Thursday, January 16, 2014

American Prosperity And African Poverty - Reality Ignored By Black Racists

Anyone who has had the privilege of travelling in sub Saharan Africa cannot fail to have noticed how lush the countryside is owing mainly to the high fertility of the rich, red volcanic soils. What travelers cannot see are the continents other abundant riches consisting of minerals, petro-chemicals, diamonds and other economically viable resources.

Similarly blessed with the same abundant resources is the American continent but in order to illustrate the point, the comparison will be limited to the United States.

After the discovery of the fossil skeleton named Lucy, experts announced that this was the first upright walking humanoid and estimated that it inhabited Africa some 3.2 million years ago.

Archaeologists suggest that the USA was first colonized by Paeleo-Indians who crossed the Bering Land Bridge from East Asia into what is now Alaska, anywhere between forty thousand and seventeen thousand years ago and migrated southward.

Both Lucy and the Paeleo-Indians (who were originally descended from Lucy) didn't evolve past the hunter gatherer stage until the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th century for America, and as late as the 19th century for Africa.

The exploitation of these resources and the resultant astronomical increase in prosperity, civilization and quality of life across Africa and the USA did not begin until the arrival of the Europeans.

Its worth reiterating that despite the God given riches, Africa and America were two continents populated by desperately poor, uncivilized, warring tribes, who suffered starvation, disease and abysmally low life expectancy for millions of years until the arrival of the Europeans.

Before I advance any further, I understand the argument that these people would have been better off if the Europeans had left them alone. This is the most juvenile nonsense and is being advanced by a motley collection of hippies, white middle class hand wringers, bleeding hearts, self loathers, the foreign aid industry and a horde of publicity seeking celebrity millionaires who are polishing their humanitarian credentials in order to swell their already bloated coffers and finance their hypocrisy.

They believe that without European colonization these tribes would be living happy peaceful lives to this day; living in harmony with Mother Earth taking only what they need. These people are seriously deluded. If the Europeans hadn't arrived then the Russians, Japanese, Chinese or Nazi's surely would have and if so there wouldn't be a native alive anywhere between Cairo and Cape Town or between Wasilla and Washington DC.

To continue: It only took the American people four hundred years to become the most prosperous people on the planet, with the greatest jump in prosperity coming in the last two hundred years. Similarly, the riches of Africa were released with a massive increase in wealth during the last one hundred and thirty years.

It would be foolish at this point to deny that abuses were perpetrated by the colonists on both continents, however this should be regarded as an unfortunate part of civilisation's evolution, a kind of historical learning curve.

The attitudes widely held back then have been largely eradicated by the descendants of the Europeans and anyone in America, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or skin colour can take part in the American dream if they choose to do so. Alternatively they can choose not to do so and blame the white man for their condition or the mythical "lingering legacy of slavery."

After billions of years of laying untouched in the ground and after 3.2 million years of humanoid habitation and evolution, the wealth of Africa was finally exploited and released by the Europeans. This advance of civilisation was unacceptable to the new breed of 'progressives' infesting the United Nations and as a consequence the Europeans were blackmailed and bullied into to handing everything over to the Africans.

The results are there for all to see: on a continent blessed with abundant riches of all kinds.  Poverty, starvation, disease, violent crime, low life expectancy etc. have all returned, and we can add to this black on black racism.

It must be remembered that the hard work had already been done by the Europeans. Armed only with their self belief, work ethic and a desire for a better life, they took an untouched continent, developed it and released its riches.

When the Africans took over, the technology was developed, the infrastructure was in place, the wealth was already created, all they had to do was continue running the government and the industries.

After half a century of self rule and with countless billions in aid from countries with far less human and natural resources, African run Africa is a total disaster and a blight on humanity. This sad situation cannot be blamed on Europeans or the white man or the "lingering legacy of Colonialism." The black African is solely to blame, they had it all and they threw it away, they are the authors of their own misfortune.

The evolution of modern America is a similar story, but in addition to self belief, work ethic and a desire for a better life, the American people were armed with a 4487 word Constitution which guaranteed individual liberty, free enterprise and limited government.

In only two hundred years a handful of people from thirteen colonies created the biggest economy on the planet, they created more prosperity for more people in all human history.

