Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rivers Of Blood Speech - Rioters and British Jihadists Confirm It Was Right

The 'Rivers of Blood' speech, made by British Member of Parliament, Enoch Powell, on the 25th April 1968, is remarkable for several reasons, including the fact that it was prophetic. There aren't many speeches that have resonated for so long or have been distorted so much by unscrupulous political activists so that it can still be used as a smear on anyone who questions their warped agenda.

It also further demonstrates that even back then there was a huge disconnect between the political class and the people.

Briefly, the much maligned Enoch Powell was a classical scholar, of Welsh descent, who possessed such a towering intellect that he made his contemporaries of the day look like village idiots, and in particular, his party leader Edward Heath.

Heath was an inadequate, self loathing loner who was the original disciple of the European project which included cultural replacement via mass immigration. He lived in fear of Powell's superior intellect and he knew that he would lose by a country mile any debate on his traitorous agenda.

He needed an excuse to get rid of Enoch Powell not just from the government and the Conservative party but from British political scene entirely.

The speech itself was rather benign and was not, as it has been portrayed, a call to violence against immigrants. It was a reaction to complaints from some of Powell's constituents about the transformation of their communities into immigrant dominated ghettos and it also served as a warning that uncontrolled immigration would lead to violent conflict some time in the future.

Powell never used the words 'rivers of blood', but being a classical scholar he merely quoted a few words from a line in Virgil's poem 'Aeneid'.

"As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood".

Seizing his chance, Heath distorted the speech, sacked Powell from government and mobilized the like minded traitors from all the political parties in his tawdry enterprise. They used every dirty trick in the book to demonise and smear their intellectual superior who was acutely aware of their ultimate aim of Great Britain's subjugation.

The sacking and deliberate vilification of Powell provoked a furious reaction from the ordinary people who lived outside the incestuous Westminster latrine and it also demonstrated the disconnect between politicians and the people.

Dockers from the East End of London and Tilbury went on strike immediately on news of his sacking and marched to Parliament in support of Powell as did the porters from Smithfield markets.

By April 25th he had received thirty thousand letters of support and by early May that had increased to forty-three thousand in addition to seven hundred telegrams.

A Gallup poll showed that seventy-four percent agreed with Powell with fifteen percent disagreeing. Sixty-nine percent disagreed with Heath's sacking of Powell.

Politicians of Powell's intellect are non-existent today and as a consequence the people are stuck with agenda driven career bureaucrats who have no experience of anything outside of party politics.

Regardless of party, modern politicians are all clones of each other who are only capable of repeating slogans and soundbites fed to them by spin doctors and who possess the intellectual level of a cockroach and the morals of a feral tom cat.

These parasitic low lifes still portray Powell as a racist and they still demonise and smear anyone who exposes their dirty tricks, who has the temerity to tell the truth and who are not afraid to put his speech into its proper context.

The questions one is bound to ask is firstly, was Enoch Powell right when he predicted bloodshed on the streets of Great Britain due to mass immigration?

The answer is so simple that even the smallest of intellectual pygmies will not be able to deny the truth.

Since Enoch Powell's speech in 1968 the 'rivers of blood' include:

The Chapelton race riots in 1975, 81 and 87

The Notting Hill race riot 1976

The Southall race riot in 1979

The St Paul's race riot in  1980

The Brixton race riot in 1981

The Toxteth race riot in 1981

The Mosside race riot in 1981

The Handsworth Race riot in 1981

Despite an inquiry and an injection of tens of millions of taxpayer money there followed more race riots in Brixton in 1985

Another race riot in Handsworth in 1985

The Broadwater Farm race riot in 1985 which saw the horrific beheading of Police Constable Blakelock.

The Dewsbury race riot in 1985

They love a good riot down there in South London. They kicked off again in Brixton in 1985 for third time.

The Bradford race riot in 1985

The July 7th bombings in 2005 which wreaked death and destruction on the London Transport system....... and so on it goes with the latest being the London riots in 2011 which started when the police sent an armed self confessed ghetto gangsta to meet his maker.

One would have thought that the sight and sound of two blood soaked Muslim jihadists, still armed with butchers knives and meat cleavers, ranting in public about the will of Allah while behind them is the lifeless body of a British soldier lying in a river of his own blood might make the politicians recant on the vilification Enoch Powell, but they didn't.

Powell does not have an equivalent politician today who has the spine to stand up and state publicly what they acknowledge in private, that blood will be spilled on the streets of Great Britain at some time in the future as a consequence of mass immigration.

Regardless of the evidence before their eyes and despite the hundreds of millions of taxpayer money already spent, politicians of all parties including Labour and UKIP are still calling for open borders and an influx of Syrians.

The rivers of blood that have stained British streets up until now will turn into a raging torrent when the young battle hardened jihadists, trained in the latest terrorist techniques, return to Great Britain from the war zones around the world and turn their attention to their home turf.

These jihadists are fanatics who hate England with a passion, their blood lust is insatiable and they will not settle back into routine life when they return from the battlefield.

There are British and other European based jihadists fighting in Muslim wars all over the world including hundreds in Syria.  The British people need to be organised and prepared, ready for their return and the war against Britain they have long publicly sworn to start.


  1. The fact that dockers and market porters, mostly labour voters, marched in support of Powell demonstrates his popularity.

    1. His support was universal and across all classes; except, that is, the treacherous political class who are still selling the British people out to this day.