Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Venezuela Goes Bust - International Socialists Suddenly Go Quiet

Here we go again, as yet another bankrupt country joins the rest of the socialist world in poverty, misery and bloodshed it is not surprising that those high profile apologists for this perverted creed have all gone quiet.

Where is the multi-millionaire hypocrite Sean Penn? Surely he has finished his mourning period for his hero, the incompetent blood drenched tyrant, Hugo Chavez?

Where is former President Jimmy Carter who, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, pronounced Chavez's election victories as 'free and fair?

Where is Great Britain's high profile socialist and openly racist Member of Parliament for Hackney, Dianne Abbott, who championed Chavez and his successor, Nicholas Maduro?

Where, in fact, is their entire British Labour Party and Trade Union movement who, like the Hackney Hippo, hailed the policies of Chavez and Maduro as a shining example of socialism in action?

Enlightened people around the world would be unwise to hold their breath waiting for any of these cowards to stick their above the parapet and explain, not only the failure of socialism in Venezuela, but their support of it when all the historical evidence points to socialism's ultimate failure everywhere its been imposed.

It's difficult for normal people to understand why socialists/progressives find it impossible to learn the lessons of history or to work out that their beloved ideology always means eventual poverty, misery and bloodshed for unfortunate citizens on which it is imposed.

Maybe some socialist/progressive somewhere, just one would be enough, could help the informed people of world by letting them know where socialism has actually been a success. Just one country would do as it will at least give them something to look at and think about.

Maybe Penn, Carter, Abbot or any other socialist/progressive devotees could explain how a country blessed with an abundance of natural resources and with a population of only twenty nine million, can go bankrupt and descend into poverty, misery and bloodshed so quickly.

How can a country with abundant reserves of oil, petroleum, natural gas, gold, diamonds, iron ore, bauxite and hydropower go so spectacularly bust?

The informed people of the world warned of this disaster and continue to warn countries who are flirting with this malign ideology or who's political class are already embarking on this road to perdition. America and Great Britain please take note, socialism ain't going to work, not now not ever.

At this point, and for the benefit of socialist/progressives everywhere, its worth taking a quick audit of history to prove the point that they fail to address.

The USSR - the first official socialist country, reputed fifty million dead and descended into poverty and misery, except for the ruling political class. Finally collapsed under the weight of its own inefficiency.

East Germany and the East European Iron Curtain countries. Under the Soviet yoke of socialism with an untold death count. Widespread poverty, misery and bloodshed until its final collapse.

The Peoples Republic of China. Some fifty million dead with a population mostly made up of dirt poor peasants. The leadership are finally seeing the light and adopting a more capitalist economy. Since adoption of capitalism living standards have risen astronomically.

The Republic of Cuba. Tens of thousands of dead with widespread poverty, misery and bloodshed. This toilet of a country is starting to see the light and is currently on a mission to shrink the government and the public sector. Progress will be sporadic until long time tyrant, Fidel Castro, finally pops his clogs and goes downstairs to meet his maker.

The Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea. A blood drenched socialist hell hole with hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of dead civilians. Widespread poverty, hunger and misery. There is no sign of an end to the peoples purgatory, where is the United Nations?

Ba'athist socialist countries of the Middle East which include Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria etc. All blood soaked hell holes who are yet to emerge from the Dark Ages.

Zimbabwe, formally the bread basket of Africa which is now reduced to famine poverty, misery and bloodshed under the wests favorite Marxist, Robert 'Butcher Bob' Mugabe.

France, an advanced, modern economy going down the pan faster than their socialist President Hollande changes his mistresses.

There are more of course but that should be enough for the socialist/progressive community to be getting along with. As a courtesy it would be appreciated if the said community can give an example of a successful socialist economy to help balance the debate somewhat.

It is worth noting that hypocrites like Jimmy Carter, Sean Penn and the rest of the multi-millionaire acting crowd never, ever relocate to the places they champion such Venezuela or Cuba: they always adopt the lifestyles of the 1%, in the country that made them and under the economic system they claim to despise and want to replace.

The barking mad lunatic Dennis Rodman appears to be a frequent visitor to his new pal, the North Korean tyrant, Kim Jung Un, despite the fact he and his family are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. This nutcase knows where is bread is buttered and would never trade the capitalist USA for the socialist North Korea.

One has to feel some sympathy for the Venezuelan people in their hour of need despite the warnings that Chavez would lead them to ruin.

Its now incumbent upon the people of Great Britain and the USA to heed those same warnings and don't let our governments repeat the mistakes of Chavez, Castro, Mugabe et al.


  1. "How can a country with abundant reserves of oil, petroleum, natural gas, gold, diamonds, iron ore, bauxite and hydropower go so spectacularly bust?"

    "Maybe some socialist/progressive somewhere, just one would be enough, could help the informed people of world by letting them know where socialism has actually been a success."

    Wealth does not disappear. It moves. And for those to whom the wealth was moved, Venezuela's social regime was not a "failure". So, they'll stay quite and count their money..

  2. That's a fair point but was it ever thus in countries ruled by socialists. Socialism and authoritarianism go hand in hand, the 'movement' or theft of Venezuela's wealth by the ruling elite and the subsequent oppression of the people may not be a failure of socialism in the literal sense but that doesn't help the people.

