Friday, March 1, 2013

The Lemmings Of Eastleigh - Electors Choose Euro Bondage Over Sovereignty

If proof were needed that propaganda coupled with a dumbed down electorate can produce the desired result then the Liberal Democrat victory in the Eastleigh byelection confirms it to be true.

The byelection was caused by the resignation of their sitting MP, Chris Huhne, on the grounds that he was a serial liar and convicted criminal. Huhne compounded his crimes by cheating on his wife and children when he unceremoniously dumped them and ran off with his man/girlfriend.

Apologists claim that Huhne's lying, cheating and criminal behavior was an isolated case, but history and recent events have proved to the contrary. This type of appalling behavior and subsequent cover ups is quite normal for the Liberal Democrats.

The latest revelations that their former Chief Executive and election strategist, the noble Lord Rennard, was a sexual predator should have caused the electorate of Eastleigh to think again, but the further revelation that the party hierarchy, including Nick Clegg, lied to the people in a sophisticated cover up should have ended the their challenge right there.

With this knowledge in the public domain one must wonder what the Lib Dem voters of Eastleigh were thinking.

To add insult to injury, it is universally acknowledged that Nick 'Calamity' Clegg and his senior lieutenants are serial liars who will say or do anything to get elected, the fact that some people continue to fall for their spin, time and again, makes one wonder about the ability of the Lib Dem voters to process information.

Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are fanatical, self loathing Euro Federalists. They believe that Great Britain should give up its sovereignty and be fully integrated into a United States of Europe.

Despite its abject and disastrous failure, the Liberal Democrats believe that Great Britain should abandon its currency and join the Euro. Clegg and his cronies are on record as saying that Britain will join at some stage and the sooner the better. That is fanaticism writ large.

This is the same Euro that has impoverished the Mediterranean countries together with Portugal and Ireland.

In addition to the insanity of the Euro, Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats believe passionately that Great Britain must retain the Human Rights Act and must remain subject to European Court of Human Rights.

This has visited disaster on the British people by allowing foreign criminals, including terrorists, murderers, rapists, violent sex offenders and paedophiles, to remain in the country financed by the taxpayer.

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems also believe in the open border mass immigration policy. This policy is responsible for decivilising the country and has brought nothing but misery to the British people.

By choosing a Liberal Democrat, it is incumbent upon the people of Eastleigh to put out the welcome signs for the tens of thousands of economic migrants and criminals who's arrival from Romania and Bulgaria will begin in January 2014.

When Eastleigh is transformed into the same type of multi-cultural, crime ridden ghetto that infests so many other areas of the country, the Lib Dem voters shouldn't waste their time complaining, no one will be listening. This is what you voted for, you have brought it on yourselves.

On the very day that the unelected European Head of State, the Belgian totalitarian Herman von Rumpuy insulted and threatened the British people, the voters of Eastleigh paid homage to him by returning a European federalists to Westminster as their MP.

In a speech he delivered in the capital city of the country he despises so much, von Rumpoy referred to Great Britain as that "grumbling island" and then went on to threaten "that they will pay a high price if they vote to leave the European Union".

Bring it on Herman, the only people who will be worried by your threats are the traitors and Quislings like Clegg, Huhne and the Kinnocks, who stand to lose their taxpayer funded Euro Pensions when the British people finally regain their freedom.

All is not doom and gloom and there is room for optimism. There a lot of well informed sensible people in Eastleigh who are obviously capable of rational thought.

The rejection of the two alternative 'progressive' candidates was particularly pleasing. The voters saw through the detoxified, trendy New Conservative Party and David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron must consider his position. He is an electoral liability and needs to be replaced by a conservative forthwith.

Red Ed Miliband's Labour Party and their comrades in the Trade Unionists and Socialist Alliance were humiliated. Combined they could only muster a paltry 9.8% of the vote. The dustbin of history awaits the socialists and their 19th century failed philosophy.

The performance of UKIP was a wonder to behold and should warm the cockles of every dissenting heart from Muckle Flugga to Lands End.

Hopefully, the right thinking people of Eastleigh have started a ripple of dissent that will turn into an earthquake during the next electoral cycle.

With some hard work and Gods blessing this will be the catalyst that starts the fight back and which will result in the British people reclaiming their country from the likes of Clegg, Cameron and Herman von Rumpoy.


  1. I think you are being a bit too harsh on the people of Eastleigh. Its not their fault that the LibDems got in with less than 30% of the vote, thats the electoral system for you. No democracy in that at all.
    Who are completely to blame are the Socialist Tory Party who are now no different to New Labour. Their core supporters now flock to UKIP for very good reason - it truly represents them. If the Tories had remained Tory they would have walked this by election with over 55% of the votes. So they are culprits here and shame on them for allowing the vote to be split to return a bunch of europhiles to rule the roost - despite all their issues that make them a complete and utter joke. Shame on Cameron, I am hoping this starts the ball rolling for the hardcore Tories to get him out, the sooner the better. The man is a mis-guided conniving liar, a political spiv and an utter disgrace to the legacy of the Conservaties.

    1. Thanks for your comment. My intention was to be harsh only on those people of Eastleigh who voted for the Lib Dems, if it came across otherwise then I need proof more closely.

      The rest of your analysis is spot on. The Cons would have walked this had they remained true to their principles.

      Hopefully, this vote will indeed start the ball rolling and signal the beginning of the end for Cameron.

      Your last sentence is very descriptive, you obviously have a way with words. I couldn't have put it better myself.

  2. Surely most/many of those who voted libdem did so just to keep the conservatives out? Shame they didn't have the sense/guts to vote UKip.
    Paris Claims

    1. With the information available about this nasty bunch of liars and crooks, its hard to understand why anyone would vote for a Lib Dum.
      The Lib Dum vote was down by around 14% and the Cons down around 27%. Nigel Farage was correct when he said that the Conservatives had split the UKIP vote and prevented an historic victory.

  3. The idiots of Eastleigh have voted for uncontrolled immigration – let’s give it to them
    By David Craig, on March 1st, 2013
    As I write this, it looks like the EU quislings LibDems will win in Eastleigh. What a depressing result.

    By voting LibDem, the idiots of Eastleigh have voted for complete submission to the corrupt wasteful EU. They have also voted for uncontrolled immigration from Bulgarian and Romania. So if that’s what the idiots of Eastleigh want, then let’s give it to them.

    I propose to play a little practical joke on the idiots of Eastleigh. I will use any money I earn from selling my books to put small ads in Romanian and Bulgarian newspapers – preferably in the poorer areas with the highest Roma gypsy populations. The ads will say something like this:


    Eastleigh has plenty of houses. Eastleigh has good schools. Eastleigh has good hospitals. Eastleigh has plenty of jobs.

    But even if you don’t want to work, in Eastleigh we’ll give you a home and money.

    So come to Britain, make Eastleigh your new home. Eastleigh welcomes you.

    If I can place just a few ads and get a few thousand Romanian and Bulgarian career criminals to move to Eastleigh, then we’ll have the pleasure of seeing the idiots of Eastleigh get what they voted for.

    From Snouts in the Trough
    Paris Claims

  4. David Craig is right in that they have voted for uncontrolled immigration.

    I like his idea of the ads to Romania and Bulgaria but I wouldn't restrict them to Eastleigh.

    I would include the constituencies of the three party leaders as well.

    The dumbed down voters of Whitney, Sheffield Halam and Doncaster North deserve to take the brunt of the mass immigration that they have voted for.