Friday, January 24, 2014

Russell Brand To Blame For Politicians Abysmal Image - Not Lying, Cheating Or Criminality

Apart from lying, cheating and degeneracy, another character trait that is essential for the modern politician to succeed is an endless capacity for self delusion. Today's politicians really do push the boundaries of credulity every time they open their mouths and utter an opinion on anything.

Listening to the latest nonsense being spewed forth by David Blunkett it is clear that he represents the current political class to a tee.

To the hard pressed and much abused public, their reputations hover somewhere between a germ and a virus and this is causing Blunkett some concern. Rather than analyse why this is the case with a view to finding the real reason, he chooses the typical politicians ploy of absolving themselves and blaming a scapegoat.

In this case Blunkett ignores the Members of Parliament who have recently spent time in prison for deliberately stealing from the taxpayer and other criminal behavior.  He also ignores the sex scandals, the drunkenness and the general contempt for the very public that finances their lifestyles and instead blames Russell Brand, a drug addled, boozed out, unfunny comedian.

Blunkett is blaming a 'corrosive' Russell Brand for his governments destruction of the economy and the transformation of a once great country into a cesspit of crime ridden mono-cultural ghettos where welfare addiction and depravity has reached epidemic proportions.

The appalling but well deserved reputation of the political class is obviously a sensitive subject that is close to Blunkett's heart because this is not the first time he ventured forth his worthless opinion. And this is not the first time that I have taken him to task for his imbecility.

David Blunkett is a typical career politician who has done absolutely nothing outside of party politics; he was the youngest ever council leader when he took control of Sheffield council aged twenty two. Needless to say, as a hard left socialist, he was as big a disaster as a council leader as he was a Member of Parliament.

During his tenure as council leader his county was dubbed the Peoples Republic of South Yorkshire and not without reason. The council provided some five hundred and fifty 'essential' public services and was the areas biggest employer with eighteen thousand employees.

Blunkett was a senior member of both Phony Tony Blair's government and that of the mentally unstable misogynist Gordon Brown, but he takes no responsibility for the destruction they visited upon the people because Russell Brand was obviously to blame.

Russell Brand is to blame for the systematic stealing of taxpayer money which resulted in five of Blunkett's colleagues going to jail and many more resigning their seats in disgrace from the gravy train.

He is also to blame for the destruction of the private sector pension schemes, the tax and spend policy which has wrecked the economy and saddled future generations with debt.

Brand is to blame for the deliberate lying and deceit that accompanied Great Britain's surrender of sovereignty to the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in the EU who are blighting the lives of the people.

Blunkett is innocent because it was that drug addled bastard that imposed over one hundred new taxes on the people, including a one hundred percent increase in property taxes and an annual increase in booze and fuel duty.

It was that unfunny comedian that opened the borders to unlimited immigration that has caused misery in every town, village and city in the land.

Despite being a committed socialist, as the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Blunkett held two paid positions outside of Parliament. These included a directorship of a Bioscience company. He bought shares in this company prior to it bidding for a government contract with his own Department of Work and Pensions.

His reputation was tainted by accusations of corruption so the public must assume it was Russell Brand that made him accept the directorship and forced him against his will to buy those shares.

It is worth noting that David Blunkett was elected by the walking dead of Sheffield Brightside in 1988 and despite the destruction of the economy and the country at large, they keep re-electing him and he is still there to this day. What further abuse will it take for the people of Sheffield Brightside to wake up from their slumber remains a mystery.

Despite Blunkett's long tenure, it is also worth noting that Sheffield Brightside is a blighted dump, nothing more than a festering boil on the a*se of Great Britain. The indices and poverty measures, including child poverty and welfare dependency are a classic example of socialist incompetence.

All this of course has nothing to do with David Blunkett or his fellow reprobates in Parliament; it's all the fault of a stand up comedian with a penchant for sex, drugs and booze.

In conclusion I will opine that David Blunkett is either deluded, a calculating liar or a spineless coward that refuses to man up and admit  his disastrous mistakes.  He chooses instead to blame a celebrity who is just as entitled to voice his opinion as any shameless politician.


Start the weekend with a laugh, read Richard Littlejohn in full flow regarding self inflicted fatties and a socialist authorities' response to drunks. Its hilarious.


  1. I think it would be a great move if voting rights were removed from the people of Sheffield. Off the top of my head I can name only two MPs from that area, Blunkett & Clegg, and both have done incalculable damage to the country.

    1. There is definitely something in the water in Sheffield that removes their ability to think rationally or to see beyond the spin doctors and act accordingly.

      They are an excellent example of brain dead tribal voting.

      Your comment has made me think and I may return to the subject of Sheffield at a later date so watch this space.

  2. And let us not forget that Blundergit thought it proper use of public money to provide for his whore's first class rail travel. Clearly at Brand's behest.

  3. Good point, I had forgotten about his publicly financed whoring. Plonkett's love life is as colourful as Brand's so that's something else he can blame him for.
    Plonkett is also a comedian, the list gets longer.

  4. A great article Daniel. Blunkett is one odious, arrogant individual. Do you have a contact email?