    If I understand you correctly you are inferring that proper redistributive socialism hasn't been tried yet, just theft under the auspices of socialism.

    I would disagree, state mandated equality and fairness is currently being practiced in all socialist countries from Zimbabwe to North Korea and its the same, everyone is equally poor.

  3. The voters in those countries that became socialist have themselves to blame because they were greedy and voted for those who promised them something for nothing, and because they were envious of those better off and voted for those who promised equality, and because they had not sought to educate themselves about political ideologies and outcomes.

    1. You've nailed it right there mawm. Uninformed people are allowing themselves to be seduced by cynical self serving politicians who are appealing to their basest instincts of jealousy and envy.

      The idea that, in the name of justice, one person is 'entitled' to the fruits of somebody else's labour is typical of the dangerous nonsense put out by politicians.

      State enforced equality always ends in poverty and misery for the fools who vote for socialists. They reap what they sow.

  4. It was highly remiss of me to have passed over your comment about going on tour and not blogging for a while Daniel. There was me thinking that you had jacked it in, and I was sad. But a quick search has shown me that you are very much still around and continuing to pen the words that I would write if I had the gumption to start to my own blog.

    A lot of the blogs I read regularly are generally ones where I can find a lot to agree with. Some irritate me a bit because the authors come across as full of their own self-importance. Others tend to to be single-issue crusades which gets a bit tiresome after a while, even if I am generally on their side. Yours however is one which I find myself in total and utter agreement with and I'm very glad to see it has not gone away. The only 'downside' is that I am now going to have to take an hour of my employer's time to read the past couple of month's worth I have missed out on.

    Anyway, to the matter in hand. There is a running joke in my household about the fact that I hate, with a venom, almost all politicians. The only exceptions which spring to mind at the moment are old Nige and Philip Davies. Socialists are all disingenuous scumbags by default, LibDems are pretty much the same and most Tories nowadays are indistinguishable from the rest.

    I sort of view socialism with the same regard as I do religion. I keep coming back to the same old question - given that history shows us over and over and over again that it just doesn't work, how does it keep going? Why do seemingly intelligent people, like those who believe in a god, keep trying to push the idea that socialism is a workable ideology? Are Labour voters really so stupid that they can not see the socialist political elite laughing at them? Letting the Labour party rape the country in the way they did between 1997 and 2010, and still wanting to potentially go back for more in 2015 is not just stupidity, it's freaking insanity.

    Look at how they brought the country to its knees in the 70's. Was it just that people had forgotten by the time we got to '97?? Or were the Tories just so appallingly bad that they had simply become unelectable? The unfortunate result of Phoney Bliar's tenure has led us to what will probably turn into a run of ineffective coalition governments with the LibDems switching their allegiance to whoever seems best placed to get them into power - the centrist Tories or the centrist socialists.

    The worry now is that people are being sold a pup with Militwat. He is clearly much more of a leftard than he has been letting on, and he will keep up the pretence of being fairly moderate until he gets elected. How anyone in their right mind can consider voting for this poor excuse of a human being is really beyond me, let alone the fact he is a rampant leftie. I guess people really are pretty stupid and have very short memories. I suppose having an arse like Cameron running the Tories doesn't help either, but whenever I see Miliband on TV I just think there's my definition of the word dickhead.

    A bit o/t, but I also really hope that the Scots vote to go it alone. Mainly so we don't end up with such a steady stream of incompetent and dangerous Scottish MPs coming into our Parliament and obviously also because it will destroy the socialist vote in general elections. Tories can then get back to being Tories like Philip Davies, take us the hell out of Europe, stop pandering to the minority cause du jour, stop apologising for the sins of our ancestors, stop screaming 'waycissstt!!' every time someone points out that non-white people can also be imperfect, and all the other stuff you already constantly remind us of.

    Sorry, didn't intend to go into a rant. I'm working up north at the moment and am surrounded by lefties which I think is having an adverse effect on my blood pressure. When all is said and done, I really believe that socialism is fundamentally evil. I just can't understand why people can't seem to grasp that.

    1. Hello Humph, if you feel like a rant to let off steam you are welcome to do it here. When I do get the urge to wandering around Blighty its only for a month or six weeks, it helps keep me down to earth and in touch. I intend to keep writing as long as I am able to type.

      It looks like we share a common contempt for politicians and a hatred of socialism. The mystery of why idiots keeps voting Labour despite all the evidence of its disastrous consequences gives me an unlimited supply of subject matter.

      Working with all those lefties gives you an opportunity to find out what motivates them to vote the way they do. Give them some stick and wind them up a bit, it will make the time pass quicker.

      Welcome back and feel free to visit my Facebook page also.

  5. isn't Sweden their last shining example? They were so short of victims the socialists had to import 3rd world victims who are busy sucking up welfare, rioting and raping their way through the indigenous peoples. And still they import more.

    1. Sweden is often cited as a socialist success, with universal welfare and years off work for parents on paternity leave etc. They never show the downside because it highlights the sheer nightmare of living in Sweden.

      Equality and women's rights are usually at the very heart of socialism, but obviously not in Sweden.

      One in four women will be raped in Sweden in the name of socialist multi-culturalism.