaster across Europe. It has destroyed communities and cultures across the continent and unleashed an unprecedented crime wave which includes, murder, rape, robbery and a plethora of other violent crimes that has blighted the lives of millions.

He uses the 'nation of immigrants' soundbite given to him by the Remain side propagandists to justify open border mass immigration. According to Lord Taylor and Project fear, the NHS and the nation at large cannot exist without open border mass immigration.

Since former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, opened the borders as recently as 1999 one has to wonder how on earth Great Britain survived for centuries prior to that date.

The facts are that the EU, especially the Eurozone, is a complete and utter disaster for the vast majority of the peoples of Europe, it is threat to democracy and the age old covenant of government with the consent of the governed. It is a dictatorship of technocrats and unelected bureaucrats who cannot be removed by popular vote.

Most sickening was the insinuation by Lord Taylor that the recent murder of MP Jo Cox by a man with a history of mental illness had something to do with the Brexit campaign. Maria Bartiromo brought up the issue then allowed Lord Taylor to shamelessly link the tragedy with the Brexit campaign.

Ms. Bartiromo loses all credibility as a serious journalist and presenter when one considers the fact that she doesn't research the background of her guests before giving them a platform to lie and deceive unopposed.

As mentioned, Lord Taylor is appointed, as opposed to elected, to the Upper Chamber of the British legislature. He is also a criminal, a thief, a proven liar and an ex-jailbird. (See here)

In 2010 Taylor was charged with six offences of false accounting after stealing $17,000 from the taxpayer by claiming overnight subsistence when in fact he had stayed in his own home and for claiming travel expenses for journeys he had not made.

Taylor had listed his main residence as an address in Oxford, some fifty-six miles from London, while actually occupying an apartment close to the Westminster Parliament.

He compounded his criminal behaviour by falsely claiming travel expenses for non existent travel between the two locations.

In May 2011, the noble Lord Taylor was sentenced to twelve months in one of Her Majesty's houses of detention, better known as a prison, and released after serving three months under a home detention curfew scheme.

As a result of his criminal behaviour Lord Taylor, a barrister, judge and University Chancellor, was disbarred in May 2012 and suspended from the House of Lords for twelve months.

Since Lord Taylor's appointment to the House of Lords is for life he is now firmly back on the gravy train after serving his jail sentence and suspension, claiming expenses as if nothing had happened in interim.

In conclusion it must be noted that Fox News is owned by American documented Australian and media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, a committed globalist and advocate of open border immigration as part of a borderless one world government with universal free movement of people and labour.

If Maria Bartiromo thinks it's acceptable to be so blatantly biased and give an unelected, agenda driven criminal a platform to use the lies of Project Fear unopposed in order to curry favour with Murdoch then she truly is part of the propaganda machine that masquerades as serious journalism and she should be thoroughly ashamed.


  1. I've been a Fox fan for years it being the only mainline source for "some" conservative reporting. Such a noticeable turn to unfair and unbalanced news is terribly disappointing. I find myself watching One America News (OAN) mostly now. If you can't get it, demand it from your carrier.
    Either that or just leave the TV off these days. Depressing!

    1. I'm the same, Fox News was refreshing and different from other news providers but these primary elections has shown them up to be biased in favour of the establishment.

      They have become the American version of the BBC.

      Thanks for the tip, I will check out OAN.