Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Politicians Want Open Borders For Syrian Refugees - The People Do Not

Judging by recent news in the western media it would appear that the refugee crisis caused by the Syrian civil war is highlighting once again the yawning chasm that exists between the political class and the people they are supposed to represent.  It also represents the creeping ongoing attempt by the professional bureaucrats in the United Nations to take upon itself the role of a global government.

The reality of the Syrian tragedy gets lost in the dust kicked up by the political class as they jostle and elbow each other in their pathetic attempts to demonstrate their humanitarian credentials.

Syria's tragedy is just one of many going on around the world where people are forced to flee from their homes as a result of violence perpetrated either by insurgents of some kind or despotic governments repressing their own people.

The political class needs to explain why the Syria crisis has suddenly become the focus of their attention above violent episodes elsewhere in the world. They also need to answer a multitude of other questions before they do their usual trick of ignoring the will of the people and opening the borders to what we all know will be tens of thousands of economic migrants not refugees.

Bashar al Assad didn't become a blood thirsty despot overnight; he's always been one, as was his blood soaked father before him. The so called humanitarian political class tolerated their excesses for two generations as they tortured and murdered anyone who spoke up against their tyranny.

These so called humanitarians have tolerated the excesses of any number of despots and ignored the suffering of their people. In many cases the have supplied the materials, including arms and equipment that has enabled these despots to function.

It would appear that the world is divided into acceptable or unacceptable blood thirsty despots depending on their usefulness to the politicians of the day.

Bashar al Assad, a former dining companion of 'Hanoi' John Kerry, has obviously been moved from the acceptable to the unacceptable category.

To the horror of the hard pressed British people, the Labour party is calling on the government to open the borders to Syrian refugees ignoring the fact that refugees from war torn countries such as Sri Lanka and Afghanistan never returned home when their respective conflicts wound down but claimed asylum and stayed.

The British people have learned from bitter experience that when it comes to refugees and asylum seekers, the political class and the bureaucrats unashamedly lie through their teeth and use the situation to burnish their humanitarian credentials and progress their cultural replacement agenda.

These much abused citizens have had their fill of diversity, cultural enrichment and 'shared values'.

They have also had their fill of ungrateful immigrants from Muslim countries taking advantage of their compassion and generosity, then joining the jihad or beheading a British soldier on streets of London in broad daylight.

The last thing the British people need is a battalion of battle hardened young Muslim men from Syria joining their co-religionists from Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, violently turning against their hosts or joining in their jihad against the west.

For the benefit of the politicians who may be reading this, the British people don't care about your humanitarian credentials, enough is enough.

The European Union bureaucrats in the Brussels Commission are calling on their member countries to open their borders and the UN bureaucrats in New York are calling on the United States to do the same.

In the case of the EU bureaucrats, they know full well, as do the long suffering people, that no Syrian refugee is going to want to go to countries such as Romania, Bulgaria or Croatia.

Furthermore, how can the impoverished people of Greece, Ireland, Spain or Portugal possibly support an influx of refugees when their bankrupt economies cannot support their own people.

The truth is that Great Britain and the United States will be the destination of any exodus from Syria and they won't be returning home when the war is over. Having experienced the largesse of these governments they will remain behind, particularly in Great Britain where they will be showered with welfare benefits care of the taxpayer.

The politicians and bureaucrats from the EU and the UN are highlighting the fact that Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon are bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis. They are failing to mention the fact that there are some fifty seven Muslim countries around the world, many of which are peaceful and awash with money that could easily absorb an influx of their co-religionists without any cultural or religious conflict.

The EU and the UN bureaucrats are calling on western countries who are only now emerging from an economic recession and not on rich Muslim countries to take Muslim refugees from what is essentially an internal Muslim conflict.

They are not calling on oil rich Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar or the fabulously wealthy United Arab Emirates. They are not calling on Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, to name but a few. There is no need for western countries to open their borders to people who, when all things are said and done, despise the Anglo-Saxon, Judeao-Christian west and want it destroyed.

Beside their wealth and Muslim faith these Islamic countries also enjoy a much better climate than that cold, wet, windswept island in the north Atlantic. What could possibly be the attraction?

The fact that the Syrian crisis is not unique exposes the hypocrisy and double standards of the political class that the people now accept as normal political discourse.  Obviously some blood soaked despots are more acceptable than others.

Despots that have been transferred from the acceptable to the unacceptable category include Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic, Egypt's Hosni Murbarak and Pakistan's General Mursharaf.

Some despots have moved the other way from unacceptable to acceptable including, Wen Jiabao of  China and 'Mad Dog' Gadaffi went from unacceptable to acceptable and back to unacceptable in a matter of years.

Robert Mugabe, the butcher of Zimbabwe for some thirty years, remains in the acceptable category by virtue of the fact that he is still there murdering away in full view of the political class, the European Union and the United Nations.

As mentioned, the conflict in Syria is not unique, there are presently serious conflicts going on in Uganda, the Congo, the Central African Republic, Mali, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen, Libya, the Philippines and Burma which have all resulted in population displacement.

These conflicts will not be solved by transferring their populations to the west. On the contrary it will only sow the seeds of future conflicts by forcing one culture to accept another with which it is totally incompatible.


  1. . They are failing to mention the fact that there are some fifty seven Muslim countries around the world, many of which are peaceful and awash with money that could easily absorb an influx of their co-religionists without any cultural or religious conflict.

    Not strictly true. The biggest threat to muslims are their co-religionists. They happily kill each other. Shame they don't do a proper job and rid the world of islam.

    1. Hush, don't say that or they won't join their co-religionists.

      Seriously though, there are no conflicts at this point in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar or the UAE. These countries are also awash with money compared to the cash strapped, recession hit west and enjoy a better climate than that rain soaked, windswept island in the north Atlantic.

      It's a no brainer.

  2. They only seem to seek asylum in countries with generous welfare programmes. Even the Christian Syrian asylum seekers will be tainted by the evil of islam, so the best solution is to let them sort out their own mess.

    1. As someone has already noted, this is a problem exclusive to Islam so let Allah sort it out.