Thursday, February 27, 2014

British PM Bows To German Chancellor - The End Is Nigh Part I

The opening blows in the second Gulf war were struck by stealth bombers taking out targets in downtown Baghdad in the dead of night - by the time the Iraqi's had realized what had hit them the bombers had done their destructive work and the crews were congratulating themselves as they headed for home.

The same destruction has befallen the British people and their existence as an independent, sovereign nation and, as was the case with Baghdad, it has been achieved by stealth and in the political equivalent of the dead of night.

The deliberate policy to downgrade Great Britain into a minor province of a post democratic United States of Europe began shortly after World War II and it has progressed by stealth ever since using deceit, obfuscation and outright lies.

Traitorous politicians from Edward Heath up to present incumbent, David Cameron, have carried on implementing this agenda knowing it is based on obfuscation and lies and knowing full well that the ultimate goal is the end of Great Britain as an independent, sovereign nation.

How much more proof do the British people need and what will it take for them to wake up and see the danger, remains one of the worlds biggest mysteries. Just a brief glance around every village, town and city to see the damage done by EU mandated 'multi-culturalism' should be enough, but is it?

(Cameron's false promises and lies are exposed in all their naked glory with the latest figures on mass immigration, but I digress and that will be the subject of the next post).

There can be nothing more disheartening to every proud British citizen than watching a British Prime Minister and his government of sycophants grovel, bow down and kiss the backside of a German Chancellor - the fact that they did it on British soil makes the insult even more painful.

German Chancellor and former East German communist, Angela Merkel, was given the full red carpet treatment as Cameron groveled in the hope that she will go along with his plan to hoodwink the British people with promises of a renegotiation and a referendum.

She didn't oblige, in fact she gave the spineless upstart a slap across his chops and made it abundantly clear she has no intention of delaying the agenda of 'ever closer union' to a United States of Europe.

The narrative of Merkel and the other EU leaders is consistent and crystal clear, they all threaten doom, economic ruin, job losses and war should the British people want to remain the independent, sovereign nation that their ancestors fought and died for.

As does the President of the European Commission, the Portuguese Maoist Jose Manuel Barrosso, Angela Merkel raises the spectre of the two world wars in order to frighten the British people into surrendering their sovereignty.

Barrosso ramped up the war rhetoric when he threatened that rolling back the process of EU integration will result in "a return to war in the trenches".

For a politician with her level of deviousness, Merkel is either being naïve or she is taking the British people for fools by insinuating that the EU is responsible for maintaining peace in Europe and not NATO or Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Unlike the United States of America, the United States of Europe has more than one President - the Belgian totalitarian, Herman von Rumpuy being the other one, and unlike American Presidents neither of the EU Presidents has been elected and neither one can be removed from office by the people.

This poison dwarf, known derisorily as Rumpy Pumpy, also uses threatening rhetoric in an attempt to frighten people into submission.

In a speech, ironically delivered in Berlin, Rumpy Pumpy openly advocated the end of Great Britain as a nation state, and asserted that anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Why Prime Minister Cameron indulges this odious little creep and allows him to influence the British government is beyond any intelligent persons imagination.

British sovereignty has been surrendered by stealth and the people have not realized as yet the significance or the extent of it. Dissecting the headline of one article should give people a clue.

"Angela Merkel is prepared to offer David Cameron special assurances on a revised EU treaty".

This may seem a benign, incidental headline but to any citizen who cares about a free Great Britain and what it means for its culture of individual liberty its says a lot.

The issue here is British sovereignty - the sovereignty that was defended with blood and treasure twice in a century against German tyranny, therefore to read that a German Chancellor 'is prepared to offer a British Prime Minister assurances' is an insult and a measure of how much sovereignty has been surrendered.

David Cameron's ignominious groveling to Angela Merkel is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlains appeasement of Hitler and a further indication of his subservience and cowardice.

This spineless PR man and media created phony never stands up for the British people and is not only slapped down by Angela Merkel, he has also recently been publicly lectured on governing Great Britain by:

Laszlo Andros    - a Hungarian

Viviane Reding   - a Luxembourgian

Roberto Alevedo - a Brazilian

The list of foreigners telling Cameron how to govern Great Britain is endless and includes Olli Rehn from Finland, Mark Rutte form the Netherlands. Even a chap called Aligirdus Butkevioius from Lithuania has poked his nose in.

The only group he refuses to listen to are the British people who he continues to ignore and treat with contempt.

All these pale into insignificance compared with the 'Progressive in Chief' from across the water.

Barry Obama himself has ordered David Cameron to ignore the British people and surrender their sovereignty to the European Union or else.

An unelected, unaccountable, unsackable government of bureaucrats obviously suits a President who routinely bypasses the elected Congress of the United States and who has openly declared that using his phone and his pen he will rule by executive decree like some latter day Napoleon or Caesar.

It is without doubt that the final surrender of Great Britain is perilously close because the people have put their trust in a lying political class for far too long.

If British people want to survive then they must wake up, see what these charlatans are up to behind their backs and have the courage to kick them out, all of them, every last one of them without mercy or exception.

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  1. You know it, I know it - but 95% of the population are too busy playing around on Facebook etc and do not follow the Blogospheres which raise the curtain on the true lie of the land.

    I was going to elaborate, but actually, that about sums it up. People are not aware. Nor will they be so long as the MSM has their (meagre) attention.


    1. They will wake up when its too late, they will no longer be British but Europeans. As I posted previously, British logos and symbols will be replaced on all documents with the European one. The Birth Certificate will be the first.

      You are right about the MSM and the Blogosphere but that means that censorship of the Internet is not far off.

  2. Another good one Daniel.

    Our politicians will be abolishing Habeas Corpus, later this year. Nice.


    1. Nothing surprises with this shower, I believe they will go for Internet censorship next.