Monday, January 13, 2014

The End Of British Sovereignty - Ignore The People, The Cronies Know Best

It is without a shadow of a doubt that the next year or so will rank among the most important in British history since the people stood alone against Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party in 1940.

The onward march of the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable European Union bureaucrats is relentless and unless they are stopped the result will be the same as if Hitler had succeeded with his Operation Sea Lion during World War II. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a unique country and culture that evolved over 1500 years, will cease to exist.

The argument that it will remain in existence but with its sovereignty shared inside a German dominated United States of Europe is false. This is just one more lie in catalogue of lies that have been foisted upon the British people since its then Prime Minister, Edward Heath, lied about the nature of the Common Market during the original accession referendum.

If the current EU leaders tout the existence of 'Founding Fathers' then it is obvious that nation building was the intention from the very beginning and not a loose trading group.

One of these so called 'Founding Fathers', Jean Monet, advocated that the peoples of Europe should be deceived by their leaders into believing that the Common Market was a benign trading organization until enough sovereignty had been acquired to make the federal superstate a fait accompli and impossible to reverse.

"Europe's nations should be guided towards a superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation."

The self serving British political class have been willfully lying to the British people ever since, and to such an extent that lying has become a normal part of political discourse by almost every politician, public sector bureaucrat and ambitious back scratching political crony.

If anyone is in any doubt about this serial lying, then this must read article should put their disbelieving minds at rest.

Unfortunately for the current political establishment, the British people are slowly awakening from their long slumber and are becoming acutely aware of the future being planned for them in a post democratic federal superstate - a state which they cannot get rid of via the ballot box.

With the impoverishment of the Greek, Italian, Irish and Cypriot people and the subsequent suspension of democracy, the consequences of this disastrous sellout are there for all to see: not to mention the cultural replacement agenda being imposed on the British people via open border mass immigration.

Again if there are any doubters, then the false arguments of unelected UN bureaucrat and Goldman Sachs bigwig, Peter Sutherland, used to justify ethnic cleansing, should be read and understood. He refers to ethnic cleansing by the politically correct and therefore more acceptable term of "un-homogenizing".

This remote member of the global bureaucratic elite obviously doesn't live in places such as the no go Somali dominated areas of Bristol, the no go Pakistani areas of Manchester, Bradford and London, or the no go Caribbean gangsta areas of Broadwater Farm in North London.

He obviously hasn't seen the Romanian gypsy camps now infesting British towns and cities; even iconic tourist spots in London such as Marble Arch, Regent Street and Hyde Park Corner are not spared.

He obviously hasn't been the victim of the organized East European street crime gangs.

He obviously hasn't had an underage daughter groomed and sexually abused by the Muslim paedophile gangs of Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford or London.

He obviously hasn't had a young son, who volunteered to serve his country in the military, brutally butchered in broad daylight on a London street by Muslim fanatics who were in the country due to his policy of  'un-homogenizing.'

I would humbly suggest that unless this fat cat bureaucrat is going to live with the consequences of what he suggests for others, he sticks to counting his Goldman Sachs bonus money and keeps his ideas to himself.

The awakening of the British people to the EU plans of Monet, Edward Heath and the new generation of self serving political charlatans has put the fear of God into them to such an extent they are making promises they know they cannot keep.

These promises have been disallowed by the current unelected leadership of the EU including such notables as Belgian totalitarian and poison dwarf, Herman von Rompuy, and Portuguese Maoist, Jose Manuel Barrosso.

Great Britain's current media created, PR trained Prime Minister, David Cameron, is running around like a blue ar*sed fly pretending he has rediscovered his spine and threatening a referendum on British membership; but only after a renegotiation and only if he is re-elected in 2015 and not before 2017. (And he used to accuse Gordon Brown of taking the British people for fools and treating them with contempt.)

A current referendum Bill is going through Parliament and was debated last week in the House of Lords. As everyone should know by now this is the unelected second chamber of the British legislature and there is not a bigger den of thieves, perverts, criminals, freeloaders, cronies, drunks, corruptocrats and general villainy outside of the EU bureaucracy itself.

Speaking against giving the people a say on the future of their country and culture were paragons of virtue such as Lord Mandelson, who as Peter Mandelson had to twice resign from Tony Blair's government under accusations of corruption.

Despite his dodgy past as well as being thoroughly obnoxious, the walking dead of Hartlepool re-elected him at the next election but he resigned to take up a more lucrative post on the EU gravy train. Riches and connections followed and he has never looked back.

Peter 'The Crab' Mandelson was 'elevated' to the House of Lords and is now so important that he intimates that the British cannot be trusted with a vote on their future or the future of their culture.

Lord Kinnock is also against the British people voting on their future. This inexperienced, nobody should have loser tattooed on his forehead. Without the benefit of tribal voting and cronyism, this venal money grabber would be standing outside the benefits office in Bedwellty with his dog on a piece of string selling the Big Issue.

After losing a series of elections, the Welsh Windbag was inexplicably appointed as an EU Commissioner and leaped aboard the gravy train. He was forced to resign due to a corruption scandal but was re-appointed. After his term was up he was inexplicably 'elevated' to the House of Lords; a place he swore by all that is holy he would never join.

