Friday, February 14, 2014

FMG, Child Abuse, Honor Killings etc. - A Price Worth Paying For Multi-Culturalism?

It was interesting to read that British Members of Parliament, including one of the Labour Party's top female crusaders, Ann Clwyd, are campaigning against the barbaric practice of Female Genital Mutilation. As I understand it they are planning to outlaw the practice if they haven't done so already.

It also became apparent that Parliament have also legislated, or plan to legislate, against child brides, forced marriage, selective gender based abortions, tribal scarring plus a plethora of other ethnic based practices that have always been an anathema to the indigenous British people.

This sudden burst of legislative action based on ethnic practices raises several important issues that need to be brought out into the open and examined in the clear light day regardless of the fact that the political class would rather they were kept in the dark and left undiscussed.

The hard pressed and much abused British people deserve an explanation and it is up to people like Ann Clwyd and her multi-culturalist comrades to provide it.

Firstly one has to remember that there is an election imminent where the universally unpopular issues of mass immigration and forced multi-culturalism will be high on the peoples agenda.

One question that needs answering is why is the government criminalizing some ethnic practices when they are studiously ignoring illegal ethnic practices in other areas?

Another question is why are they legislating against ethnic practices at all, isn't accepting different cultural and ethnic practices all part of the multi-cultural society Clwyd and her Labour Party comrades are imposing?

The British people are being continually told by the various party political spin machines that these practices are culturally enriching and a welcome addition to Great Britain's new diverse society. If that's the case then multi-culturalists like Ann Clwyd and her ilk must accept these cultures in their entirety warts and all. They cannot say out one side of their mouths that all cultures are equal and their practices must be respected, then legislate to outlaw the practices they disapprove of.

Multi-culturalism coupled with cultural relativism is their long planned agenda therefore they cannot pick and choose which practices are acceptable however uncivilised and barbaric they may be.

The whole idea of multi-culturalism was sold to the various immigrant communities with the promise that the old Great Britain is dead and gone, when they come to the 'new' modern Great Britain there would be no requirement to change their cultural practices or adapt to the British way of life.

In fact the reverse was true, the indigenous British people would be forced under threat of smear and prosecution into rejecting the values and practices of their own culture and accepting practices that were considered as taboo in order to accommodate these incompatible alien cultures.

One classic example is that of halal meat - slaughtering animals in accordance with Islamic tradition is illegal in Great Britain under its animal cruelty laws but the law enforcement establishment, in the form of the police 'service', refuse to arrest or prosecute Muslims for breaking these laws. Kick the neighbours dog for crapping your lawn and they'll send around a SWAT team faster than you can say Inshalla.

In the case of more serious crimes the police 'service' and politicians like Ann Clwyd have turned a blind eye to spousal abuse and barbaric child abuse as in the cases of the Muslim paedophile gangs that operate almost with impunity in most major British cities.

The reason they give for their selective application of the law is 'cultural sensitivity' or preserving 'community cohesion'. It must be obvious to all informed people that selectively applying law based on ethnic considerations is racist in the extreme.

If an ordinary member of the indigenous British public indulged in such ethnic profiling they would be charged with a hate crime and be punished under the full force of the law.

It is worth noting at this point the law mentioned in the previous paragraph is selectively applied to the indigenous British people only; hate preachers and jihadists such as Anjem 'Andy' Choudary are free to spout whatever anti- British filth they please unmolested by the police 'service'.

The list of enriching cultural practices that the British people have been forced to accept by Clwyd and her ilk are both varied and disturbing.

Female Genital Mutilation is one of the most barbaric with sixty thousand victims in Great Britain. There are some twenty three thousand young girls under the age of fifteen at risk.

Honour Killings is a the politically correct name given by the multi-culturalists for cold blooded, premeditated murder when carried out by member of an ethnic group. This is type of killing is normal in some cultures and is not recognized as a crime in countries such as Pakistan.

