Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Political Reprobates - The Abuse Of Trust And The Hoodwinking Of The British People

I recall some years ago asking the question of an American brother as to why, out of a population of some three hundred and fifty million souls, they regularly manage to find someone totally unsuitable to be their President. Going through my mind was the crook Richard Nixon, the hopelessly incompetent Jimmy Carter, the lying sexual predator Bill Clinton and the mysterious, communist impostor Barry Obama.

Out of this discussion came the point that despite the stiff upper lip, combined with a reputation for tradition, good manners and fair play, British politicians aren't exactly paragons of virtue.

This comment set my memory off trying to assess the standard of person the British elect to be their representatives. Political scandals tend to appear in the public consciousness individually and mostly tend to be forgotten, especially with the advent of the twenty four hour news cycle, but when they are looked at collectively the sorry state of British political life takes on a different hue.

Just from my own memory I can vaguely recall the 1960's Profumo scandal whereby the Minister for War or something, was having extra marital relations with prostitutes, one of whom was also having it off with a Russian spy.

John Profumo lied to Parliament about the scandal and that was the end of him and his career. He spent the rest of his life doing charitable work for the poor in the East End of London.

I vaguely recall socialist Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, doing something dodgy with a friend and donor, Lord Gannex, and also handing out honours to political allies and donors.

The next thing that sticks in my mind is the blatant lying of Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath, over accession to the Common Market, which in my mind set the precedent for the serial, habitual lying of politicians today.

I have a blank spot thereafter until the Jeremy Thorpe homosexual lover scandal hit the headlines like a bombshell. This was not just a hilarious episode of a national political leader getting caught in a homosexual and murder for hire scandal, but it also exposed for the first time the extent of establishment cover ups and how they will lie and deceive in order to look after one of their own.

It has also laid bare the appallingly low standard of person that has become the norm in public life.

Briefly, Jeremy Thorpe was the leader of the Liberal Party and an establishment figure of the day. The public perception of Thorpe was of a happily married man, albeit a buffoon who was struggling to keep the rump of the historical Liberal Party together after its infiltration by cranks, clowns, dope smoking hippies and hand wringing bleeding hearts.

Thorpe was having a homosexual affair with a chap called Norman 'Bunnies' Scott who threatened to make it public if Thorpe didn't keep some promises he had made. The story goes that Thorpe hired a hit man to bump Scott off and who only succeeded in killing his Great Dane, Rinka.

The subsequent trial had the nation laughing in unison as never before as it revealed the secret shenanigans of the political establishment which included the judiciary.

Nowadays scandals flow thick and fast, some with hilarity, some with disastrous consequences for the innocent victims involved, but all give a clear demonstration of the descent of public life into the gutter.

The following are a brief sample which contain hilarity and horror in different amounts:

Cyril Smith, the MP for Rochdale; his manufactured public image was of a jovial public servant who lived with his elderly mother and who's main concern was the welfare of public he had sworn to serve.

In reality Smith was a rampant, depraved paedophile who serially abused young boys with the full knowledge of the Liberal Party hierarchy and the police. They kept his perversion quiet until his death which allowed him to carry on abusing and ruining the lives of young boys for decades.

 How these people can live with themselves knowing they are accessories to the sexual abuse of children is beyond any decent thinking person.

Paddy Ashdown, former Liberal leader and now a noble Lord of the Realm. His manufactured public image was of a happily married man and dedicated public servant. In reality he was an adulterer who deliberately lied about his infidelity to his wife and his constituents. Had not a newspaper threatened to expose his duplicity he would still be lying about it today.

Obviously the people of Yeovil learned nothing from the Paddy Pantsdown deceit and went on to elect another Liberal Democrat who not only lied and deceived them but also looted their hard earned money in an expenses scandal. David Laws' manufactured image was of a young, dynamic successful businessman who made his millions so quickly he was able to retire while still in his twenties.

