Monday, February 17, 2014

Princes William And Harry Get To Work - Socialist Icon Chris Smith Gets To Shirk

Written in the first paragraph of the unofficial handbook of wannabe revolutionaries and the Toytown middle class Trotskyists that infest the hard left of British politics, are all the blood curdling things awaiting the Royal family come the revolution.

In the meantime the leadership of the working classes all come from the same mold and judging by their taxpayer funded wealth, and by the way their offspring are lining themselves up for 'safe' Labour Party constituencies, they are not far from being a hereditary monarchy themselves.

One has to have a heart of stone not to laugh at these idiots as they champion the proletariat from the comfort of their multi-million pound town houses and profess their unbending loyalty to the working masses from their country mansions.

Not only the hypocrisy of these faux champions of the workers but their sheer buffoonery was put on display during the recent floods in the English countryside.

As was the case with the death of 'Madiba' Mandela, the political class can spot an opportunity to whore for votes. They were falling over themselves to get their photographs taken wearing Wellington boots and wearing concerning looks on their unconcerned faces. These political charlatans go into the flooded areas "to see for themselves" the extent of the flooding when a better sense of the damage can seen by watching newsreels on the television.

These appalling people swarm around human tragedy like flies around a dead cat if they think they can get a photo opportunity and few votes.

The British people can still be reduced to fits of laughter when they recall their PR and media created Prime Minister, David Cameron, travelling on a dog sled in Greenland "to see for himself" a glacier retreating supposedly due to Man Made Global Warming.

The fact that the glacier had been retreating since the last ice age was neither here nor there, it made a great photo op and garnered some support from the barking mad green brigade.

With boring predictability the catastrophic flooding was being spun by the political machines and the grant chasing vested interests, led of course by the BBC, as the result of Man Made Global Warming or to use the current term, Climate Change.

They fail to mention that the dredging and draining operations that had made the land arable for hundreds of years were deliberately stopped by the Environment Agency on orders from the European Union. This deliberate act of vandalism was carried out in order to turn farmland into wetlands to provide more habitat for birds, frogs and waterlilies. (More about the EA here)

The livelihoods of hundreds of farming families and their associated industries together with the country's capacity for food production are not even a consideration for these political zealots and their fellow travelers in the environmental industry.

While the cynical political class made their choreographed visits with their camera teams then departed when the right shots were in the can, Princes William and Harry arrived unannounced in a flooded area and got down to some serious work helping with the flood defences. Unlike the political whores they didn't leave after a few minutes, they put in a ten hour shift of manual labour.

Missing from action was the leader of the Environment Agency and socialist icon Chris Smith, the man who oversaw the cessation of dredging and drainage pumping. The buck stops with him therefore he and his henchmen must take responsibility for the flooding and the subsequent loss of livelihoods in the farming communities.

Despite the fact that farm workers were the first of the working classes to form a trade union, a movement which eventually spawned the Labour Party, this is one section of the working class that was sacrificed on the alter of the environmental zealots that infest Westminster and Brussels.

It's ironic that the Tolpuddle Martyrs were transported to the Australian penal colony for their trouble while their farming descendants are deliberately flooded out their farms and homes by their political descendants.

Chris Smith represents everything that stinks about the Labour Party and the corrupt political system that allows these useless people to prosper at the expense of the tax paying public regardless of their lack of capabilities, qualifications or experience.

Smith is one of the trendy, metropolitan elite that now professes to lead the working masses against their oppressors, which in their tiny minds includes the Royal family.  He was born and bred in North London and after studying the arts went straight into party politics. At this point it unknown whether he has ever visited, let alone spent any quality time in the countryside or the agricultural communities he is deliberately destroying.

Smith climbed aboard the gravy train when he was elected a councilor then an MP. He was given a job in government as Secretary of State in the Orwellian, Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

After twenty years on the taxpayer ticket he announced his retirement from the House of Commons; if the hard pressed taxpayers thought their luck was in and they would be liberated from this freeloader they couldn't have been more wrong.

These parasites look after their own and as a result the socialist Smith was elevated to the House of Lords and adopted the aristocratic title, Baron Smith of Finsbury in the London Borough of Islington. He was appointed 'chair' of the Cultural Strategy Group by London's then communist mayor Ken Livingstone. Despite having no qualifications or experience outside of the art world, there followed a series of well numerated sinecures including 'chair' of the Advertising Standards Authority and the now notorious Environment Agency. Smith was back on the taxpayer funded gravy train with a vengeance and without a single vote being cast.

Smith has eleven sinecures in all with the EA alone providing a very acceptable six figure salary for a three day working week. Nice work if you can get.

If anyone is curious to know why such an unqualified socialist non-entity is so highly thought of in the world of 'progressive' politics then its worth remembering that Smith was the first member of the House of Commons to 'come out' and declare his homosexuality. Ticking this box is worth almost as much as a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics which is the current 'in' qualification for political office.

One has to wonder if in addition to his homosexuality Smith had obtained a PPE degree he may have made Prime Minister or even been a replacement Queen.

In conclusion it is worth looking at the biographies of the Princes William and Harry and then that of Chris Smith. The comparisons are stark - while these admittedly privileged young men have suffered the tragedy of losing their mother at a young age, they didn't dwell on it or let it affect their self esteem. They were exclusively educated and they both embarked on military careers which included active service in Afghanistan and in the case of Prince William, in the Falkland Islands after a bout of sabre rattling by the Argentinians.

Their charity work has included getting down and dirty, including toilet cleaning in Belize and doing hands on work in various places in Africa including Lesotho. They are also involved in various Aids/HIV charities started by their late mother Princess Diana.

Prince Harry has embarked on expeditions to North and South Poles and Mount Everest on behalf of the Walking with the Wounded project. He is involved in Wounded Warrior projects in both the USA and Great Britain.

Chris Smith on the other hand, despite being a leader of the working classes, has never got his hands dirty in the whole of his taxpayer funded worthless life. He spends his time as a professional bureaucrat, raking in a fortune by imposing socialism and destroying the livelihoods of those he is supposed to champion.

He joins his fellow millionaire socialists. Phony Tony Blair, Red Ed Milband and the Balls family duo in representing the poor, the dispossessed and the downtrodden from their exclusive residences and in the case of Blair all seven of them.

In the final analysis its worth asking the question that, rich or poor, when the brown stuff hits the fan who would you rather have watching your back in a trench?

As a life long member of the working class I know who I'd prefer.

Please note: Thanks to Ex Bootneck and The Mellow Jihadi website for inspiring this bout of keyboard violence on the odious Lord Smith. Great site and always worth a visit.

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