Thursday, January 30, 2014

Socialism Strikes Again - Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys Switch To Merde

The French people are renown more for their gastronomic excellence and lack of stoicism in the face of an enemy than for their common sense or intellectual rigor when it comes to choosing their Presidents.

It's open to question as to why, in the face of insurmountable evidence of a potential disaster, they still went on and chose an unreconstructed socialist hypocrite to be their President.

Not only did they ignore the historical evidence that socialism has always resulted in national bankruptcy, poverty and misery for the majority of people outside of the political elite, they also ignored the 'tax and spend' disasters on their doorstep that impoverished the Greek, Irish, Spanish and Portuguese people - among others.

They obviously forgot about the Iron Curtain that divided Europe into the prosperous free West and the poverty stricken socialist East. They must have driven from their minds the fact that the Berlin Wall was built to keep an oppressed people inside a socialist prison rather than keep a free people out.

The French people were either in denial about the empty shelves and shortages of the everyday items that they take for granted or they are just terminally stupid.

Their current President, Francois Hollande, made no secret of the fact that he was a socialist who despised 'rich' people. He stood for election on the usual socialist platform of redistribution of wealth using high taxation and high government spending.

He was warned in no uncertain terms that his intention to tax the 'rich' at seventy five percent, would lead to an exodus of wealth and talent. He was warned that his plans to lower the retirement age, create half a million subsidized jobs and build half a million subsidized houses would crash the economy, lower inward investment and increase unemployment.

The warning by outgoing President Nicholas Sarkozy that there would be "an economic disaster within two days of Hollande taking office", was not far off the mark.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld described Hollande as an "imbecile who hates rich people" and compared him to the "disastrous left wing former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero". He correctly predicted that rich people and investment would flee France.

As an indication of intent, wealthy actor, Gerard Depardieu, told the French people he would leave and take his money with him and he duly left after Hollande's coronation.

He claims to hate the 'rich' but like all champagne socialists, Francois Hollande is a monumental hypocrite of the very highest order. He is exempt from the consequences of the policies he imposes on others.

He comes from a well off middle class background and was exclusively and expensively educated. He has never done anything that normal people would consider as a days work in his life. He has never lived nor mixed with working class people and only associates with people from the class he claims to despise.

While he imposes equality and fairness on the lower orders he is in possession of a property portfolio that would turn fellow champagne socialist, Phony Tony Blair, green with envy. Not only did he live in the Neuilly-sur-Seine, one of Paris' most exclusive areas, he now occupies the Elysee Palace and owns three properties on the French Riviera.

It would appear that nothing is too good for the People's President'. Up the Workers!

Hollande's contempt for anyone but himself is clearly demonstrated by the way he treats those close to him.  He crapped on his partner, Segolene Royal and their four children, by dumping them and running off with Valerie Trierweiler, going on to make her the First Lady of France.

While the First Lady was enjoying her status and the trappings of power, Hollande was shagging actress Julie Gayet behind her back. It must be stated that if he doesn't think twice about shafting his children and his supposed lovers, the French people have got not chance.

While the Worker's President is enjoying his very un-proletarian lifestyle, the French people who elected him are enjoying unemployment at 10.9% with youth unemployment at a disgraceful 24.5%.

Unemployment averaged 9.5% from 1997 until Hollande took office and is currently at a sixteen year high since his coronation in 2012.

As predicted before the election, inward investment would collapse and it is currently down an eye watering minus 77%.

While the rest of the Eurozone is slowly dragging itself out of the politician caused recession (albeit on the backs of Great Britain and Germany), France is still wallowing in the consequences of Hollande's socialist nightmare.

In addition to the lessons of history, the French people were warned time and again that by voting for a socialist ideologue like Hollande they would pay the price in poverty and misery. Instead they chose to ignore the warnings and allowed themselves to be seduced by the politics of spite and envy.

As a result of their folly, the surrender monkeys have been forced to substitute merde for cheese and they can only blame themselves if the taste is not to their liking.


  1. It looks like every western democracy is doomed to socialism. There are now more takers than givers, that's not counting all the welfare addicts the socialists continue to import. It can only end in a huge crash that will make the last (current?) recession look like a minor blip.

    1. It's a mystery why supposedly intelligent, educated people keep voting for socialists despite the fact that it always ends in bankruptcy, poverty and misery.

      I live in hope that one day the sheeple will wake up and see the charlatans for what they are.

  2. Who cares? It's only the French. They care little for themselves. They are prolific thieves. Care not a jot about public indecency and always make bad choices. Take a drive in Paris and all is explained.


    1. I have to say Pete that you are right. It took all the self control I could muster not to lapse into an expletive filled piece of invective.

      I really don't give a toss about the French, I don't identify with them at all and I don't believe we have any 'shared values' that would justify pooling sovereignty.

      If they leave me alone I will be very happy to leave them alone.