Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The People Want The Truth! - Red Ed Can't Handle The Truth!

The argument between Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, better known as Red Ed, and the Daily Mail, over an article about his communist father, raises several important issues that are worth a closer look. The first being the infantile behavior of a man that aspires to be the Prime Minister of a once great nation. The fact that Great Britain is no longer one of the greatest nations on earth is mainly down to politicians such as Red Ed and his malevolent, traitorous father.

Watching Ed Miliband perform in Parliament and on the political stage, his immaturity becomes more apparent the longer he talks. This member of the wealthy political elite is more suited to the leadership of a university student Marxist Society than of a major political party.

His dedication to Marxism mirrors that of his father, it jumps out at the listener with every sentence he utters however hard he tries to disguise it. It must be borne in mind that he only became leader of the Labour Party due to the money and political clout of Great Britain's most powerful union baron and fellow communist, Len McCluskey, of the militant union Unite.

The article in question lays out a few truths about Adolph (Ralph) Miliband, leader of the notorious group of so called 'Marxist intellectuals' that has infested British academia for decades. These 'intellectuals' set about brainwashing some of Great Britain's brightest young minds using their destructive, hateful philosophy with the sole purpose of undermining, and eventually bringing down, the very country that gave them security, and in the case of Miliband and others, sanctuary from the Nazi's.

A glance at the radical company that Ralph kept not only reveals the who's who of communist academia but the depth of the infiltration of these revolutionaries into the education establishment.

Two of the issues raised by this spat is Ed Miliband's veiled suggestion that freedom of the press has some limitations and that 'smearing' his late father may be step too far. This is an indication of the inherent urge of communists to control the press; they have a particular aversion to the people having the ability to read the truth.  As a member of the Blair/Brown government that ran a black propaganda machine at the heart of government, Miliband should be the last person to be complaining about smear.

Secondly there is nothing in the article that isn't true.  Ed Miliband however, would prefer a sanitized version of his father's story which fits in with the communist penchant for re-writing history.

He seems to take particular exception to the author questioning his father's patriotism but anyone reading Ralph's pronunciations would come to exactly the same conclusion. He despised long established British institutions with a passion that only a fanatic could have. He despised everything British from the Monarchy to the military and from the Church to the culture of individual liberty.  It must have been torture for Ralph to be living in a country that he hated so much.

Ed Miliband claims his father proved his patriotism and love of Great Britain by joining the military and fighting in WW II. This assertion is meaningless as thousands of non British joined the military specifically to fight Hitler and the Nazi's rather than for any love of Britain.

Socialist icon George Orwell and thousands of others fought in the Spanish civil war, not because of patriotism or to demonstrate his love of Spain but to fight Franco and Fascists.

Red Ed would rather the people not know about his father's fanatical dedication to communism and his own sense of duty to carry on with the revolution to destroy Great Britain and replace it with the usual centrally controlled nightmare that has impoverished and killed millions around the world.

What kind of fanatic stands with fists clenched at the grave of Karl Marx and swears a private oath to the workers cause? What kind of nutcase allows any stray revolutionary into his home and allows his own children to listen and absorb their poison and their hatred of the West?  Surely this is bordering on child abuse as practiced by Muslims who expose their young children to the brainwashing of radical imams.

Red Ed's protestations only serve to draw further attention to his father's fanaticism and his own mission to carry on his father's communist revolution.

At this point it's worth looking at a couple more quotes from Ralph Miliband contained in one of my early efforts at blogging:

He recalls "being in Highgate cemetery standing in front of Karl Marxs' grave, fists clenched swearing my own private oath that I would be faithful to the workers cause".

" I thought of myself as a revolutionary socialist or communist".

Later, an unrepentant Ralph goes on to say "I don't know how faithful I was to that oath in terms of action. I am sure I could have done more, immeasurably more. But I have not  from that day to this departed from the view that this was the right cause and that I belong to it".

Ralph is buried about twelve yards from his blood soaked hero.

One can only imagine the furore if a 'conservative intellectual' swore a similar oath at the grave of Mussolini. The BBC and the Guardian would have a field day.

In his book 'Socialism For A Sceptical Age', Ralph Miliband gives the world a clue as to the motivation and modus operundi of his son, by stating that "the construction of a socialist state is a generational journey. Moving toward a goal rather than the goal itself".

Ed Miliband confirmed during his recent speech to the Labour Party conference that he is a chip off the old block; he is continuing that generational journey toward the socialist state so beloved by his father. High taxes, redistribution of wealth, central control of peoples lives, confiscation of private property by the state etc. etc.  Red Ed is offering nothing other than an overbearing socialist state, it's all there if one can be bothered to read and understand it.

The truth about Red Ed and his fanatical father is in the public domain and if he doesn't like it, tough luck. Their commitment to the destruction of Great Britain and its replacement with a communist state is now common knowledge.

Armed with this knowledge we live in hope that the public will take notice, act accordingly and boot him out. He will then be free to emigrate to North Korea where the system is more to his liking.


  1. My late Dad was also in the Royal Navy, for 24 years from aged 16 as an artificer apprentice in 1934.

    He joined because (a) there was/had been a Great Depression, and (b) he was following his own late father who had been a career sailor until 1930 when he died in an accident in harbour just a few months after he got back from a 30 month posting in the China station.

    Why did Ralph Miliband join the Royal Navy? Not because he volunteered.

    There is one hell of a difference. RM could have ended up anywhere, as an immigrant.

    1. Thanks for the info Roger. This makes Red Ed's statement about his fathers patriotism an insult to those like your late father and grandfather.

      My distaste for the Milibands is increased further after reading your comment.

  2. Just another worthless ingrate that washed up over here .Not unlike Abu Hamza in reality. I wish someone would go back one more generation. Apparently Adolf's father was an fifth columnist assassin for the red army killing Polish patriots during a spat with communist Russia.

  3. Worthless ingrate sums him up. Red Ed needs to explain why a fanatical communist like his father went west instead of east to escape the Nazi's. Surely he would have been more at home in Russia than in class ridden Great Britain.

    What p*sses people off is the fact that having accepted sanctuary, he proceeded to subvert the country in order to bring about its downfall. The ungrateful scumbag.

    In the meantime Red Ed is doing the same by selling us out to the EU. He has no historic links to Great Britain, only to his perverted ideology.

    1. "What p*sses people off is the fact that having accepted sanctuary, he proceeded to subvert the country in order to bring about its downfall."

      They (the chosen ones) have done this for thousands of years.

    2. It is becoming standard behavior for immigrants. Accept sanctuary then whinge and whine about how awful we are.

      I repeat, if our country is not to their liking then Foxtrot Oscar to somewhere that better meets their needs.

  4. So you're saying,as I see it, he's pretty much SanFraNan Pelosi in a suit. But with married parents. We have enough heartache and misery - he's all yours.

    1. Thanks Old Man, Red Ed is Pelosi in a suit and without the botox.

      In the spirit of brotherhood and trans Atlantic co-operation we British think you take Red Ed off our hands. You can have him for free. I believe you have a secure location on an island in San Fransico bay.