Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mo Farah - Olympic Champion Dumps On The People Who Gave Him Sanctuary

News that Somali athlete Mohammed Farah, who represented Great Britain on the world stage using a passport of convenience, has forsaken the country that gave him sanctuary, should come as no surprise to anyone. Long gone are the days when British citizenship, confirmed by holding a British passport, actually meant something and was a source of pride.

The British passport was once a valuable, much sought after document which bestowed upon the holder a certain status that no other document could bestow.

The treacherous political class in their determination to ethnically cleanse Great Britain and impose their unwanted multi-cultural agenda on its people have downgraded British citizenship comparable to that of a shabby penal colony and devalued the British passport comparable to that of a couple of sheets of bogroll.

As soon as he became famous as a result of his Olympic success, publicity hungry politicians and celebrities alike jumped on the Mohammed Farah bandwagon hoping to associate themselves with his stardom and bask in reflected glory.

In a sordid quest for votes, the political charlatans indulged in an undignified competition as to who could recommend the highest honour to bestow on someone who has turned out to be nothing more than a carpetbagger.

He was made a Commander of the British Empire ahead of more worthy heroes. Some backscratchers and bum suckers expressed their disappointment that he wasn't made a Knight of the Realm. I am sure many will agree that Sir Mohammed doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival or Sir Tristram.

'Childe Mohammed To The Dark Tower Came' doesn't cut it as classic English poem either.

This sort of nonsense devalues the Honours system and renders any award worthless. It must be noted that this devaluation is part and parcel of the cultural replacement agenda and the general downgrading of Great Britain and its institutions.

Those who live in the real world and who are immune to the PR men and their spin machines, suspected from the outset that Farah would turn out to be just another ingrate who would extol the virtues of being British when it suited him but act differently when it didn't. We've seen it all before especially in the field of sport.

Mohammed Farah follows, among others, Zola Budd, a white South African girl who was given a British passport in a matter of weeks in order for her to compete in the 1984 Olympic Games. She came in seventh in her signature race after which her career petered out. The so called British girl then moved back to South Africa at the earliest opportunity.

Mohammed Farah is a born and bred Somali who spent some time next door in Djibouti and came to Britain at the age of eight. He is quoted as saying that "England is where I grew up.  I don't know nothing but England".

He obviously doesn't know that using a double negative makes his sentence mean the opposite but I digress. It turns out that he moved to Hounslow and anyone who has visited this blighted town will know there is nothing remotely English about Hounslow anymore.

It also beggars belief that he has no memories at all before the age of eight. With no memories of Somalia and Djibouti, he is asking us to believe that his conscious life started at the age of eight in Hounslow.

Some people have commented that his father, Mukhtar Farah, was born in England (Hounslow, actually) and has paid his taxes, therefore he is entitled to bring in his son to England. Mohammed Farah is the result of a holiday liaison so the question must be asked as to why he didn't come to England from birth and not wait until eight years had elapsed and his athletic potential had started to become apparent?

Mohammed had all the advantages of being British which are not available in Somalia or Djibouti. This included taxpayer funded education and healthcare; he also attracted Lottery funding and other benefits showered on high potential athletes and sportsmen.

His hypocrisy shines through like the Olympic torch in the dark cellar of a London crack house. Mohammed parades himself publicly with Robbie Williams in an effort to persuade the British Chancellor of the Exchequer to clamp down and intimidate those people and companies who legally minimize their exposure to Great Britain's penal taxes. But when the filthy lucre starts to roll in he abandons the country that made him what he is for a more tax friendly abode.

Unfortunately for Mohammed he has been badly advised because Oregon is a socialist controlled dystopia with ever increasing taxation and the Progressive in Chief across the water has declared a war on high earners as he pursues his socialist policy of income redistribution.

One day when the hippies, socialists and 'progressives' have been driven from office and the value of citizenship has been restored, people like Mohammed Farah will only be allowed to compete for the country of their birth.

There is nothing more dispiriting for the genuine British citizen, settled immigrants included, than the sight of a Somali wrapped in the Union Flag receiving the adulation of the crowd then dumping on them from great height in order to stuff his own pockets with money.

Representation in international sport has become more than a joke, it's a complete farce and nothing encapsulates this more than the Manchester United footballer Adnan Januzaj.

Born in Brussels of complex parentage and holding a Belgian passport, he qualifies to play international football for Belgium, Albania, Turkey, Serbia and Kosovo. If he stays in England for four more years he will qualify to represent England.

Representing ones country in sport used to engender feelings of pride and patriotic enthusiasm, where such emotions were used as a motivating factor. How can someone like Adnan Januzaj have such emotions let alone use them as a motivating factor when he has no loyalty to any country in particular.

He has already been called up to play for Belgium, the country of his birth, and has refused, stating that he has not decided which country to represent. He says that he is minded to play for Albania.

This is complete nonsense and highlights the fact that if he cannot be loyal to the country of his birth, how can he be loyal to a country he has never visited nor has any identification with its people? The same goes for Zola Budd, Mohammed Farah and the rest.

In plain language these people are mercinaries who's loyalty will eventually be decided by the country that gives them the most adulation and money making opportunities.

The ludicrous situation of foreigners representing the host country has a debilitating effect on real born and bred English sports people. Foreigners do not have the same pride in wearing the country's sporting attire nor singing the national anthem.

These feelings are articulated by Arsenal and England star player Jack Wilshire. When asked his opinion he stated the following:

"If you live in England for five years it doesn't make you English. We are English. The only people who should play for England are English people".

It must be said that footballers have a reputation for not being the smartest people on the planet but Jack Wilshire has articulated what everyone outside of the 'progressive' self loathing, multi-cultural community is thinking.

Jack's thinking and logic is crystal clear - "If I go to Spain and live there for five years I'm not going to play for Spain".

To the politically correct collaborators who run English football this kind of talk is blasphemy and like night follows day Jack Wilshire was forced to clarify.

"The question was, should foreign players be allowed to play for England and in my opinion they should not. Januzaj is a great player, I wish he was English".

Just to let the collaborators, the politicians and the rest of the 'progressive', self loathing community know, Jack Wilshire speaks for every decent freeborn Englishman not you.

In conclusion I believe that mercenaries and carpetbaggers like Mohammed Farah, Adnan Januzaj, Zola Budd, et al should enjoy their fame and fortune but they should not profess loyalty to a country where their connections are tenuous then desert it when it suits them to do so.

Guido Fawkes take on the Farah treachery here.


  1. One of the very few Somalis who wasn't a criminal or on welfare (or both) is buggering off. Shame the other 300,000 don't follow suite. It would save the tax payer billions.

    1. The problems in Somalia aren't going to be solved by relocating the population, it will only transfer the problems from there to Great Britain.

      I passed through Minneapolis/St Paul a few years ago, I was shocked. Its like Mogadishu, what a dump.

      I read that the American authorities have lost track of between 1,000 and 5,000 young Somalis who they suspect of going abroad for training before returning to the USA.

      Talk about shooting themselves in the foot, it's a disaster waiting to happen.