Despite being a multi-millionaire he stole tens of thousands of taxpayer money and channeled it to his secret homosexual lover. The thieving crook escaped prosecution and is currently a Minister of State at the Department of Education. Crime obviously does pay if you tick the establishment and homosexual boxes.

Liberal Democrat MP Mark Oaten. His manufactured public image was of a traditional family man who was happy to parade his wife and children in public in order to con the people into electing him to Parliament. In reality he was about as depraved as it gets. He was enjoying three-in-a-bed orgies with young rent boys and indulging in sexual practices that is too revolting even for the strongest stomach.

Simon Hughes, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party. His manufactured public image is of a fearless public campaigner and confirmed bachelor. His initial election campaign for Bermondsey was against Peter Tatchell, the Labour Party's militant homosexual activist. Hughes ran a homophobic campaign running as the straight candidate. His own sexuality frequently came into question and he consistently denied being on the other bus. As always, the truth eventually comes out and, surprise surprise, Hughes was lying and has admitted that he indulged in homosexual relationships.

Lord Rennard, former Liberal Democrat Chief Executive. His manufactured public image was of a tireless worker for the party and celebrity fund raiser. In reality and with the full knowledge of the party hierarchy he was a serial sexual predator. By keeping silent the party hierarchy allowed this predator to carry on abusing women for years. Current Deputy Prime Minister Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg was aware of this predator but did nothing to protect women from his vile activities.

Lord Rennard is not, as one might expect, serving a sentence in prison but is representing the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords on a taxpayer funded expenses and allowances package.

Chris Huhne, former Minister for Energy and Climate Change. (Yes the British actually have a Minister for the Global Warming scam). His manufactured public image was of a traditional family man and like Mark Oaten, he was happy to parade his wife and children in public in order to con them. His wife and children appeared on his election literature as the rocks that are the foundation of his life.

In reality he was shagging his campaign secretary who herself was in a civil relationship with her lesbian lover. Huhne was acknowledged to be an obnoxious character who was forced to resign when his criminal behavior was exposed and he was forced to serve a prison sentence for perverting the course of justice.

Lembik Opik a former Liberal Democrat MP. His manufactured image was of a honest if slightly eccentric hard working representative. He was involved in a very public relationship with the country's favourite weather girl Sian Lloyd. Although being engaged to be married he was having it off with one of the Cheeky Girls and possibly her sister.

Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats was, with the full knowledge of the party hierarchy, a serial boozer and was often pissed out of his head in the Commons chamber. No breathalyzer for the political class to prove their competency.

The one thing in common with these deviants, perverts, philanderers, crooks and general reprobates is that they are all Liberal Democrats who tax and make the laws, rules and regulations for the British people to obey.

Obviously, this sort of behavior is not confined to the Liberal Democrats but it must be said that as the smallest party of the big three legacy parties they have more criminals and reprobates per head than the other two combined.

I would humbly suggest that the various electorates who continually vote these people as their representatives are embarrassing themselves and making themselves a laughing stock before the country and the world.

The Liberal Democrats are worthless and a wasted vote, hopefully the people will come to their senses and put this party out of its misery and confine it to the dustbin of history where it belongs.



  1. Give Jeremy Thorpe his dues, he did introduce a new term into the English language.......
    Pillow Biter.

    1. The whole scandal is as funny today as it was back then.

      Apparently after he forcibly had his wicked way with the Pillow Biter, he asked him how he liked his eggs as if nothing had happened.


  2. There was an "article" in the Mail about some pervert who placed a camera in his shopping bag so he could indecent photos of women in skirts whilst out shopping. (got a slapped wrist, and walked). I posed the question "has Clegg recruited him yet?" Didn't bother to check back to see if it was published, they don't like my comments at the mail. I just do it to wind the moderator up.

    1. That is seriously funny. I would consider it an honour to banned by the Mail moderator.

      I have been censored by the Torygraph before and I am currently persona non grata at WalesOnLine.