Wednesday, February 26, 2014

English Generosity - Taken For Granted And Abused By The Entire World

After a recent loss to Ireland in a rugby match, one of my Welsh compatriots commented that she doesn't mind losing so long as its not to England. I thought nothing of it until I read some anti-English sentiments from a Scotsman during the independence referendum campaign.

Reading the foreign press and listening to some ingrates, it is apparent that these sentiments are not confined to the British Isles, but more on that later.

It's a mystery as to what the English people have done to deserve such opprobrium when its widely known that without the fruit of the English people's labour, both Wales and Scotland would be about as prosperous as Greece, Romania, Pakistan and other aid recipient countries.

It's all very well making disparaging remarks about people based on ignorance but when the economic facts are studied perhaps a little gratitude would be more appropriate.

The last available figures show that the Welsh economy had twenty eight billion of costs but only generated nineteen billion in revenue. For the educationally challenged that's a deficit of nine billion. It shouldn't be too difficult to work out who pays for this shortfall. The figures are similar for Scotland.

It may possibly be no fault of their own but Welsh productivity is below that of their English counterparts and public spending per head is higher in Wales than in England. This has been summed up by the following statement:

"The Welsh Assembly Government had responded to the lack of productivity in manufacturing by substituting new jobs in the public sector, making Wales increasingly dependent on fiscal transfers from Whitehall".

'Fiscal transfers from Whitehall' when translated from bureaucratic English into everyday English means that English taxpayers are bailing out the Welsh economy. This applies to the Scottish economy also.

If the hardworking English taxpayer is being taken for granted and abused by their British compatriots then looking at the global picture should send shock waves down the spine of every English person and send them flocking to dwelling places of their representatives armed with torches, pitchforks and piano wire.

Thanks to the leaders of the three legacy parties, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, the English people's contributions to the European Union will increase from thirty to forty billion pounds per year over the next few years, only to disappear without a trace into sink holes of corruption in places such as Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The EU is a cesspit of corruption in itself and has not had its accounts signed off for decades. It is unaccountable to the people and its leaders cannot be removed.

The three British Quislings have made clear their servility and undying loyalty to the EU and refuse to give the people a vote on their own future.

The EU is not the only sink hole for other peoples money, the United Nations gets almost a billion from the English taxpayers for nothing in return. Wars and famine are as rife in the world today as they were when the UN was formed. This gigantic unaccountable bureaucracy is another cesspit of corruption who's only purpose seems to be agitating against the West with America and Israel top of their hit list.

One of the biggest departments of abuse of the English taxpayer must be the Department for International Development. This department fire hoses money anywhere and everywhere just for the sake of meeting an arbitrary target or one set by supranational organizations such as the EU, the UN, the G12, the G8 or whatever the next number is.

Politicians love the overseas aid industry as it gives them the opportunity to strut like peacocks on the world stage burnishing their 'progressive' credentials and demonstrating their fake compassion for the worlds the less fortunate. Does anyone really believe that professional politicians of the Cameron/Clegg/Miliband ilk give a rats ar*se about the worlds poor?

The charlatans who infest the political class and the fat cats who grow rich on overseas aid would be lost without the images of fly covered, pot bellied, starving African children as it is heartrending to the generous public and subsequently allows them to enjoy a very lucrative living from the peoples taxes.

Half a billion of the British overseas aid budget goes on administration and in commissions to aid industry professionals, lobbyists, cronies and other fat cats.

As the hard pressed taxpayers know to their cost, the political establishment has committed the taxpayer to spending 0.7% of the Gross Domestic Product on overseas aid, this is regardless of the fact that the country is running a hundred billion pound deficit and national debt is rising and has now passed a trillion pounds.

The socialist government of Phony Tony Blair agreed this target and the current self confessed 'progressive'  and 'Heir to Blair' is committed to carrying it on. In fact he plans to take it further and enshrine the 0.7% figure into British law.

It may make the multi-millionaires of the political class feel warm and fuzzy inside or it may help them polish their 'progressive' credentials in preparation for a sinecure after they are booted from office but it doesn't help the English people pay their heating bills or rehabilitate any recently flooded homes.

Even the most dumbed down, economically challenged socialist should be able to understand that with the economy struggling out of recession and with a deficit of over one hundred billion,  0.7% of GDP will have to be borrowed and paid back with interest. This adds to the already astronomically high national debt which their descendants yet unborn will have to pay back through their taxes.

