Thursday, April 11, 2019

Abject Surrender - Theresa May’s Final Humiliating Capitulation

Imagine if you can a Franco-German led European Union discussing the future of Great Britain and whether it should cease to exist as an independent sovereign nation; but before they begin their deliberations they order Prime Minister Winston Churchill to leave the room and wait outside until they have come to a decision.

Imagine the exact same scenario and the same EU Council members ordering Margaret Thatcher to leave the room and wait outside while they deliberate and make their decision. It’s inconceivable that either of these Prime Ministers would countenance such cowardly and treasonous behavior.

This is exactly what Prime Minister Theresa May did at the recent EU Council meeting after she had groveled in private first to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and secondly to French President, Emmanuel Macron.

They granted an extension to the extension of Great Britain’s leaving date which for all intents and purposes kills off Brexit once and for all. The British people’s desire to reclaim the independent, sovereign nation that millions gave their lives for, and which was freely arrived at after a winner-take-all binding referendum, has been denied.

The extension to the extension means that Great Britain’s laws, borders, trade and money will remain under the control of the unelected EU Commissioners and the British Supreme Court will be inferior to the European Court of Justice.

If that isn’t bad enough, Great Britain’s agricultural and fishing industries will still be controlled and regulated by the Commission. This means that quotas of farm produce and fish will be decided not by the elected Parliament in Westminster but by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

To put it simply, the politicians in the past ceded control over sovereign British territory including its territorial waters and this control will not now return as demanded by the British people and promised repeatedly by Parliament and Mrs. May.

One of the biggest benefits of leaving the European Union is taking back control of international trade and the tariff schedule. Since 1692 this massive undertaking was the responsibility of the President of the Board of Trade who concluded trade deals and decided tariffs across the entire world.

The current holder of this once noble and respected position is the Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox. Although it’s a senior position in government with a seat at the Cabinet table Dr. Fox has no power whatsoever over Great Britain’s trade policy or tariff schedule.

That power is held by an EU Trade Commissioner who is both unelected and anonymous. Why a global power with links to the global Commonwealth of Nations surrendered this power in the first place is never explained by the disciples of the EU project.

The ignominious position is that if Great Britain wants to conclude a trading arrangement or discuss tariffs with a non-EU country Dr Fox will have to leave the room while an EU bureaucrat negotiates on his and the countries’ behalf.

Controlled by the multi-nationals and the big banks, this Brussels bureaucrat will put their interests first leaving Dr. Fox to suck it up and take what he is given.

Watching Mrs. May’s statement to the House after being handed the EU Councils decision it is obvious that Parliament will override the will of the people and cancel Brexit. They are not even trying to hide behind spin and obfuscation any more.

What is also obvious is that once a nations’ sovereignty has been surrendered to a supranational entity like the European Union it cannot be taken back by peaceful, democratic means.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" - JFK


  1. The Northern Irish knew how to deal with such.

    Paddy One Shot got the job done.

    1. The Northern Irish voted to Remain in the European Union so they are on the same side as Theresa the Appeaser.

    2. Not when Paddy One Shot was doing his thing...

    3. Paddy One Shot is six feet under and Northern Ireland is still part of the UK. That's not getting the job done that's losing.