Friday, March 29, 2013

Nelson Mandela, Mrs Thatcher And The Biased BBC

Like the National Health Service, the British Broadcasting Corporation, universally known as the BBC, is touted by its supporters as another much loved British institution and another envy of the world. This taxpayer funded broadcaster is required by its Charter to be a 'public service' and politically neutral.

The reality couldn't be further from the manufactured truth. The BBC is run by a government appointed Trust and is infested with politically correct 'progressive' activists who's only mission in life is the dissemination of their own propaganda.

The trade unions who dominate the BBC workforce set new lows yesterday when organising their strike against job cuts and so called bullying. (Trade Unionists complaining about bullying? Maybe they should get some advise from Arthur Scargill).

A union spokesperson stated that they would postpone strike action and return to work should the ailing former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, shuffle off his mortal coil and go to meet his maker.

They also stated that the possible death of ailing former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, "might not have warranted the same response" or as another union spokesperson is quoted a saying on a possible return to work,  "I could not guarantee it".

An unnamed spokesperson demonstrated the BBC mindset perfectly when he/she/it said of the contingency that "we welcome this announcement and it is a tribute to the BBC staff ".

For those reluctant 'subscribers' who are familiar with the BBC, this kind of political bigotry comes as no big surprise but for those who are not so familiar, consider this an education in the manner of how a state broadcaster operates.

The Chairman and the BBC Executive Board, who are supposed to guarantee that BBC is run in the interests of the taxpayer, are appointed by the government not the taxpayers. The BBC comes under the remit of the Orwellian Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport.

(It is a sign of the post democratic age when under a supposedly freedom loving Conservative government and in a time of financial constraint, the British people have to pay for and suffer such a totalitarian institution as a Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport).

The current Chairman is Chris Patton, a serial loser and career political bureaucrat. As the Conservative Member of Parliament for Bath he was such an utter failure that his own constituents booted him out of a safe seat.

As a reward for being a loyal 'progressive' bag carrier and without any qualifications for the job, he was made Governor of Hong Kong where, as Fat Pang, he managed to upset all sides during the handover to the Chinese.

Fat Pang Patton is the epitome of the reward for failure culture that infests British public life. Since Hong Kong, he has been a disastrous European Commissioner and was keeping a low profile as Chancellor of Oxford University when he was mysteriously appointed the Chairman of the BBC Executive Board.

Since he joined the BBC it has staggered from one disaster to another with the Jimmy Savile paedophile sex ring and the huge renumeration packages of its top executives making global headlines.

BBC employees, from the top executives and editors to programmers, presenters, journalists and cameramen, even down to the chief sweeper up and bottle washer, are steeped to the core in 'progresive' politics.

It should come as no surprise that the BBC and its employees have an uncontrollable, visceral hatred for Mrs Thatcher but consider Nelson Mandela to be a divine being on par with Che Guevara and his butcher in chief, Fidel Castro.

It must be pointed out that BBC bias is the issue here and not any philosophical affiliations.

To some, Nelson Mandela is a freedom fighter who suffered torture and imprisonment in pursuit of his cause, to others he is a common terrorist no different to Al Qaeda and who was sentenced to prison as a criminal for his indiscriminate bombing campaign.

To the BBC he is halfway to divinity.

To some, Margaret Thatcher enlightened the people and saved her country from the economic disaster perpetrated by the communist controlled trade unions and Labour party, to others she set the relentless 'progressive' revolution back decades and engineered the fall of communism.

To the BBC she is the devil incarnate.

It is a mystery that the BBC is the standard bearer for equality and women's rights but they have never given Mrs Thatcher any credit for taking on the male dominated political establishment and going on to become Great Britain's first female Prime Minister.

When it comes to the great issues of the day, the BBC can be guaranteed to relentlessly push the 'progressive' agenda.

The following is just a sample:

The BBC is passionate about the Palestinians while hating Jews and Israel.

Despite the relentless increase in government spending and debt, the BBC continues to push the Labour party line on 'savage cuts'.

The BBC is a soapbox for Al Gore and his Man Made Global Warming Scam. They are now so hopelessly biased on this issue that they have unilaterally declared their legal obligation to be balanced as obsolete.

They declare that because Climate Realism is a minority view they are not obliged to give it equal air time. Now that 'combating climate change' fanatics are in a minority the same should apply but I doubt it will.

The same goes for party political bias. The BBC refuse to give UKIP air time comparable with their support but continue to indulge the ultra 'progressive' Liberal Democrats even though support has plummeted.

The BBC are committed Europhiles who support the United States of Europe while demonising anyone who disagrees.

The BBC indulge in sexuality politics and are relentless in pursuit of the LGBT agenda and homosexual marriage.

They despise Christianity but take the politically correct point of view on the issue of Islam.

The BBC are the governments biggest promoters of immigration, celebrating diversity, and the transformation of Great Britain into a multi-cultural state.

The BBC had a hatred for President Bush that was almost as visceral as that of Mrs Thatcher but they adore the new 'Progressive in Chief', Barack Obama.

They had a similar hatred for President Ronald Reagan.

Ignoring the majority of the people, the leaders of the three legacy parties, LibLabCon are all adamant that the BBC is a much loved British institution and should continue to be funded by the taxpayer.

The fact that the BBC is a government run propaganda broadcaster, which is funded under threat of imprisonment, gives an indication of how far down the authoritarian road Great Britain has travelled.

One day, when freedom is restored to Great Britain, the BBC will be confined to the dustbin of history and its employees will be free to leave and go work for a state broadcaster in any dictatorship of their choice.


Over at dikiebo, The vile BBC obviously can't resist insulting Christians in time for Easter.

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