Common sense should dictate that with the deficit eliminated and the national debt paid off, 0.7% of any surplus would be a much better policy, but politicians are more renown for their self obsession and vanity rather than for their common sense.

Just a tertiary glance at where this taxpayer money goes should make even the most placid of English taxpayers boil with anger.

My old stamping ground in Uganda is good example,

The long time dictator Yoweri Museveni went from nothing to a billionaire in a poor country that wallows in aid money.

He's even rich enough to upgrade his private jet from a Gulfstream IV to a Gulfstream V.

The politicians involved in the aid industry must be the only ones on the planet who didn't know that corruption in Uganda was hemorrhaging aid money but when you have target to meet it's easy to turn a blind eye.

Aid was eventually suspended after the corruption could no longer be ignored but the 'progressive' voices wailing to get it reinstated are getting louder.

Aid to Afghanistan is a complete waste of taxpayers money as everyone and uncle knows that the Taliban will take over and carry on where they left off the minute western troops leave. Judging by the kidnapping and murder of aid workers its apparent that of some the Afghan people don't appreciate it anyway.

In their mindless rush to spend English taxpayers money the politicians ignore the fact that they are financing the Somalian savages from Al Qaeda that want to violently destroy the west.

Calls for the aid to Al Qaeda in Somalia to be returned to England in order to alleviate the recent flood damage is being studiously ignored by the politicians who are mindful of their spending target and 'progressive' reputations.

In a open display of contempt for the English taxpayers, the political class are resisting persistent calls for the out of control, giveaway aid budget to be trimmed or diverted to the home country.

See here for calls to stop giving aid to wealthy countries.

In a clear demonstration of the political leadership preening themselves before their international masters and at the same time showing their utter of contempt for the English taxpayer, David Cameron has promised an extra fifty two million in aid for the internecine Muslim war in Syria and Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has promised to open the cheque book, or to be more accurate he has offered a blank cheque, to rebuild the Ukraine.

It's so easy to make these promises when it's somebody else's money.

It's not difficult to imagine just how better off the English people would be if they didn't have their money plundered and then wasted on these non English obligations. It's just as well they are not allowed to vote in the devolution/independence referendums and even more fortunate for the ingrates that they don't have their own Parliament.

In conclusion it must be stated that by watching the actions and behavior of Cameron, Osborne and the rest of the shysters, there must be an endless supply of taxpayer money for them to splash on satisfying their own vanity.

The home countries and those countries in receipt of bail outs and aid have no respect for the English people or their money and its quite obvious that they believe that their wages and salaries are there for them to plunder at will.

I realize that by expressing such blasphemous sentiments I am inviting some opprobrium on my own head from some of my compatriots, but in the interests of fair play the truth cannot be ignored, it needs to be aired and after all the truth really does set you free.


  1. I do sometimes wonder who is stupid enough to lend our government money. As a mortgage broker I recently had a case turned down by a lender. Young couple, ex graduates, good income, 25% (gifted) deposit, stable employment, never a late payment. However they both had student loans and about £15k of unsecured debt. The reason given was purely a commercial one...outside criteria due to debt to income ratio. Their debt to income ratio was far less than our government's. I did manage to get another lender to accept them.

    1. I'm glad it turned out ok for that couple but the moral of your story is apt. Who in their right minds would lend politicians money?

      Using a country's size and strength as collateral won't work as the Americans will find out soon enough.

      They've been done up like kippers in a box by their politicians and it will end in tears.

      Too big to fail? Wait and see.

  2. Hello Daniel, when were you here in Kampala?

    I have a concept for foreign aid, radical, and I would probably trust Justine Greening more than most.

    However I am not going to suggest my idea to any of the Quisling parties, because my idea involves a 50 - 60 year haul, and no modern politician would tolerate that sort of investment. They want to spin it asap so they maximise their own benefits in an election.


    1. Hello Roger, I am not sure if you got my email reply so I will repeat it here.

      Firstly, I had no idea you were in Kampala, I thought you were down under. I was in and out of Uganda regularly between 93 and 95 then again between 99 and 02. I used to stay at the Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe and commute to Kampala when I needed to.

      I used go boozing in Al's Bar or Andy the Greeks although I am not sure if they are still there. I also went to the goat races for a laugh.

      There some interesting photos on my Facebook albums so feel free to visit and take a look.

      As for Greening, she does pay more attention than most of her Quisling colleagues but she is still stuck with Cameron's 0.7% target.

      Its good that someone like you has a solution for Uganda's foreign aid addiction and I hope the politicos will listen and act.