Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reclaiming Great Britain - Essential Guide For National Survival

I have been criticized in the recent past for regularly pointing out the deliberate destruction of Great Britain and its unique culture by an agenda driven political class but never offering any practical solutions other than recommending a change of voting habits.

By a strange coincidence I have been thinking along the same lines and with that in mind I have been mentally working on offering some kind of guide for people like myself who are proud to be British and believe their country is worth saving.

It is my belief that apart from the trendy metropolitan elite, together with the loonies of the hard left and the demented members of the self loathing community, the majority of the British people think alike and don't want their country destroyed or their culture erased and replaced by something called 'multi-culturalism'.

This means that the British people have the power to stop this deliberate destruction in its tracks if only they knew how wield it.

Unfortunately, the inherent decency and sense of fair play of the silent majority, and the quaint British habit of "not wanting to make a fuss", works against them; this must be overcome if the country is to be saved.

Its easy to be brave in company and act in a crowd but individuals need to look at themselves and change their personal attitudes first instead of waiting for others to act then following in their wake.

The layout of this simple plan is as follows:

Part 1, the deconstruction agenda of Great Britain will be broken down and analysed.

Part II, the attitudes and tactics of the political class and its agents in the establishment are analysed.

Part III, the current attitude of the people is analysed.

Part IV, the steps that must be taken by individuals if the country is to survive.

Part I: The Agenda

a) Its was decided by the 'Founding Fathers' of the European Union that the independent nation states of Europe must be destroyed and replaced by a post democratic United States of Europe.

It was also decided that the only way to achieve this without opposition by the various peoples was by stealth, deceit and outright lies.

b) National sovereignty was to be gradually usurped by a series of treaties which were falsely presented as having an economic purpose. This plan was followed to the letter by a series of British politicians of all parties, without consultation and without the consent of the people. Each treaty being falsely presented as being benign and in the national interest.

After the Treaty of Rome there followed in quick succession,

The Merger Treaty in 1965.
The Schengen Treaty in 1985.
The Single European Act in 1986.
The Maastricht Treaty in 1992.
The Amsterdam Treaty in 1997.
The Nice Treaty in 2001.
The Lisbon Treaty in 2007.

c) With the ratification of each of these Treaties, more and more sovereignty was surrendered by spineless, lying politicians and the EU created for itself more of the institutions that constitute a sovereign state in its own right.

d) The European Union, which is falsely presented as a benign organization based on mutual economic benefit now has:

i)    A Constitution
ii)   A national flag
iii)  A national anthem
iv)  A defence force
v)   A Foreign Office and independent diplomatic service
vi)  An Executive Branch
vii) A Legislative Branch
viii) A Judicial Branch
ix)   A representative at the United Nations.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then its a duck.

To anyone with an ounce of sense this is a sovereign nation and after a thousand years of evolution the Mother of Parliaments at Westminster is reduced to a rubber stamp for unelected, unaccountable, unsackable EU bureaucrats.

e) It must be recognized and understood that cultural replacement via open border mass immigration is an integral part of the European project. A confident, homogeneous British people are considered to be a destabilising factor as it prevents total loyalty to the United States of Europe.

Part II: The Political Class

a) The majority of the political class since Edward Heath first sold out the British people to the so called 'Common Market' has been supportive of the United States of Europe.

b) The current political class of all parties are wealthy, remote elitists who's loyalty is to the global 'progressive' agenda not the agenda of the people they claim to represent.

c) All three of the current party leaders, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, 'Red' Ed Miliband and Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg, are all self confessed believers in the United States of Europe project.
The latter two have only tenuous connections with Great Britain and have openly displayed their contempt for Great Britain its people and their culture.

To clarify: Red Ed is the son of a Belgian communist fanatic who despised Great Britain and who openly called for its destruction and replacement with a communist state. Adolph Miliband declared his mission to destroy Great Britain as a generational project and his son is working hard to make this happen.

Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg is descended from Russians, Poles and Ukrainians on his fathers side and a British hating Dutch mother on the other. He is married to a wealthy Spanish lawyer and as named his sons, Antonio, Alberto and Miguel. Apart from being born in Chalfont St Giles, to the casual observer there is nothing remotely British about Quisling Clegg let alone English. He despises an independent, sovereign Great Britain with unbridled passion.

d) Since Edward Heath's treachery, British institutions, such as the BBC, local councils, the civil service, the police 'service' and the Qangocracy (Quasi Autonomous Government Organisations) have all been packed with like minded supporters, back scratchers, bum suckers and crawlers who will carry out their masters bidding in exchange for a taxpayer funded sinecure.

e) The tactics employed by this political elite is to close down debate and this is now standard throughout modern public life. Rigidly policed political correctness, demonization and smear are the weapons of choice. Anyone voicing any opposition to the above mentioned Treaties were belittled, demonized and smeared in a series of co-ordinated campaigns led by the taxpayer funded BBC.

f) Similarly, anyone having the audacity to even question the official policy of cultural replacement, multi-culturalism or open border mass immigration are smeared mercilessly and intimidated with threats of prosecution.

g) There is a continuous stream of 'progressive' propaganda by compliant whores in the media, led by the BBC. This insidious propaganda has shamefully made its way into the school curriculum. Poison their minds while they are still young is as despicable a tactic as it gets.

e) There follows the eradication of tradition British festivals and symbols which are being replaced by foreign ones. Hence the deliberate downgrading of Christmas and Easter and the campaign against wearing of crucifixes in public; this policy is enhanced by the upgrading of foreign festivals such as Diwali, Ramadan and Eid, while the wearing of turbans, the burka and the hijab are actively encouraged.

*It must be noted that the English and anything quintessentially English is coming in for particular attention by collaborators in the establishment. Hence people and institutions have been threatened with prosecution for displaying the Cross of St, George while the displaying the EU national flag is actively encouraged.

Part III: The People

a)  The British bulldog spirit that faced down Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party in the dark days of World War II is dormant in older generations and doesn't exist at all in the younger ones.

b) The British characteristics of decency, fairness and "not wanting to cause a fuss" is ruthlessly exploited by the political class and their agents to impose their agenda without complaint.

c) The people have become timid and allowed themselves to be bullied and intimidated by the use of political correctness.

d) The people are afraid to express any form of pride, patriotism or love of country.

e) Fear of being demonized and smeared with accusations of racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, homophobia etc. has had the effect of closing down debate and silencing any opposition to the destructive agenda of the political class and its agents.

f) Attention to their agenda is being deliberately sidetracked by football, computer games, celebrity culture and reality television.

g) On the positive side, the people are showing signs of waking up and are beginning to let their feelings be known. This has resulted in David Cameron and some of his acolytes pretending to rediscover their spines and making promises about the EU and mass immigration that they have no intention of keeping.

h) Politicians are starting to be treated with contempt by the public. Among a sizable section of the populace they are considered to be lower than vermin. Unfortunately this positive sign was brought about more by the expenses scandal than by the EU/cultural replacement agenda. The positive aspect is that this contempt will continue and grow with the EU and the cultural replacement agenda replacing the expenses scandal as the cause.

Part IV: The Plan

a) Do not be intimidated by the political class, the state, its agents or its bureaucrats. Openly question everything they utter. Do not be afraid to let them know that they work for you. Treat them with the same contempt they have you. Let it be known that they only joined the political rat race because they are inadequate and just another species of parasite.

b) It is absolutely essential that people do not give in to political correctness, just simply ignore it, there is nothing politicians and bureaucrats hate more than being ignored.

c) Get used to being smeared with names such as mentioned in paragraph e) above. These names have been thrown around so much they have lost their effectiveness as smears. Do not allow smearing to shut down the debate on any subject, including, cultural replacement, multi-culturalism, open border mass immigration, the EU etc.

d) Do not be ashamed of your country, its history or your culture.

e) Do not be ashamed of your skin colour.