The divisively named 'African'-Americans have been free to participate for over one hundred and fifty of those two hundred years and yet millions remain in so called poverty and continue to blame their condition on the white man or the same mythical "lingering legacy of slavery."

People are, by and large, afraid to discuss the reasons for black so called poverty for fear of being smeared by the cultural Marxists who infest the American political class and media.  As a result the myths and falsehoods are allowed to perpetuate and go unchallenged.

No such fear inhabits this site so the truth can be written and stuff the consequences. Publish and be damned is the order of the day.

So called black poverty in America is the sole responsibility of the black people themselves, combined with the cynical manipulation by vile black racists who have a vested interest in keeping the hate and divisiveness going.

Apart from the usual race baiters such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the increasingly demented Louis Farrakhan, the leading protagonists for stirring up racial hatred and its resultant 'poverty' are household names who should be ashamed of themselves. Oprah Winfrey, Attorney General Eric Holder, Barry Obama and his bitter and twisted wife, Michelle.

Looking closer at their public appearances and pronouncements one can see their contempt and simmering hatred toward white people. It is not difficult to spot the face contorting hatred Michelle Obama exhibits whenever she is forced to interact with or speak about white people. It's unexplainable why she is like this because outside of the manufactured media created image, she has never been poor nor has she endured the hardships normally associated with so called black poverty.

It is now being acknowledged at long last that black people have the same access to education and government services as anyone else and it isn't the white man that forces them to drop out, kill each other, join street gangs, deal in drugs, to have babies out of wedlock or live on welfare.

The condition of black people in America is a result of their own poor decision making, not the white man or the 'lingering legacy of slavery'. Many impressionable black people are influenced by the race baiting and hate filled behavior of people like Oprah Winfrey, Eric Holder and the Obamas. Shame on them.

Black people in America have succeeded in all fields from politics, sport, entertainment, business, industry, the military, medicine etc. etc. People such as Colin Powell, Condaleezza Rice, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Dr Ben Carson, Herman Cain and millions more. Even the President of the United States and the First Lady are black. ( In Barry's case only half black).

It has to be accepted that the there is no 'lingering legacy of slavery'; that's all gone, its over and done with but it is still being used as an excuse by unscrupulous race baiters to make a good living out of perpetuating hatred.

This is a stunning intervention in the debate by American war hero and former black Congressman from Florida, Colonel Allan West. He says it better than anyone.

"This is my clear and succinct message to white Americans. How long will it be before 'you people' realize you have elevated someone to the office of president who abjectly hates you - not to mention his henchman Holder. Combined they are the most vile and disgusting racists - not you."

Many black people are seeing the light as demonstrated by the people such as Bill Cosby.

Here is a must see video of a black American who gets it and isn't afraid to tell the truth.

This is a hilarious video of a black Pastor who also gets it. If one can ignore his ranting style the message is potent.



    You might like this. The Irish Savant writes in a similar style to you. but is quite a bit further to the right.

    1. I visit the savant occasionally and I must say he doesn't mince his words. I am not sure why the site carries a health warning, I've seen worse.

  2. It is erroneous to state Europeans helped others out of the hunter-gather stage. This had been accomplished before original Europeans depigmented into current Europeans. Also, current Europeans were helped by their older pigmented siblings from Africa, out of 2-3 dark ages. Also, we are currently in another dark age worldwide thanks to current Europeans.
    You cannot be in a hunter-gather stage when you are smelting iron and building cities and calculating math, astronomy, etc.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You are making the assumption that the people that colonized Europe from Africa were pigmented in the first place, there is no evidence of this. No ancient fossil has been found with skin on it.

      There is evidence however that under the bodily hair of humanoids such as Lucy the skin was unpigmented. Pigmentation only beginning when bodily hair was shed during evolution.

      Those humanoids that had already migrated northward to colder climates were never pigmented to begin with.

      I am not sure that the stone structures of Greater Zimbabwe can be compared with the cities of ancient Babylon, Karnak or Athens and I believe calculating math and astronomy began in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

      With respect you may have missed the point of the essay which is that for some reason evolution progressed with great pace in Europe and stalled in Africa.

      Another dark age? I would rather be alive today with all the advantages of modern life than the savage, violent, diseased world of even two centuries ago.