Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tweedledum and Tweedledumber - French Surrender Monkey Is Obama's New BFF

For those who follow the international political scene it was inevitable that the two Presidents who share an ideology would eventually join together to celebrate their common philosophical ideals and their subsequent perceived 'achievements'.

It must be noted that they have a lot in common to celebrate - President Obama's America and President Hollande's France are both disappearing around the U-bend faster than the French surrender at Campiegne in 1940 - this rapid demise is due to the imposition of tried, tested and failed 19th century socialist policies.

Like two long lost friends, this pair of ideological soulmates quaff champagne and indulge in a taxpayer funded banquet that would grace the palaces of Louis XVI and Marie Antionette as they compare notes and congratulate themselves on taxing 'the rich' and alleviating poverty with more food stamps and welfare entitlements.

This dynamic duo of financial death and destruction are either in denial about the detrimental effect their policies have on their respective economies or they are doing it deliberately in order to build a new socialist paradise out of the rubble. Either way it's obvious that they don't care a jot about the hardship and misery they are visiting upon their populations as it is appears that poverty and misery are a price worth paying for their socialist Utopia.

As both of these 'world leaders' cement their new found friendship and indulge in an orgy of mutual self congratulation and backscratching, it's worth the American people taking stock of history in case the actions of their President alienate their real friends who have co-operated with them and expended blood and treasure when other nations ran away, hid or surrendered.

World War I is a good place to start where Great Britain and its Commonwealth were joined by the United States to liberate the French people from their German conquerors and their French collaborators, both military and civilian.

World War II is another good place to look where Great Britain and its Commonwealth were joined by the United States to liberate the French people from their German conquerors and their French collaborators both military and civilian.

In an act of ingratitude for the sacrifice of their precious sons, French leader General Charles De Gaulle was heard to say that he wouldn't be happy until the last American was gone from French soil to which Harry S. Truman inquired if that included those buried in the cemeteries at Normandy?

The French people's post war President, Charles de Gaulle, had a hatred for America that was palpable, visceral and all consuming. This hatred became a national trait which was carried on by future French Presidents, from the buffoon Georges Pompidou to the socialist nut job and serial fornicator Francois Mitterand. The noble French tradition of America baiting was carried on by the career corruptocrat and universally popular (among the French people) Jacques Chirac.

Chirac had a particular dislike of both Great Britain and America, describing their shared culture of individual liberty and free enterprise as "Anglo-Saxon ultra liberalism". This not surprising coming from a career politician and bureaucrat who started his political life in the French communist party and switched allegiance depending on the prevailing political winds.

De Gaulle's animosity toward America prompted him to withdraw the French military from the NATO command structure and expel the organisation from its headquarters at Fontainbleau.

It is worth noting that de Gaulle didn't hate America quite enough to withdraw the French from NATO entirely. With the cold war getting colder there was every likelihood the French would need their sorry ar*es rescued a third time when the inevitable surrender to the belligerent Russians took place.

Despite making a commitment to protect their colonial possessions in Indo-China from communism, the French ran away and left the people of Vietnam at the mercy of the Chinese and their agents. This infamous act of international treachery cost over fifty-eight thousand American lives. They did the same with their colonial possessions in Africa, including Algeria, where tens of thousands of people who considered themselves to be French were abandoned and subsequently slaughtered.

They undermined America in both Iran and Iraq and they also undermined Great Britain over the Falklands war. Despite the fact the he murdered some ten thousand of his own citizens, the French government gave arms and succor to the blood soaked Argentinian dictator, General Galtieri after his invasion of the Falkland Islands.

Following on from yesterdays essay referencing multi-millionaires from the hypocritical acting community who pass themselves off as champions of the poor and the downtrodden from behind their mansion walls and lakeside retreats, Presidents Obama and Hollande both champion the peasantry from the salubrious surroundings of the worlds most opulent residences. One the from the Presidential mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue and the other from the Elysee Palace in Paris.

Despite their supposed dedication to democracy and the will of the people, both these socialist pretenders have adopted an imperial air of grandeur reminiscent of the emperors of old. To illustrate the point perfectly, Emperor President Obama has unashamedly announced that if the democratically elected Congress doesn't do his bidding, he will rule by Executive decree.

No Emperor President worthy of the name would appear at such an auspicious occasion without an exquisitely turned out lady on his arm. The Empress First Lady, Michelle Obama did the French President a great honour by emulating Marie Antoinette to a tee adorned in a $12,000 French inspired creation.

President Hollande was unable to bring the French First Lady on account she had ditched him because he was unable to keep his wandering todger under control and was caught shagging an actress. This  was after he was caught shagging the First Lady behind the back of the mother of his four children.

It would appear that the Emperor Napoleon was much more adept at keeping his lover Josephine under wraps than Emperor Hollande was with the bint universally known as the Rottweiler.

Cynical opponents point out that the Michelle's dress alone would have kept a peasant family in food stamps for a year, let alone what the cost of the banquet could have provided. How can these people be so cynical? They obviously have no care for the image of the USA abroad, and more importantly, they have no care for the dignity of the position of First Lady, which as we know is priceless.

It is worth remembering that if anyone hates the British more than the French then it is President Obama himself. His first act on taking tenancy of the White House was to send back a bust of Sir Winston Churchill which was a gift from the British to the American people. His second act was to be photographed with his feet up on the historic Oval Office desk which was a gift from Queen Victoria in 1880 and was made from the timbers of the exploration ship HMS Resolute.

In conclusion it is worth reminding our American cousins that while the French prevaricated it was British soldiers who were the first to join the crusades into Iraq (twice) and Afghanistan, to help free their respective peoples from Muslim tyranny.

In addition it was that formidable combination of dedicated freedom fighters Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher that caused the Berlin Wall to fall and communism to collapse.

To downgrade this relationship in favour of the French, of all people, on the grounds of a shared socialist ideology is thoughtless and dangerous in the extreme.


  1. I read a comment recently, that for me sums up the hopelessness of socialism.
    One US government agency was busy boasting how many food stamps/free meals they had handed out, whilst another was busy erecting signs in their national parks pleading with visitors not to feed the it creates dependency and the animals will not be able to fend for themselves.

    1. I have seen the same signs extrapolated to welfare. 'Please don't feed the animals as it causes dependency leaving them unable to fend for themselves'.

      Its similar to 'give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and he can feed himself for life'.

      People feeding themselves for life is a disaster for socialists, they need poverty and dependency, without it they have no reason to exist.