f) If you are a Christian, don't hide it, be as proud of your religious beliefs as believers in any other religion are of theirs. Celebrate Christian festivals with dedication and pride.

g) For atheists and agnostics, support your Christian brothers and sisters as they face down intimidation and bullying from the state and its agents. Remember that British moral values originate from our common Judaeo-Christian heritage. Better still wear Christian symbols as a sign of solidarity and disobedience. This also allows one to enjoy the satisfaction of pissing off the self loathing 'progressive' elite.

h) Be proud to display your national symbols, particularly the Union flag and the Cross of St. George.

i) Lying comes as natural to these people as breathing is to normal people, therefore always assume that politicians, their agents and their bureaucrats are lying, spinning, obfuscating or bloviating. Do not believe a word they say.

j) Do not be afraid to ask awkward questions of your elected representatives, be they local, national or supranational. Hold their feet to the fire, make them justify their existence.

k) Do not alter your way of life or beliefs to accommodate alien cultures. Its your country after all and its not for sale.

l) Most importantly of all, do not vote for any candidate that has not unequivocally stated that they support Britain's exit from the EU. No ifs or buts and no caveats or prevarications. They must support exit.

m) There has never been, nor will there ever be, economic benefits to mass immigration. Therefore do not vote for any candidate that expresses any positive view about cultural replacement or multi-culturalism. This covers the majority of MP's in the current Parliament. Don't be afraid, no matter who they are, kick them out.

n) Whatever the temptation or family history of tribal voting, do not even contemplate casting a vote for any member of the Liberal Democrat Party, in any capacity and for any position. Apart from having more than their share of perverts, sex pests, criminals, eccentrics and outright loonies, these people are unashamed, fanatical supporters of Great Britain's demise. They are despicable people, every last one of them without exception.

o) In order to boost morale and as a means of starting a new self awareness regime, make a personal pledge to yourself about your beliefs and love of country. If the thought of doing this makes one feel awkward then do it private, but do it. (A copy of my personal pledge is below)

p) When pride and confidence returns, talk about your new self and your beliefs with family and friends, at work or down the pub. Print this off and stick it on your fridge with a Union Flag magnet. Leave copies everywhere and email it to your friends. Share it on Facebook and other social media sites. You never know, seeing ordinary people like you and I change attitude might inspire others to do the same. Every little bit helps.

If you think this is a publicity stunt then knock up a copy on your PC, erasing any references to me or Cambrian Dissenters before sharing or printing it off.

In conclusion, it is worth remembering that immigrants have two countries; their hosts and their home country to which they remain loyal and to which they will run when the wells run dry and the money runs out.

The British people only have the one Sceptered Isle which consists of a tiny, cold, windswept island in the North Atlantic. (Which happens to have a very generous system of welfare benefits).

One wonders what could possibly be the attraction that would make people leave family and friends and more habitable climates at risk of life and limb to get there.


I Daniel Thomas pledge to myself that:

a) I am a proud Welshman and an unashamed British patriot.

b) I am not ashamed of my country, its history or its culture.

c) I am not ashamed of who I am, my religious beliefs or the colour of my skin.

d) I will not alter my way of life or beliefs to accommodate alien cultures or religions.

e) I will not be silenced by political correctness and I will exercise my inalienable right to free speech.

f) I will use every legal means at my disposal to fight the traitors, collaborators, agents of the state and their bureaucrats to prevent their deliberate destruction of Great Britain and its culture.

g) I will not be silenced, I will resist, Great Britain is worth fighting for.


  1. One of the few times we can see a demonstration of patriotism is when England play. Personally, I find it hard to feel patriotic when up to half the team is plainly not English. The same goes for athletics. How people can wave around the Union Jack when a somalian muslim named mohamed wins a race is beyond my comprehension.

    1. I know how you feel. Athletics in particular is such a joke I can't take it seriously anymore.

      It should revert to country of birth or permanent residence. Handing out passports within hours just to qualify for an athletics competition is a nonsense and demeans the whole thing.