Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Piers Morgan Gets The Boot - Rehabilitation Of British Honour Can Begin

The predictable sacking of the odious Piers Morgan, better known as Piers Moron in his native land, was a longtime coming and one has to wonder what took CNN so long. Undoubtedly Moron has made a shed load of money for himself but the damage he has done to his compatriots reputation is incalculable.

Despite the negative influence of Moron, the image of the British in America has been undergoing a bit of a renaissance as of late as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first concert and the sterling efforts of other British notables who portray a more accurate image of the British on American television.

Bearing in mind Piers Moron's dubious past as a newspaper editor, coupled with his reputation for being an self publicist who never misses an opportunity to get his smug chops on the television, it's a mystery as to why such a high profile organisation like CNN hired him in the first place.

CNN must have known that he was an appalling newspaper editor who was prepared to sink far deeper into the sewer of hack journalism that even the most base of tabloids. It's a wonder how Piers Moron is still walking free after his involvement in illegal phone hacking and the insider trading scandals. (These are ongoing so there is still hope on that front and he may yet end up behind bars)

Informed British people loath this odious man and would like see him dangling from the nearest tree after he knowingly published photo-shopped pictures of British soldiers supposedly torturing Iraqi prisoners. This did untold damage to the British military and put their lives further into danger than they already were.

Perhaps CNN were fooled by his foppish English mannerisms and his poncey English accent but let them and other organisations be assured, Moron is an ignorant, nasty piece of work who is steeped in trendy left wing causes as CNN found out to their cost.

I watched in horror has Moron had the temerity to call an American guest on his show "an incredibly stupid man" for the simple reason that he believed in his Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

In keeping with the MSM agenda driven narrative, he jumped on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon pushing the myth that it was a white on black racial killing even though the accused man, George Zimmerman was Hispanic and a neighbourhood watch captain. He ignored the fact that Trayvon Martin was a wannabe gangsta with a record of street crimes including housebreaking.

Moron also ignored the fact that the accused almost had his brains beaten out by Martin and was found not guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers which was selected and agreed with the prosecutors.

He told the barely literate prosecution witness, Rachel Jeantel, that she was an incredibly intelligent woman even though she lied and stated that referring to a black person as a nigga was ok so long as it wasn't pronounced nigger. Like wise it was acceptable to refer to a white person as cracka so long as it wasn't pronounced cracker.

This may have played well with dumbed down, brain dead members of the communist/socialist/progressive community that seems to make up the core audience of CNN these days but in the face of such obvious pandering to the left, anyone with an iota of sense switched channels. The more Moron pandered to the left the lower his ratings dropped.

He claims that his sacking was down to the American people growing tired of his "continually banging on about guns rights" but that wouldn't be telling the whole truth, They were also tired of his smug, patronizing, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious pontificating on sensitive issues he knew very little about.

Perhaps this pontificating would have been more acceptable coming from an American but coming from an oily Brit who despises the 'one nation under God free America' it was too much for the people to bear.

With Moron's long overdue departure the rehabilitation of the British reputation can now begin in earnest and I would beg my American cousins to look at other British people who appear on their television screens. They are a diverse bunch but a more accurate depiction of the British character than Piers Moron, Simon Cowell or that ignorant Scottish imbecile Gordon Ramsay. ( I am a fairly mild mannered man but if he spoke to me like he does his guests, I'd put him on his a*rse before he knew what hit him.)

I am thinking of people like Tom Jones who appears on The Voice, what a nice guy, then there's Hugh Laurie who plays the mad medic House, a British favourite who came from the world of comedy.

Then there's Damien Lewis, a great actor, and not forgetting the one and only Nigella Lawson, despite her poor choice of husband she is still a great advertisement for the British character, displaying good manners and a mischievous sense of humour.

Another great advertisement for British decency is Stuart Varney from the Fox Business Network. Like many of us Brits he loves America and was distraught at the damage this one idiot was doing to our reputation.

Finally there is the people's favourite, Jeremy Clarkson, from the award winning show Top Gear. His irreverent style and contempt for political correctness has won him millions of fans around the world. What helps him in the popularity ratings is his utter contempt for Piers Moron and his ongoing feud. He has also done what millions would love to do and that is to land a punch on the hypocrite and wipe  that smug smile of his face.

In conclusion  it is worth speculating what is next for Pier. Being the greasy opportunist that he is, it is highly likely that he will worm his way into the affections of some naive producer somewhere. Americans hope its back in his native land and the British hope they keep him where he is. Someone suggested the editorship of the in house magazine at Guantanamo Bay and someone else suggested he becomes a roving reporter in Helmand Province or Mogadishu.

Wherever it is I wish him the best of British luck and lets hope that it keeps him away from both Great Britain and America, the people have suffered enough.


  1. The only useful purpose Piers Morgan serves is if anyone asks you for the definition of a champagne socialist you can answer in two words.
    I do hope they fully investigate his share tipping service.

    1. I would describe him in one uniquely British word - wanker! I don't use swear words as rule and I apologise, but I just couldn't resist.

      Yes they should investigate his share tipping scam, together with phone hacking and knowingly publishing fake pictures which put military personnel in danger.

      I don't think anyone will shed a tear if he spends some time in jail.