Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Re-Writing History To Create A Legend - Nelson Mandela's Terrorist Past Airbrushed Out

One of the reasons that the socialist/communist/progressive community has been so successful at usurping global political power is the inability of the majority of voters to see through the spin and media manipulation of the ruling political class.

These PR men and professional spinners are so skilled in their black arts they can manipulate the unfortunate dumbed down community to believe anything they choose. Even supposedly intelligent people can fall victim to the malign influence of these propagandists.

While flipping channels trying to find the Man U v Tottenham Hotspur soccer game, I had the misfortune of coming across an interview with the 'Progressive' in Chief from across the water. This interview took place after his return from the Mandela death jamboree in South Africa. Barry Obama/Soetoro kept referring to the late celebrity terrorist Nelson Mandela, not by usual name, but by the term 'Madiba'.

Not to be outdone, Great Britain's PR media created Prime Minister, David Cameron, has also started to use 'Madiba' when referring to Mandela. It would appear that in the ever-so-trendy circles inhabited by the 'progressive' elite, the process of rehabilitation and legend-creating of a former terrorist has started in earnest.

From the deluge of articles that followed the passing of 'Madiba', and in particular the over the top fawning coverage from the taxpayer funded BBC, little mention was made of his terrorist past as the founder and leader of the Maoist inspired Umkhono we Sizwe. (The Spear of the Nation)

The Spear of The Nation was the armed wing of the communist run African National Congress (ANC) which was dedicated to the violent overthrow of the state.

If the PR men and spin doctors are to be believed then 'Madiba's' life begins with his trial and imprisonment, with particular focus on his incarceration on Robben Island; his early life is being sanitized or discreetly airbrushed from history.

'Madiba's' history of domestic violence against his first wife, Evelyn Mase, is being studiously ignored as is his indifference to his children. His commitment to the violent overthrow of the state was total and it took priority even over his wives and children.

The people will not be told by the global 'progressive' media that 'Madiba' was a committed terrorist who was responsible for planting Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's) indiscriminately in public places. History is being distorted and re-written in order portray him as a saintly, fearless fighter of apartheid.

Whereas the media proclaim that 'Madiba' was imprisoned for so called 'anti-apartheid activities', the truth is that he was caught, then convicted in a court of law and jailed, for being a self confessed terrorist. Terrorists are being held in prisons the world over, without comment from the media including Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

The only difference between Robben Island  and Guantanamo Bay is that the inmates of the former were sentenced after the due process of law and a trial.

The question that must be asked is why has Nelson Mandela been singled out by the ever-so-trendy global 'progressive' community and not any of the other incarcerated terrorists who have risked their lives for the causes that they happen believe in?

The answer turns out to be rather simple and stems from the desire by those that control the UN for a global government based on the socialist model. All nations, peoples and ethnic groups must be equal.

No one nation, people or ethnic group should not be more prosperous than another, hence South Africa and Zimbabwe was an affront to their perverted ideology and had to be destroyed. Especially when that prosperity is created from an untouched land by white Europeans.

Everyone with an iota of political nous, knew what was going to happen when Robert 'Butcher Bob' Mugabe was installed in Zimbabwe. The bread basket of Africa, where there were no empty bellies under the Ian Smith government, has been reduced to a violent, crime ridden Marxists state with a brutalised population of starving, warring tribes.

In the perverted minds of the global 'progressive' community, ideological purity takes priority over the well being of the people every time.

Ignoring the fact that 'Madiba' was a convicted terrorist, he was adopted by the global 'progressive' community, (including every multi-millionaire publicity seeking celebrity), as the focal point for bringing down the government, ignoring the disastrous experience of black rule in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

Despite the pretence and the legend building, South Africa is going the same way. The mythical Rainbow Nation where all races and ethnic groups are supposed to be getting along in a spirit of peace, love and mutual respect, has descended into a Zimbabwe type Marxist dystopia wracked with inter-tribal violence and starvation.

The manufactured image created by the global 'progressive' media cannot keep this appalling situation from the world for ever and the truth about the Rainbow Nation and 'Madiba' will eventually come out.

In the spirit of reconciliation and fairness, and in line with the UN and the global media's treatment of Nelson Mandela, the following terrorists are being renamed:

Terrorist turned politician and former Irish Republican Army (IRA) leader, Martin McGuiness, will now be known as 'Seanathair'. For those unfamiliar with Gaelic,  'McGuinadiba' is acceptable

Referring to Robert Mugabe as 'Butcher Bob' is considered to be judgmental therefore he will in future be referred to as 'Bapu'. For those unfamiliar with African tongues, 'Mugabadiba' may be substituted.

Abu 'The Hook' Hamza who lost his hand fighting the Russians in Afghanistan will be renamed 'Jiddo'. If Arabic proves to be too difficult then 'Hamzabida' may be used.

Bill Ayres, American domestic terrorist, indiscriminate bomber and friend of Barry Obama, has already been rehabilitated but will now be known affectionately as Grandpappyadiba in honour of his valiant attempt to violently overthrow the state.

Finally, Illich Ramirez Sanchez, better known as Carlos the Jackal, the global terrorist who is currently languishing in a French prison for pursuing the noble aims of overthrowing capitalism and erasing Israel from the face of the earth, will be renamed 'Abuela on his eventual release from chokey. If Spanish proves too difficult then 'Jackalababadiba' will suffice.

Unfortunately, that other IRA terrorist turned politician, Gerry Adams will not be renamed on account of his support for his paedophile brother Liam who raped and sexually abused his own daughter.

Aine Tyrell's uncle Gerry was aware of her torment but did nothing for reasons only known to himself. How he sleeps at night is a mystery. However in the spirit of reconciliation he may be referred to unofficially as 'Nonce Protector Emeritus'.



  1. I read somewhere that the only reason Mandela wasn't hanged is that some of his co-conspiriters were Jewish and hanging Jews was out of fashion at the time. Doesn't it just show the scarcity of black or left wing role models if this blood soaked terrorist was raised to sainthood? One hack at the Telegraph even compared him to Jesus!

    1. If he had been hanged events would have taken a much different course, possibly a better one.

      Politicians and celebrities may have been forced to adopt Butcher Bob Mugabe as their icon instead.

      There are very few candidates for black role models, even Martin Luther King Jnr wouldn't pass scrutiny due to his womanizing and other un-Christian behavior.

      That Telegraph hack needs to wake up, everybody knows that Barry Obama is the Messiah.