Friday, February 28, 2014

British Immigration Disaster Now Official - The End Is Nigh Part II

To say that the recently released figures on immigration into Great Britain are disastrous would be the understatement of the year, but there is one positive point that can be taken from this unfolding calamity.

It demonstrates once and for all, without fear of contradiction, that Great Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, together with his cohorts in the upper echelons of the Conservative party, are willfully lying to the British people in order to further implement their European superstate agenda which includes cultural replacement.

Apart from being one of the most annoying soundbites ever, his promise to "cut net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands" has proved to be false, as we always knew it was. In any case cutting net immigration instead of actual immigration does absolutely nothing to stop cultural replacement or the downgrading of Great Britain to third world status.

The figures are truly terrifying and due to the fact that Cameron and co are aware of the devastating effect these are having on the British way of life, together with British culture and British values, their failure to take any action to stop it clearly demonstrates that they are committed to the replacement of British culture with a so called 'multi-cultural' society.

It must be remembered that on the issue of their culture being destroyed and replaced, the British people were not consulted let alone given a vote. The British people didn't ask for this nor do they want it. This wanton destruction of a nation and its way of life was carried out by a traitorous political class at the behest of foreign vested interests in order to fulfill a political dream.

There is a word for this treachery and it is Treason - there is an historical punishment for it also, but I digress.

c532,000 immigrants entered Great Britain last year, up from c497,000 the previous year. c320,000 emigrants left, down from c343,000 the previous year. Far from being the tens of thousands promised by Cameron, net immigration was a devastating c212,000.

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What became of Cameron's much heralded clampdown on bogus students, bogus marriages, illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers and foreign criminals, remains a mystery.

The full devastation of these figures can be best illustrated by mentioning that immigration on this scale and higher as been going on for over a decade. To be more accurate, since the Blair/Brown treachery started in 1997.

What these figures cover up is the deliberate downgrading of Great Britain into a country resembling a third world toilet. How can a country lose 320,000 skilled, semi-skilled or prosperous retired people and import unskilled, semi-literate and non English speaking immigrants from the third world, in addition to tens of thousands of destitute economic migrants from the bankrupt EU, and not be downgraded?

Great Britain had social and economic problems already without importing more from around the world. Cameron and the political class know this but their dedication to the European Union superstate and its cultural replacement agenda is total.

As far as Cameron and the political class are concerned, the British people together with their culture and their values are expendable when it comes to the EU.

Cameron promised a three-fold crackdown on immigration which included cutting access to welfare benefits for immigrants, ending something for nothing benefits and cracking down on illegal immigration.

He was lying for votes on all counts and he knew it because he was threatened with legal action by unelected EU bureaucrat, Laszlo Andor, a Hungarian - and the European Court of Human Rights will not permit the deportation of immigrants, legal or illegal, no matter what the circumstances or how heinous their crimes.

When campaigning for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Cameron stated that he was a Eurosceptic knowing full well that he was, and still is, a fully committed disciple of the European superstate project. He was lying through his teeth then and he has been lying through them ever since.

The only hope for the British people and their way of life is for the members of Cameron's party, led by the Members of Parliament, to rediscover their spines then replace him as leader with someone who puts Great Britain and its people first.

Failing this the people should realize their electoral power, stop the ingrained habit of brain dead tribal voting and get rid of every candidate that doesn't unequivocally state their intention to take Great Britain out of the EU and put a moratorium on immigration.

For the uninitiated here is a brief history of how this treachery unfolded.

The European superstate project was started shortly after World War II by a group of so called 'progressives' who believed that the independent nation states of Europe should be destroyed and replaced by a post democratic federal superstate governed by an appointed elite. The so called 'founding fathers' knew that this was going to be unacceptable to the various peoples therefore they decided to implement it by deceiving them into believing that the intention was merely a loose economic agreement with common benefits.

One of the architects of the European superstate, Frenchman Jean Monet, gave the game away in a letter to a co-conspirator:

"European nations should be guided toward the superstate without their peoples understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation".

Subsequent events have proved that the British political class of all parties have followed the Jean Monet plan to the letter.

Every treaty from the Treaties of Paris, Rome, Schengen, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon together with the Merger Treaty and the Single European Act have followed the Jean Monet plan.

Each treaty was falsely presented by the national political classes as having a economic or other beneficial purpose but in reality they were fronts for the transfer of sovereignty.

As the British people are finding out to their cost, their treacherous politicians have handed over so much sovereignty they are now unable to govern the country in the interests of the people - their sole function appears to be committing Great Britain to even further integration until all political power and decision making rests with the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Cultural replacement achieved by open border mass immigration is an essential part of the European superstate project for the simple reason that a proud homogeneous people just twenty two miles across the English Channel would cause the other disenfranchised peoples of Europe to yearn for their lost national identity and therefore cause instability.

The importance of cultural replacement to the European project can be evidenced by the fanatical zeal with which the politicians and their cronies in the establishment impose their multi-cultural agenda and by the venom they spit forth at anyone who raises legitimate questions concerning its disastrous consequences.

The British are people waking up to the disaster that is the European Union with its associated policy of  mass immigration and it is scaring the living daylights out Cameron and his fellow collaborators. This has resulted in them doing what they do best and that is lying through their teeth in order to garner votes.

He tells the people that he is going to get tough and renegotiate the terms of Britain's membership of the EU while at the same time every bureaucrat in Brussels from Jose Manuel Barrosso to Herman von Rumpuy are saying there will be no renegotiation. World leaders from Germany's Angela Merkel to Barry Obama are ordering him to surrender.

Cameron, along with all the other self serving parasites of the political class, are polished deceivers, spinners and liars and one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, there will be a day of reckoning when they will called to account and be made to pay for their treachery.


  1. Thank you for the numerous essays!

    Your main point stands correct. The argument of "net migration" is meaningless. The estimate is that more graduates have departed der UK than have immigrated since at least 1997. Replacing educated people with semi-literate pedlars from is simply idiotic. Replacing them with pedlars from countries with incompatible cultures is so beyond idiotic.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I know that the current crop of politicians think the people are bone stupid but there are some of us that are not. We can see through his nonsense about net immigration, it doesn't address the issue of cultural replacement or downgrading.

      Its not the British way of life that needs replacing it's Cameron and the Quisling cronies that keep him there.

  2. I'm in London for the weekend. I've heard just 1 English accent from the dozens of employees at the hotel. Similar story on the tube. The figures are probably massaged down.

    1. You should treat yourself to a culturally enriching experience and visit Hounslow while you are there.

      Seriously, I know what you mean, I recently stayed at a hotel in Langley or Colnbrook, I can't remember which, it was great but the entire workforce I met were all foreign. In fairness I must say that they were all very nice and I will stay there next time but that's not the issue.

      To get closer to the people I used buses and trains and almost all of my fellow travelers were foreign. It was a surreal experience.

      The country has been changed beyond recognition without the consent of the people and that cannot be right.