Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Brink of Doom - Commies Take A Nine Point Lead in Great Britain

One of the consequences of Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal is the collapse in support for her Conservative Party. If the latest polls are correct the Opposition Labour Party will win a general election handing a life-long communist and visceral anti-Semite the Premiership of Great Britain. (See here)

Jeremy Corbyn, the Member of Parliament for the London constituency of Islington North since 1983, can be characterized by the things he hates.

Being a communist and devotee of Karl Marx, capitalism and individual liberty tops his list followed closely by Great Britain itself.

Although the days of empire and Victorian/Edwardian society are long gone, he still sees Great Britain as a class-based country rife with imperialist and colonialist attitudes. 

He maintains the romantic view as portrayed by Marx and Engels of the working classes being deliberately crushed and wallowing helplessly in their oppression and victimhood.

Ignored by Corbyn, and thanks to capitalism, many of these exploited and oppressed members of the working-class wallow in their victimhood from the beaches of Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Red Sea.

Some even wallow with the kids in Disneyland or on safari in Kenya or even on one of the many luxury cruises on offer by the plethora of high street travel agents and the Internet.

In an ever more dangerous world, Corbyn hates the British military and its nuclear deterrent to the point where he wants to unilaterally scrap it and questions why we need an army at all.

He hates British culture and its white, Judeo-Christian heritage preferring instead a so-called multi-cultural society. To this end alien festivals and practices are accepted by him no matter how abhorrent while domestic festivals and practices are discouraged, and in some cases banned, because they cause offence.

Corbyn hates the United States of America because it’s a shining example of how capitalism, individual liberty and constitutionally limited government has made it the most prosperous nation on earth for those who want to partake of the American dream and even for those who don’t.

Corbyn cannot stand the reality that the prosperous United States of America shines like a beacon next to the poverty-stricken nations that are blighted by his communist ideology.

His list of hate goes on; everything associated with freedom, Great Britain and western culture is hated by Jeremy Corbyn, but he reserves some of his most visceral hatred for Israel and Jewish people. 

To the Left in general hatred of Israel and the Jewish people is an ideological requirement despite the fact many haters are no more than useful idiots since they don’t know the reason for their hatred.

Some use the myth of stolen Palestinian land as a false flag to justify their hatred but if that were the case why are they not equally vociferous about the Tibetan people and their land stolen by the Chinese?

Throughout history the Jewish people have been hated for a myriad of reasons and Jeremy Corbyn subscribes to them all but he has included another more modern reason to put his hatred of Jews on public display and that is to attract the Muslim vote.

In terms of numbers the Jewish community are insignificant in electoral terms compared to the massive Muslim community so sacrificing Jews in pursuit of political power is a means to an end for Corbyn.

Corbyn’s list of hatred is long and varied so in conclusion, and in the interests of balance, its worth noting some of things he likes:

Everything that is anti-British, anti-American and anti-western civilization.  Er..that's it. 

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