Monday, February 10, 2014

Christians Killing Muslims In Central Africa - Outraged World Government To Act

News about the latest bloodletting in Africa should come as no surprise to anyone who takes just the briefest interest in global affairs - as a matter of fact the only surprise is that it's made the news at all, especially when the country involved is the obscure Central African Republic(CAR).

Bloodletting has been going on unreported for decades, and indeed is still going on, in places such as South Africa and Zimbabwe in the south, to Chad, Mali and Mauritania in the north.

Central African countries have their own place in the historical bloodletting Hall of Fame due to its unbridled savagery, with Rwanda and Burundi taking top place with over eight hundred thousand people butchered, mainly by means of the panga. (a foot long type of machete)

The killings in the central region of Africa have been ongoing since decolonization and is mainly between rival tribes and warlords fighting it out for political control, and in particular, for control of the areas rich natural resources.

In recent years the bloodletting has been exacerbated by the rise and spread of militant Islam and its desire to erase all other religions and subject everyone to its control.

For decades in places such as Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Chad, Pakistan and Iran, Christians have been systematically slaughtered in huge numbers, sometimes in the most horrific fashion, without so much as a squeak of protest from the international handwringing community, including the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope.

The list of attacks by Muslims on Christians is truly staggering but hardly raises a ripple among the professional bureaucrats from the UN, the EU, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the bleeding heart 'progressive' political class that infest the legislatures and institutions of western countries.

It is universally accepted nowadays that these supranational institutions and their compliant national governments have embarked on a global transformational agenda which requires equality of nations regardless of their individual states of development. Disparity between nations is eliminated by downgrading the developed world until they are more or less in line with the undeveloped world.

(For proof of this one only has to look at the sorry state of individual European countries compared to a decade ago and the rapid descent of America under the ultra progressive supranationalist Obama).

The eradication of Christians and Christianity, together with those nations whose culture and moral code is derived from Christianity, is therefore tolerated by the global 'progressive' elite and this can be verified by their reaction to events in the Central African Republic.

Briefly, the population of the Central African Republic is 80.3% Christian, 10.1% Muslim and 9.6% Indigenous beliefs. The Muslims, situated mainly in the north and backed by co-religionists from Sudan and Chad, overthrew the government and started to do what Muslims do best - use murder, violence and brutality to impose their religion on others.

The UN, the EU and the rest of the international handwringing community were relatively silent at this point only to wake up when the Christian community were forced to resist and fight back.

Unlike the inertia displayed when Christian communities were being slaughtered in Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan etc. the UN and France sent a force of peacekeepers to protect the Muslims from the people they had previously been violently subjugating.

The embattled Christian community were having none of the UN and France peacekeeping nonsense and continued to send the Muslim population packing declaring that they want every Muslim gone from their country.

This act of defiance and subsequent fight back set the alarm bells ringing among the supranational elite for obvious reasons: if this act of resistance by a Christian community was allowed to continue, other embattled populations might be emboldened and do the same, which could stall their transformational agenda and even put it into reverse.

The UN is authorizing the EU to send in troops and negotiators in attempt to broker a peace deal but the Christian resistance appears to be adamant; they have declared that there will be no reconciliation. It would appear that enough is enough and there is no going back.

In addition to this the usual suspects from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are monitoring the violence and sending their reports which are designed to garner sympathy but which only seem to have the opposite effect. The prevailing attitude seems to be that the Muslim community got what it deserved or is only getting a taste of their own medicine.

This is unfortunate because, as always, innocent people from all sides pay the biggest price in a civil war.

Again, unlike the mayhem and murder visited upon Christian communities in the aforementioned Muslim countries, the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, a Ms. Fatou Bensouda, is instituting an investigation into possible war crimes.

At time of writing Ms. Bensouda doesn't appear to have instituted any such investigations in Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran etc. even though the number of murdered Christians is astronomically higher and the methods of dispatch are more horrific and heinous. See the list again here.

The thoroughly discredited and increasingly useless UNHCR can't resist getting in on the act and is attempting to justify its existence by hand wringing about one hundred thousand refugees and possible war crimes committed during the Christian community resistance and fight back.

They weren't nearly so vociferous during the original overthrow nor during the decades of slaughter of Christians around the world.

Looking to raise his profile and that of his organization, one leader of the UNHCR, a Mr. Luis Moreno Ocampo, talked about issuing an arrest warrant for Colonel Gaddafi of Libya some forty one years after he came to power and tens of thousands of deaths later.

In an exhibition of total incompetence, some bureaucrat from the same organisation wanted the killing of Gaddafi investigated because the manner of his dispatch might have constituted a war crime.

In conclusion I will add that these supranational institutions are loaded to the rafters with taxpayer funded, agenda driven placemen and lifelong professional bureaucrats. They are so remote from real people who live in the real world that they might as well be from another planet. They are religiously committed to their transformational agenda; it is their only reason for living.

What we, the real people can do, is give whatever support we can to the Christian community in the Central African Republic and to people everywhere, regardless of their beliefs, who are resisting and fighting back against the deliberate downgrading and Islamification of their communities and countries.


  1. Another ripper, Daniel.

    There is a conspiracy of silence with regard to the genocide of Christians in muslim countries, but what else would you expect from a muslim dominated UN (the muslims and those they pay to vote their way), and an anti-Christain socialist media. The abject failure of the CoE and the other major Christian Churches to fight these murderers has turned so many away from their doors, although not from the Judeo-Christian philosophy of the West.

    1. Thanks mate, it's reassuring to know that I am not the only one that thinks the UN a Muslim dominated waste of space.

      Its no wonder its open season on Christian communities around the world when the church leaders themselves are preoccupied with social equality, women priests and gay marriage.

      The people in the CAR have found a solution by arming themselves and fighting back. We should take note because I am sure the west will erupt sooner or later.

  2. Why don't we use the money wasted on the UN to support the Christians in Africa and elsewhere around the world who are being persecuted? Isn't that what the money donated to Islamic charity (zakat) is used for?

    1. Why not indeed? I would support such an initiative. Muslims could teach us a thing or two about supporting their own.

  3. what goes around come around. But seriously, I would not support any initiative fueled by the hate, fear, and dehumanization, that I currently see coming from all parties. It's no wonder its open season on the Christian communities around the world when there are so many blinded to their own hate, the same hate that the muslims are blinded by, the same hate everyone is being blinded by, it is not just open season on Christians, it is open season on everyone right now. Its open season on Christians, muslims, scientologists, atheists, pagans, ect. Oh, and just so you know, a quick search shows a vastly greater number of sites pertaining to the persecution of Christians, and very few on Christian groups persecuting others. I think I can hear the violin playing your song. To end on a good note, I would like to say that I did actually really enjoy your article. Your word choice and presentation was excellent in my opinion. Whish I could write as well as you, practice makes perfect I suppose.

    1. It's undeniable that inhumanity and violence has been committed in the name of Christianity but outside of the Crusades its not been on the same scale as violence the other way around.

      That said, the thrust of the article is more concerned with the double standard of the global institutions toward Christians fighting back against Muslim violence as opposed to who is the more violent.

      For four decades or more they have stood silently by and allowed Muslim persecution against Christians all over the middle east and Africa. When Christians in the CAR fight back they start squealing about war crimes.

      Whoever is right or wrong is a matter of opinion but a little consistency by the global institutions would go a long way to improving their tattered reputations.

      You obviously have strong views that I think are worth articulating, why not practice and get them out there. Why keep them to yourself.