Friday, February 21, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Another Celebrity Junkie Kicks The Bucket

The premature passing of anyone is always sad, especially when family and children are involved but should anyone be shedding too many tears for Philip Seymour Hoffman or any of the other celebrity junkies when they know full well the consequences of what they are doing?

There are terrible events and tragedies going on all over the world that are more deserving of sympathy and compassion than wealthy celebrities knowingly killing themselves by pumping poisonous substances into their bodies to get some kind of kick or high.

The claims that they can't help themselves because its an addiction brought on by fame and fortune is an insult to those celebrities that work under the same pressure and don't indulge drugs.

Most sensible people, apart from the dumbed down, celebrity obsessed adolescents and hangers on, are running out of compassion as more and more celebrities kill themselves using drugs. From Elvis to Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, they appear to be lining up to kick the bucket and its getting more and more difficult to drum up some sympathy.

If its getting harder to find sympathy for dead celebrity junkies then finding it for living ones is proving to be impossible. Listening to junkies like Russell Brand and Friends actor Mathew Perry whining on about their addiction is tedious to say the least, especially in light of the fact that they knew full well it was coming before they stuck that first needle in their arm or before they snorted that first line of cocaine up their nostrils.

They were in possession of the same information on drug abuse as the rest of the people, they knew that this junk is poisonous to the human body and that it will inevitably result in death. They made the conscious choice to ignore that information, therefore it is a bit on the self pity side to be soliciting sympathy now.

I have a lot of sympathy for the parents and loved ones of junkies who have to stand helplessly by and watch as the subjects of their love descend into the stinking, sordid world of drugs, crime, sickness and death.

One would think that the last person one would ask for an opinion on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman would be the drug and booze addled sex addict Russell Brand, but there he is blaming the law of the land for Hoffman's death, albeit in the trendy left wing rag, The Guardian.

According to Brand, Seymour Hoffman is not a victim of his own decision making or his utterly selfish stupidity but he "is another victim of extremely stupid drug laws". This moron needs to explain how these 'stupid drug laws' forced Seymour Hoffman to stick a syringe filled with a toxic substance into a vein in arm or forced him to snort poisonous power up his nose.

Brand, Seymour Hoffman and all the other celebrity junkies started somewhere, there was a first time when they ingested this stuff and just prior to that act, did they question the wisdom of what they are about to do or what was bound to happen to them should they proceed?

Being under the influence of alcohol is no excuse as millions, even billions of people, myself included, have been under the influence of booze when drugs have been present but resisted the temptation to indulge and pollute our bodies with that filth.

Would Brand, Seymour Hoffman and all the other junkies have messed themselves up if drugs were less available or extremely difficult to get hold of? The answer is probably not.

Another whining celebrity junkie who whores himself around the world trying to drum up sympathy for self obsessed, weak minded, pathetic individuals like himself and who have consciously messed up their brains, is Friends actor Mathew Perry.

The people that Perry wants us to feel pity for have got it all, including fame, fortune and access to the most healthy lifestyles on the planet. They made the personal choice to take drugs for whatever reason therefore they only have to justify their behavior to themselves.

They are adults and I respect their decisions and the choices they have made so I really don't care to listen to their whining self pity. Because I am not surprised if one of them kicks the bucket, I am indifferent to the news that they have gone to meet their maker.

I am not entirely convinced by Peter Hitchens' assertion that there is no such thing as addiction, only a lack of willpower but its worth watching his televised confrontation with Mathew Perry. Perry really is a pompous, self obsessed individual who wallows in self pity then resorts to insults and abuse when he loses the argument.

Brand, Perry and their ilk push the myth that every junkie had some traumatic experience early in their lives or spout some other excuse that they blame for their behavior in adult life but that really is not good enough . This excuse making is an insult to the millions of people that have had similar experiences and not resorted to drug taking.

Obviously there are exceptions which include battle weary soldiers who have experienced the horrors of war and children who have witnessed terrible things and will require some kind of support throughout their lives.

The truth about celebrity junkies is that they live a hedonistic lifestyle out of choice where drug taking and alcohol abuse is an integral part of the culture. Just a peek at the list of celebrity drug addicts who have been in rehab gives the game away. Most are on that list because of their own lifestyle choices. I would hazard a guess that Ozzie Osbourne, Boy George, John Belushi, Charlie Sheen, Keith Moon, Larry Hagman, Tony Curtis etc. etc. are not on the list because of illness or a traumatic experience.

Junkies like Brand and Perry push the argument that making drugs legal will remove the criminal element, allow more control and will subsequently provide better access to rehabilitation for those that have made the wrong choice. They seem to ignore the fact that many of their colleagues in the hedonistic, drug taking celebrity community are ruining their lives and killing themselves with legal prescription drugs.

According to reports it was legal drugs that killed Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Anna Nichole Smith and so on and so forth. It was legal booze that got Amy Winehouse, George Best and a host of others.

There is a ton of information on the consequences of drug taking available in schools, clubs, community organisations, on the grapevine and in the global media. There is also the potent issue of parental guidance.

There are hundreds of examples of drug related deaths that highlight the fact that no matter who you are, getting involved with drugs will always lead to degradation, sickness, disease and in the recent case of Philip Seymour Hoffman a gory, ignominious death.

See this list and be warned.


  1. Philip Seymour Hoffman was as you say just another celebrity junkie...This is true...Celebrities have in general come to that level of fame and fortune by "selling their souls to the devil"...In taking that gamble with their lives, this speaks more to their personality traits...And because an overwhelming majority of them are in fact gamblers, the detrimental habit of gambling can lead them to tremendous losses in love and can eventually lead them to death...

    But I challenge you to look around the block at your local, common folk junkie and you will see the thread that binds him/her to their "junkie" lifestyle is inherently that they are also gamblers...All junkies, rich or poor, roll the dice and take a chance that this last hit/high won't do them in...

    WAHM Shelley... :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. Do you mean gamblers in the traditional sense, as in casinos and race tracks? Apparently that is being touted as an addiction in its own right therefore it can be said that some of these people are addicted to addictive behavior. Or maybe they just might like continually living on the edge.

      I can't disagree with you that junkies are gamblers using their lives as the stake. I have lost two friends to drugs, both of them knew exactly the dangers they faced and what the odds were that they would come out unscathed.

      I can't say for sure but I believe they reached a point in their sad lives when they realized there was no reverse gear and death was coming sooner rather than later.

      I don't think they cared, they might even have welcomed the thought of bringing their torment to an end.

  2. Shame he didn't think of his kids when he was jacking-up. Most actors and actresses are self-obsessed, same as politicians. Funny too how they're drawn to each other, the Kennedys and Monroe for instance.


    1. In my opinion the most odious aspect of these junkies is their selfishness. The only thing that matters to them is their themselves and their 'high' - not parents, siblings wives or children, just themselves.

      I would take your assertion a step further and ask why he didn't think of his kids and loved ones before he jacked up for the first time. He knew what the consequences would be before he stuck a needle in his arm for the first time.

      As for politicians, they are equally self obsessed; themselves, their own wellbeing and their agendas are the only things that matter to them.

      They are indeed kindred spirits with the celebrity junkie community, they deserve each other.