Keeping it in the family, his wife Glenys also enjoyed a stellar political career despite having zero qualifications or experience in the real world. Like her spouse, due to tribal voting and cronyism, she leaped aboard the gravy train as a Member of the European Parliament. Also, like her spouse, she was 'elevated' to the very House of Lords she claimed to despise.

This pair have their snouts so firmly buried in the public purse they are known as the first family of troughers.

Also speaking against the British people having a say in their own future were ex EU bureaucrats, Lord Brittan, Lord Richard and Lord Clinton-Davies.

These six anti-British charlatans have all become wealthy by being appointed to the taxpayer funded EU gravy train then subsequently appointed to the House of Lords. They are all in receipt of gold plated, taxpayer funded EU pensions which are conditional on them never saying anything negative about the EU.  Their loot and ill gotten gains are also conditional on them always promoting 'ever closer union'.

At no time during the debate on an EU referendum or any time during interviews in the media have these crooks declared their financial interest in the EU.

In addition to their EU loot, they are also paid taxpayer funded expenses and allowances for being Lords of the Realm; this includes three hundred pounds per day ($480) Attendance Allowance just for turning up.

Other members of the political class in receipt of a conditional EU pension and who oppose the British people having a vote include:

Lord Patten, former EU Commissioner, another loser who was appointed the last Governor of Hong Kong, Chancellor of Oxford University and he is currently the disastrous Chairman of the BBC Trust. If it wasn't for cronyism this is another loser that would be selling the Big Issue.

Baroness Ashton who as Cathy Ashton was the finance officer for the anti-British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). This group of lefty activists promoted unilateral nuclear disarmament at the height of the cold war and Ashton apparently took money from the Soviet Union, a charge which she has failed to deny.

She was appointed to the House of Lords and is currently one of the highest paid political cronies on the planet after being appointed as the European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security. It must be noted that Ashton has never had a proper job in her whole sorry life nor has she ever stood for election to anything.

Nick 'the Quisling' Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and EU fanatic. This one hates Great Britain, its people and its culture with a passion. He will sell out his granny in a heartbeat to curry favour with his beloved EU bureaucrats.

I could go on and talk about the criminal former government minister Chris Huhne, former defence minister Geoff Hoon, the current MP for Cynon Valley, Ann Clwyd who are all Eurocrats and aboard the gravy train but Aston Villa v. Arsenal are kicking off presently and that is a much more pleasant experience than writing about these odious creeps.

The British people have an opportunity next year during the European elections to give these crooks, charlatans and cronies the sack and save their country from sinking without trace into an unaccountable bureaucracy without end.


  1. Did you see Question Time last week? I don't know why I punish myself. The UKIP chap laid into Chucky blaming him for importing millions of immigrants and finisedh off by stating "Britain is full" About two people clapped for a moment.
    Then some imbecile in the audience claimed there had been many studies that proved immigration was good for the economy. The place erupted.
    Give the left their dues, they know how to fight dirty.

    1. The left have got the BBC in the bag, I'm amazed that Cameron still spins about it being a national asset. QT is so blatantly bias I gave up watching it years ago.

      The license fee or tele tax should be voluntary.

  2. And yet when the Caliphate comes the first murdered will be all the leftists at the BBC and their ilk. The supreme irony and not one that I won't enjoy. Britain IS certainly full. Full of the detritus of Pakistan and India, the detritus of North Africa and the Middle East, the detritus of the Slavs and Romanis. The country is bankrupt and the Long War against Islam is about to enter the most serious phase since Vienna or Poitiers. Then, the British and Saxon English were not directly threatened. Now all the native Europeans are about to be murdered. Will they realise in time? The decision must come within the next 50 years for Islam will butcher them all if given the opportunity. Well done Cambrian Dissenter.

    1. It is sad that its come to this but I fear you are right. The political class and their cronies are hell bent on destroying Great Britain and its unique culture and they ignore the will of the people at every turn.

      I hope the British people wake up sooner rather than later and take action to remove these charlatans and hold them to account for what they have done.

  3. It seems that it is far too late for referenda (as if the ruling class would ever listen to what you say) and the time to be quietly re-arming yourselves. Where you go the rest of the Commonwealth goes - actually that bit of the Commonwealth that carries your genes, of course.

    1. Cameron's plan for a renegotiation and subsequent referendum in 2017 is a cynical delaying tactic. Between now and then the country will be 3 more years into the mire which makes it all the more difficult to get out.

      I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that there is not a peaceful solution available and violence may be the only option.

  4. Spot on Blog. The govt are still at it (giving our money away) It seems that all of this so called fracking has been given to foreign companies, who will then nail us to the wall with prices that we cannot afford & then take their extortionate profits out of the country.
    Scameron will never get us out of the common market, he will lose to much money.

    1. All but two of the energy companies are foreign owned, along with two of the biggest banks, the water industry, the biggest airports, including Heathrow, the remnants of steel industry and anything else of value.

      The British people have been sold out by the self serving political class and hopefully one day they will be held accountable for their crimes.