Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Mighty Google Caves In To Censorship And Political Correctness Again

To the old adage that death and taxes are the only two certainties in this world I will add a third, it is certain that when politicians feel threatened they will censor.

It goes without saying that the Internet is greatest invention since the printing press, possibly the greatest invention ever when it comes to freedom and individual liberty.  It allows ordinary citizens access to news and information free from the spin and sanitizing that is being carried out by those that have usurped political power and corrupted it for their own ends.

Freedom of information combined with citizens having access to opinions outside of the incestuous political cesspit puts the fear of God into every political charlatan who has a lust for power or an agenda to impose.

After some piece of information was leaked into the public domain, one appointed European Union bureaucrat was quoted as saying that something must be done about the Internet because "we cannot have unregulated opinion".

This chap was obviously a communist party apparatchik recently emerged from one of the former Soviet bloc countries. The EU bureaucracy is infested with these idiots who have lived all their lives with press censorship, state broadcasting and official communiques.

Coming to the west and having to justify his policies, instead of imposing them and imprisoning anyone who had the temerity to ask a question, must have been a shock to his system. How he must long for those good old days of censorship and "regulated opinion".

What is dangerous for freedom loving nations and those people that value their individual liberty is that the traditional western politicians and their attendant bureaucrats are adopting the attitudes of their eastern counterparts when it comes to public information and opinions.

To counter the access of information by ordinary citizens there has been an explosive increase in spin doctors, media management professionals and outright propagandists. There is not an industry or government department that doesn't employ an army of spin doctors. Even individual departments within an industry has its own compliment of spin doctors and media managers.

The problem for the political class and their bureaucrats is that their spin doctors and media managers are no longer having the desired effect. Masses of previously uninformed people are learning to think for themselves and stubbornly refusing to believe official information and "regulated opinion".

This is a very dangerous situation indeed for the political class and their response so far has been limited to crude attempts at censorship. The Leverson Inquiry into press freedom is a classic example of politicians using spurious incidents in an attempt to subject the press to government control.

In this case they used phone hacking and celebrity privacy as the excuse to censor the press, even though phone hacking is a criminal offence where the perpetrators could have been prosecuted. Using the underhand tactics to which we the people have become accustomed, instead of prosecuting the hackers the political class censored the press.

With the written press subject to government control the precedent has been established therefore they can now turn their attention to the real enemy. This is the Internet and its armies of citizen journalists sharing their "unregulated opinions" with a global audience.

The "unregulated opinions" and the unofficial language in which they are framed is effective in raising awareness of issues and attitudes that the political class would rather not be aired or discussed. They have resorted to abusing all the power they can muster to force Internet providers into politically correct conformity.

Google have rolled over and given in to political pressure and have removed search suggestions for British cities that are considered to be politically incorrect by the agenda driven fanatics that dominate British life.

As a measure of their fanaticism for their multi-cultural agenda, the political class and its agents are increasing their use of political correctness to close down any discussion that might raise awareness of their malign intentions for Great Britain and the west.

Typing "Why is"..followed by a cities name and its ethnic group is laughingly referred to as "vile racist search suggestions".

Its a well know tactic of the authoritarian multi-cultural fanatics to call any negative reference to race and ethnicity as "vile", particularly if it refers to non white and non Christian groups.

One example quoted in the article was the search,  "Why is Bradford full of Pakis". This is being classed as a vile racist search suggestion but would typing in the words  "Why is Cardiff full of Taffy's" be considered as vile racism? I am a Welshman and I am not offended in the slightest nor do I consider it a "vile racist search suggestion".

Everyone should know by now that Bradford is actually full of Pakistanis, therefore are searches such as "Why is Glasgow full Jock's" or " Why is Dublin full of Paddy's"  vile racist search suggestions?

What would our American cousins think of  "Why is New York full of Yanks" or better still "Why is Tennessee full of Hillbillies".

Sexuality is bound to be the next target with "Why is Brighton full of homosexuals" or "Why is San Fransisco full of freaks and weirdo's".

It is a shame that the people who run Google didn't stand firm in the interests of free speech and liberty by telling the political class, together with its attendant armies of sycophantic bureaucrats, where to stick their censorship and political correctness.

I assume that there are some astute people at Google who should know that these fanatics will never ever give up the pursuit of their perverted agenda and sooner or later Google will have to make a stand.

The alternative is to hand over the running of your company to the state apparatus and the freedom for individuals around the world to discuss the issues that they want to discuss and in the manner in which they want to discuss them, will be lost to the fanatical proponents of political correctness and  "regulated opinion".


  1. Then again, there are reasons why it could rebound on them. By appearing to be open and unrestricted, they can monitor exactly what people are searching for, and thereby build profiles of individuals. Much as the police, when tackling abberant youths, actively encourage them to congregate in bush shelters.That way they know where they are all the time. The internet is not only a valuable source of information for surfers.... the government is collecting data... at the same time. Big brother etc.


    1. You are right of course but I gave up worrying about Big Brother surveillance years ago.

      Anyone who has a mobile phone, uses email or social media, has a bank account or has any interaction with officialdom at all has been tagged, registered and is being continually monitored.

      If they can locate a Muzzie in the badlands of Waziristan using number plate recognition or a mobile phone call and then bomb him to bits from thousands of miles away using a drone, we law abiding people have got no chance.

      My utter contempt for government and politicians is well known so my place in the Gulag or up against the wall is guaranteed.