Forced Marriage including child brides is normal practice in many cultures but is particularly prevalent in Muslim communities. Older uncles marrying younger nieces, some as young as five years old, is another appalling practice that authorities have ignored for decades. High incidents birth defects among immigrant communities is put down to rampant inbreeding.

Gendercide and selective abortion is technically illegal but gender selective abortion is available to Asian immigrants so it can be assumed that the authorities are aware of it but turn a blind eye for reasons of 'cultural sensitivity' or 'community cohesion'.

Ann Clwyd and the vocal section of the women's rights industry should note that  there are 1,400 to 4,700 girls missing from the British population only because of their gender.

Muslim paedophilia and other child abuse issues are up there as one of the most appalling cultural practices that have been foisted on the British people. The fact that the authorities in the towns and cities concerned turned a blind eye is shocking in the extreme. How these people can live with themselves let alone sleep at night when they knew young under age girls were being subjected to the vilest sexual abuse should be beyond any civilised person.

The list of practices and behaviors that the British people have been forced to accept under the threat of smear and prosecution is a long one and includes:

Human trafficking and slavery

Forced prostitution and sex slavery, including children male and female.

Tribal scarring of babies.

As they hide away in their taxpayer funded residences Ann Clwyd and her multi-cultural cronies in the Labour Party are never subjected to consequences they have forced other people to suffer and they never answer the question of how the British people are benefiting from their open door mass immigration policy?

How are the British people benefiting and what is enriching about the bridge people of Heston?

How is this immigrant camp at the old Hendon football ground enriching?

How is this the fouling up of one of London's most iconic areas enriching?

It must be remembered that forced multi-culturalism is not a victimless crime, there are over a hundred murdered people who would be alive today had it not been for the Labour Party and its mass immigration/cultural replacement policy. There are also tens of thousands of victims who would be unbeaten and unraped had it not been for people like Ann Clwyd and her ilk.

Whatever happened to the genteel green and pleasant land of a couple of decades ago  with cricket on the village green, warm beer and old maids cycling to Evensong on a balmy summer evening. What did the British people do wrong that they deserved their lives to be blighted in this way.

The answer is simple and if the British people are naive enough to believe the promises of the politicians then they deserve all they get. They are lying to appease your anger and garner your vote. Don't fall for it, kick them out.

The destruction of Great Britain's unique Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture was long planned by a global 'progressive' elite to which the current political leadership are subservient. They are determined to push this cultural replacement agenda through until their multi-cultural is fully imposed.

If readers don't believe what I write then maybe the UN's professional resident bureaucrat on migration will be more convincing.

Peter Sutherland is adamant that Great Britain and Europe should open up its borders and be ethnically cleansed, to this end the UN will allow no backtracking by the current British political leadership.

He's at it again here on the BBC urging the EU to deliberately 'undermine national homogeneity'. In other words the EU should ethnically cleanse itself of all indigenous people.

If ever there was a candidate for dancing the Tyburn jig then this Nazi inspired buffoon is surely it.


  1. There is not one advantage to mass third world immigration. Unless you're a minimum wage employer or slum landlord.

    1. My sentiments exactly, which begs the question, why don't they stop it?

  2. Let's face it the whole thing (mass immigration) is out of control now - bit like a diesel engine with a disabled governor. All the political class have to do now is micromanage the news, massage the statistics and threaten the indigenous.


    NUJ members do most of the heavy lifting on this one, with the BBC running propaganda stories 24/7.


    Ending the National Census after 200 years was a dead giveaway.

    Hate Crimes:

    Solely for indigenous whites and introduced at the same time as all border controls were dropped.

    They want us gone.


    1. People need to realize that mass immigration is a deliberate policy to change the ethnic makeup of Great Britain. The people responsible and the political class have a duty to explain why they are doing this.

      The press and the BBC are leading the charge, they are a disgrace to journalism.

      You are right, hate crimes only apply to white people otherwise Andy Choudhari would have been banged up years ago.

      Yes they really do want us gone.